RFX200S review by Crate

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.3 (12 votes)
Crate: RFX200S

Price paid: $ 300

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 9
The sound is amazing. The Celestions kick and will bring the house down. The clean is smooth but will get distorted if you really crank it. The mild distortion is just that, Mild. I don't really play on this setting too much because I prefer either very clean or very distorted sounds for my styles of music. The third setting, Extreme Distortion, is Amazing. Crazy distortion that is never too out of control. I spend most of my time on this setting, Playing with reverb and phasers to get a very 80's thrash metal sound that really kicks. The sound you're getting for the price is unrivaled. I've played with this at many gigs, the largest being for about 200 hundred people and it had no problem roaring over the already blairing crowd. This will crank no problem on the distorted settings but I wouldn't expect the same quality in sound when aproaching the same levels on the clean setting. I usually play my Epiphone Explorer or my Vantage Avenger A-70 and they sound amazing on the amp.

Overall Impression — 9
Over all I'd Give it an A. The Clean setting doesn't stay as clean as you would want it too once you bring it up to about half way, But thats a minor Qualm for myself being a primarily punk and metal based guitarist. It sounds great, has great sounding effects, reverb, its gorgeous, and reliable. I would highly recomend this amp to someone playing Most forms of rock on the heavier end of the spectrum, but because of the clean setting's drawback The lighter side might want too look elsewhere. It doesn't mean you have to avoid it like the plauge but for larger giging you can do better for clean.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This amp has served me well all over Rhode Island and Massachusettes. I have seriously thought about buying another just incase something happend to my first one. It's stood up to punk show beatings, Metal fueled mosh pits, kicks, spills, slams, drops, blood, and the occasional vomit spray. I've had this for about three years and I never expected it to last me this long. I've used this at my very first gig and I expect to be using this for a long time to come.

Features — 9
First off, I have never found a combo amp that sounds this good for this price. Two Celestion 100 watt speakers are housed in the cabbinet with an opened back end with plenty of room to store the foot pedal and chords. The foot pedal has four switches which change your presets. Preset one is clean, preset two is mild distortion, and preset three is heavy distortion. Each preset has its own set of tuning nobs up on top of the amp. Five knobs totall for each preset. High, Low, Mid, Gain, and Level. If you don't want to break out the foot pedal you can Switch the presets by hitting the corrisponding button on the amp. It has one imput and no headphone jack, but this thing is ment to be loud so why use headphones right? For effects it has Chorus, Phlange, Phaser (all of which have intensities 1-4)... It also has Octive, PhaseWah, and a regular Wah setting. Each preset can use one of these settings. In addition you can add a singles effect, Echo, Ping pong and a special effect that combines the previous (each of these have an intesity setting 1-4 except the special which is 1-3). Finally each preset can have its own setting for Reverb. As far as looks go Its black leather with all gold plating on all the knobs and plates. Tan leather handle and a black and tan/gold mesh front with the gorgeous Crate logo In gold plating as well. It also has wheels to make carting it around a hundred times easier.

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    Flanger, not 'Phlange'. But yep, it IS a very good cheap amp. I played it with a few dist pedals, mostly Hardwires, and it did sound lovingly crunchy.
    I have the 65 watt version of this. Good amp for intermediate players but i have had this for 5 years and now im looking for a Peavey Valveking. I got this Crate amp in my old guitar teacher's shop. Traded in an old line 6 50 watt for it. Like i said good amp for intermediate players but once you progress get another amp. Ill be keeping this one to play at friends houses and other stuff once i get my peavey valveking half stack
    Two Celestion 100 watt speakers are housed in the cabbinet Um no this amp line doesn't have Celestion speakers, unless you took out the Crate speakers and put the Celestions in.
    This amp is also not so great when its truned up really loud, the clean channel when it is up loud has a little distortion and sounds like poo. Distortion sounds good when turned all the way up but you gotta turn down the gain. Effects on these amps are ok, not the best in the worlld but they get the job done.
    [quote]!thatguitarguy! wrote: Two Celestion 100 watt speakers are housed in the cabbinet Um no this amp line doesn't have Celestion speakers, unless you took out the Crate speakers and put the Celestions in. [/
    EpiExplorer: Flanger, not 'Phlange'.
    I'm a terrible speller.
    !thatguitarguy! :Um no this amp line doesn't have Celestion speakers, unless you took out the Crate speakers and put the Celestions in.
    Trust me there are two 100w Seventy 80's staring me in the face as we speak haha.
    EpiExplorer wrote: Is fine, lawl. Just looks like phalange, which means finger/apendage.
    Lol, while we're being critical. Phalanges are actually the bones in the fingers (after carpals and metacarpals) and toes (after tarsals and metatarsals). So it doesn't actually mean finger or appendage.
    celticstorm84 :BTW, nice review. Seems like a good amp.
    Thank you. It really is, for the price I don't think you can do any better.