GLX30 review by Crate

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (3 votes)
Crate: GLX30

Price paid: £ 50

Purchased from: A Friend

Sound — 9
the one thing I couldnt get my head around with was clean mode, it's not as simple as my Spider Line 6 amp where I just press a button and play with the usual bass, gain, trebble, mid Ect. It has setting knobs called low, mid, high, so the best thing to do is play around with all of them untill you find a sound you like (if I'm just being a dumb **** and their actually easy to use will some one comment me with advise) also, the Driven/SOLO setting on the amp is again mess around with the Knob untill you find a sound you like, mine is turned just over half way with gain on full. The Crate Amp gives off a very nice sound in my opinion, a nice clean sound when out of Driven, but a nice 'crunch' sound when in driven. when at high volumes I find it only improves the sound, but picks up on some of the slightest sounds, so don't **** up when at high volumes, yourl sound bad, the effects are nice to play around with aswell, I'm not going to list them all, theres google for that, but their good for just soloing in the bedroom and GREAT when power chording.

Overall Impression — 9
when I first saw the amp, I was using my Line 6 Spider II (that I now use with my ipod because of the Input slot) and I remember hearing my friend play his guitar through it and thinking what a nice sound, and loud enough to power through with solos, and I knew when he got his new amp, a Marshall 50watt I think, I had to put an offer in for it, if it we`re stolen, I would buy it again. But for a Brand New one, you can probs get simular amps or even better amps, but the Crate is still an awesome amp, I'm now plying it with My Ibanez Grg, not a great guitar I know, but it sounds nice when Drop C Metal is played through. Overall; The Crate GX30 Is worth the money, and can make you sound great at a small gig or just jamming in the garage.

Reliability & Durability — 9
the only thing I don't like is the power cable, this is only because it's removeable, I fear it could slip out but I've had it for about a year now, and when my friend had it befor me, it had NO problems what so ever with the power cable being loose, also, it's a stronge amp, I've dropped it and bumped it a few times, and it's with stood it all, with out any marks, but don't hit people round the head with it because it wont mark, that's plain nasty. It's 30watt so it would be reliable at a small gig venue if needed, but there's bigger amps for that, so I normally use it for covers and stuff, but overall, yhs, a realiable Amp.

Features — 8
The Music type I play is Metal and in Drop C tunning and screamo stuff, so it's handy having both driven and clean channels. The effects are quite handy aswell, 16 in tottal; reverb, phasser, delay, flange, optive, wah. So some good efects to use, and a volume knob for the effeect settings is very good if you only want a tad bit of the effect to be heard or in use. I use this amp for jamming with friends or practicing and the sound is good at both low and high volume. A bigger verity of effects would be nice, but you can't ask for a lot more.

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    I have completely changed my mind about this amp since writing the above nonsense. I now use it with a Gretsch G5120, exclusively on the clean channel. On the amp, I keep the volume at 120, and all three EQ knobs cranked. On the guitar, I have both pickups active, and volume/tone knobs also cranked. It produces a bright, clear sound, with sparkling trebles and solid bass response. The guitar's high-output pickups are very sensitive to dynamics, and the amp handles this quite well. It does not color the tone nearly as much as most other guitar amps, which I find a definite plus; the only other amp I've tried that sounds nearly as good is my SWR bass combo. This amp will not make a lousy guitar sound good, nor an inept player sound competent. But with a good guitar and a skillful player, this thing will work wonders. I'm glad I resisted the (frequent) temptation to throw this amp away.
    This is not a bad amp at all. I started buying old used amps off of Ebay if they were built in the USA or were weird like the Vox VR15 I just bought. This amp sounds very good clean. The OD/Distortion is very usable if not the greatest. My Vox 2 button footswitch changed channels and cut the effects on and off. It has a speaker out and sounds great through my custom 2 X 12 cab with Eminence speakers. Only 2 negatives I can come up with, first the headphones sound ok at best but that's normal with most amps. Second there is no effects loop which is also normal for a small amp like this. This amp is loud for its size. You can gig small venues but that's about it. If you can find one on Ebay for $98 including shipping like I did, buy it. In fact go up to $130-$140 range. It's a steal. These things originally cost 3 time that much 10 years ago.