GT15R review by Crate

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 4.5 (59 votes)
Crate: GT15R

Purchased from: Ardens Music

Sound — 8
I prefer using the amp with my bridge pickups. It has the most tone and a great sound to it. I play anything thats rock, metal or punk, (Metallica, Linkin park, Godsmack, System of a down... just to name a few) And let me say this amp sounds awesome for them. It suits my style perfectly, and I definatly like the sound quality. Clean is actually clean, without the least amount of distotion at any volume. The clean sounds screwed when you drop to a neck pickup and lower the tone, but hey, what can you do. Thats plain stupidity. The distortion is immense, but I believe its my cheap ass guitar that makes it at times too unclear. Great quality though.

Overall Impression — 10
This amp leaves me speechless. I can't believe how awesome it is for such a low price. If you like anything really heavy, you may want to look for a more expensive amp, especially for live performances. But if you play stuff with low distortion or clean, you'll love it. It's also great for practice, and it's the ideal amp for a beginner with a low budget. Plus once you move up in the music world and need something more powerful for gigs, just buy a speaker and hook it up to the amp, awesome sound. I bet a distortion pedal would do wonders with this amp too, it's great.

Reliability & Durability — 8
I wouldn't take this to a big gig because I really wouldn't trust the speaker at high volume. It's a 15 watt amp, and I've never pushed it to the max volume cause I've never had to, but I wouldn't cause it could very well blow the speaker. It's never broken down on me or lost any sound quality, it's as good as the day I bought it. And I play this thing every day for hours so I definitely trust it for practice or small shows. It's sturdy and durable. I always lug it down to my friends house or sit on it while I play, and it holds up fine. A backup would be a good idea though.

Features — 10
This amp is amazing. It has such natural and full sound quality with a dual channel selector. Switching from clean to distortion is done by clicking a button. It has several dials for adjusting the settings. Gain, Distortion volume, Clean volume, Low, Medium and High tone effects, and reverb are the main features. This amp is a digital stereo version, and features a headphone jack, and an output jack perfect for recording straight to your PC or to another amp/speaker. The effects are awesome and of great quality. I can't believe this amp is only $169 + tax.

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    actally the distorion of this amp sucks pretty gotta play with effect pedals on that one.
    Um this amp sucks, it sounds like it is in the background or something i hate it
    this amp is superb, i gave it to a friend of mine who playes 9 years for a test. Outcome from him: 11 point out of 10 . better than best Clear and clean sound even when the volume is fully set. no fizzle, simply great
    this amp is suberb. I gave to a friend of mine who playes guitar for 9 years for a test. The outcome from him: 11 points out of 10 : I has clear and clean sound, no fizzle even if the volume is fully set. It is better than best
    I'm a beginner guitar player, but I've been to local and concert gigs, and I have many bass/guitar playing friends. This Amp is awesome for me, giving me the choise between clean and distorted playing, more to the point, unlike some shittier amps, you can choose for gain and level of distortion. While probably not being good enough for large gigs, its still fine for practice or small shows or even parties. The CD input works well, and even if you cant get it loud enough, there is headphone and stereo out connections for it. My rating, 9.7!
    i recieved this amp on my birthday this year (october 12th) lol axe-gollod... its super crunchy... ive been playin for about a year and a half now... ive played on my buddies dads way bigger brother to this one... 100 watt... but its old school and isnent made any more. this thig can hold its own. but mine dosent have the reverb =[ but it is the same damn amp. ive played on them both and they have the same quaity...