GX30M review by Crate

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  • Sound: 6
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 6.1 (9 votes)
Crate: GX30M

Price paid: $ 71

Purchased from: pawn shop & ebay

Sound — 6
This amp sounds tolerable at lower volumes (under 4.5). I use a 2003 lefty mex. strat with ceramic pups & a lefty O.L.P. MM-1 with SH-2 & SH-4 Seymour Duncan pups(alnico 5 magnets) w coil splitters. The clean channel sounds best. You can coax a "fairly decent" bluesy distortion with much patience from the O.D. Channel. My Chinese-made GX30M has the crappiest 12" speaker I've ever heard (& I'm 60 yrs. Old). Pure junk; a spkr. Change was necessary. Crate screwed up when they made this amp 4 ohms. They should have made it 8 ohms & had it where the ohmage would drop to 4 ohms when you use the external spkr jack. As it stands, the amp operates at 4 ohms & the internal speaker(12") cancels out when the speaker jack is used. Why cancel out a 12" speaker? This would have been 1 of the best s.s. 30 watt amps I've used to date except for the 4 ohm/speaker jack crap.

Overall Impression — 6
As I stated b4 I'm 60 yrs. old. I play with older friends that I've played music with all my life. I've been gigging for 35 + years, Mainly classic 60's-80's rock. I use this amp to work out tunes, for lessons, & to practice, only. I really don't use this amp on stage as I don't consider 30 watts enough to pull it off, even with miking. I would be absorbed & walked over by the drummer & keyboard player. It could definately be used in small venues, i.e. small bars, etc.. I own & use alot of older Crate amps (love the "U.S. Made" older GX series). I seem to get alot more bang for the buck.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I have had no service problems with this amp. This GX30M was made in China; however, I also own the same amp that was usa-made. They have the same features, but differ cosmetically. The usa amp has a seemingly better speaker in it. Crate solid state amps last a long time whentaken care of.

Features — 8
Crate 1x12" combo amp. I'm not sure of the d.o.m. This GX30M is Chinese-made. 2 channels, reverb & chorus, footswitch, head-phone, & external. Spkr. Jack are all on front on panel. Alotta neat features for a cheap 30 watt 4 ohm amp. You can Switch back & forth between the channels with the footswitch.

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    The funny thing is, I see everyone knocking the lead channel when mine came with a broken lead channel level knob, forcing me to use a dist. pedal and causing me to learn that the clean channel on this amp just loves distortion and effect pedals. The amp, by itself has very little versatility, but if you have a good amp modeller or pedal rig, it reproduces everything quite faithfully, and with the replacement of that crappy speaker (I plan on buying a greenback for mine soon, but I wonder if soldering a 4 ohm resister to the negative terminal would fix that 4-ohm issue. I don't feel like blowing up a greenback lol, although if I get the 100 watt model, I don't think the 30 that this amp pushes out could hurt it.)