GT212 review by Crate

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 8.4 (84 votes)
Crate: GT212

Price paid: $ 200

Sound — 7
I play through a Cort stratocaster with single coil pickups, which I have made modifications on, and and Ibanez of which I don't know the model name for, but it uses humbuckers. It suits most of my music styles fine, but my music styles don't really require too much. I haven't really had any problems with noise on this amp. It can make a pretty believeable Led Zeppelin tone on the rhythm section if you set it right, and the solo channel is good for metal. The clean channel can be good with the right settings but it's nothing amazing. The distortion can be brutal, but only if you don't know what your doing when setting the tone knobs.

Overall Impression — 6
This amp is alright for my styles of music, but I could do much better, but this amp will do. I have been playing for only about a year most people say it sounds like I've been playing longer than that though. This is the only amp I own besides my Kustom 0 Watt practice amp. If it was stolen I'd probably just save my money and buy a nice Vox or Fender amp with less wattage.

Reliability & Durability — 10
The reliability and durability on this amp is great. I can depend on this amp for sure, it's built like a rock. I would probably use this amp for back up if I had another amp, but right now this is my only one. It hasn't broken down yet, but I've only had it since the beggining of summer.

Features — 6
This amp is versatile enough for the styles I play, which are blues, psychedelic, garage, folk, grunge, Indie, and noise. When I pair it with my effects, it sounds tolerable.Its has a clean, rhythm, and solo channel. The cleans on this amp could be better. The rhthym and solo channels are well enough once you learn to work the controls. I can't get a good sound through headphones but that could just be because of a lacking quality in my headphones. I do wish it had some built in effects besides reverb so I could record without hooking up all my pedals. I use this amp at home mostly, only because it's a pain in the ass to lug around to friends houses to Jam. Unfourtunately it is my only amp so I have no choice. It has 120 watts which is way more than enough power for me. I really wish I had just saved my money for a Vox ac30. This amp is a solid state but it has a tube simulator.

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    mp3stalin wrote: RollingFree wrote: How much did you guys buy it for? I found it at zzounds for $200! yeah its had a price drop because they have a new amp series now... FM's i think? ...still a GREAT amp.
    FM is the fender series. Crate has the V and VTX series out now.
    I've only had this amp for about a month or so but and I can accurately say that I looove it already. You get a great range of tones out of it for pretty darn good price. It shits all over the Marshalls, fenders and other 212 combos (And i've played through an awful lot of 'em) This is my first real gigging amp, I've done a couple of gigs with it and it's plenty loud and doesnt distort even at higher volumes. I'd reccommend it to any guitarist who plays anywhere from Jazz to country to blues, rock and metal.
    By what i here this sounds like a great amp and i am thinking about buying it but i'm not shor i'm making the right choice i don't know weather i should buy the crate 212 or the fender FM212R. please help me make my decision.
    This was my first gigable amp. I've upgraded to a tube half stack now, but this amp served me 30 gigs in a hard rock band. the lead channel could use some more flexibility--the EQ sharing between the rhythm and lead is a little annoying, and most of the gain isn't usable beyond the half way point unless you want a lot of noise. The reverb is only good until shortly after the half-way point. After that it becomes a little too cluttered with the signal. The clean channel is great. I've dropped my amp about six times, including down stairs and it has never once shorted out on me. the footswitch is also annoying--the nuts holding the jacks are made of a cheap plastic. overall...sweet solid state amp for the price.
    This is a nice amp to play if you're not a tone obsessed maniac. It has a very good distortion to it. I compared it to a friend's Boss Metalcore pedal and that trough the clean channel sounded identical to the solo channel. All in all a nice amp but a tiny bit heavy... Sadly the GT65 isn't available locally. Here in South Africa it retails for 3800 Rand. That's roughly $500. Clean channel is good as far as solid state cleans go. It has alot of bass. A little goes a long way . I play an Epiphone Les Paul Standard through it and i must say i can get a pretty close Killswitch Engage sound with the solo channel. As stated before the reverb is overkill past 12 o clock position. Im thinking of replacing the speakers with Celestion Vintage 30s and maybe the reverb tank, but then again that might just be half the price of a Valveking 112. To conclude: a nice solid state amp. Could do with a valve preamp for the cleans but the distortion doesn't disapoint. Could use a master volume. Also the rhythm channel leaves some to be desired.
    hey guyz i could use some help.. i bought this amp and i love it sounds sikk with my MT-2 and dean dime ml but wen you stand back like 4 feet or so it maked this buzzing noise on the solo, and rythem channel but wen you go closer it goes away is it something to worry bout or am i just a lil paranoied..... any help would be appreciated
    ides-of-march wrote: This amp looks sick, ive always been looking towards crate for my next amp and this might be it. sweet
    Yea you should buy it! This amp has a more than reasonable price tag and an awsome powerful tone!
    !Schecter! wrote: Sorry my friend has this amp and it just sucks. the only reason NEARLY all music stores carry Crate amps is because they were distributed by the St. Louis Music Group because they are cheap, loud and have a lot of distortion. and really thats all people that really have no clue about amps look for. Distortion sounds like shit too.
    YES YOU ARE RIGHT!! This amp is cost effective, loud....and frankly gain knobs can be rolled back!!! ALSO ! You must be 1. Crazy, 2. Rich and can afford Marshall Tube half stacks and Gibsons, or 3. PMSing This is an awsome amp and is extremely affordable, But you can't just plug it into the wall and expect magic to happen. Like all amps you have to play with the Eq and Distortion for some time to get that awesome tone.
    Sorry my friend has this amp and it just sucks. the only reason NEARLY all music stores carry Crate amps is because they were distributed by the St. Louis Music Group because they are cheap, loud and have a lot of distortion. and really thats all people that really have no clue about amps look for. Distortion sounds like shit too.