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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.9 (14 votes)
Crate: GT15

Price paid: $ 75

Purchased from: Village Music

Sound — 7
I am using a imitation Fender Stratocaster, which has decent picups so it sounds ok through the amp. I also have a Gibson SG wich makes the amp sound a lot better. I play all kinds of music like classic rock and roll, rock, alternative, metal, blues, country. I play lots and lots of stuff. I have a distortion pedal and it is fun to use though the amp and it sounds ok. It is very very loud but doesn't always sound all that great loud, depends on the picups like I said above. The clean channel is distorted a little when at high volumes, but I never have it like all the way up so yea. The distortion is pretty bad, but with a distortion pedal the amp sounds decent.

Overall Impression — 9
I think that this amp is worth the money that you pay for it. I like using it and it is lound enough for what I have been doing lately. But I am looking at buying another bigger amp in the future. I don't really hate anything but I don't really love anything about it. If I lost it or it got stolen I would problably buy it again because it works good and I use it so much. But if I found something that was a little bit bigger for only a little bit more money I would buy that enstead.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I can depend on it, I use it at freinds houses all the time and sometimes I use it other places. I have never played a real real gig, and I deffinitly wouldn't use it for one. It has never broken. The back is fully exposed so the conections from the head to the cab (speaker) could be broken relativly easy. I put cords and all kinds of other stuff in the back for transport and I love that I can do that.

Features — 10
Well it has never failed me for practice, and I have even used it in small places areas to play. Never with a drummer though, so I can't say how well that it would work with one. Sounds decent up to pretty high levels, but I want people to remember that if you have bad or cheaper picups it wont sound as good as if I played my Gibson SG on the amp. The distortion (solo) is not good I would say almost not good at all but it is OK still not amazing by far. It has all the usual controls solo: gain and level, clean: level, equalization: low mid and high, rev: level. It has jacks for headphones, input, speakers, and CD input. The CD input is an awesome way to hook up your Ipod or CD player and jam to a song you know with the song. Although you do need the wires for it. For the money I would say that is was well worth the buy. I use it all the time to jam with two other guitarists and we all almost have the same size amps and we make the basement so so loud, so it is definitly something that I use well and trust.

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    Yea i have this amp too, and its freakin loud yo! Just installed some EMG'S and it sounds really good! Love this amp