VTX212B review by Crate

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 5.6 (8 votes)
Crate: VTX212B

Price paid: $ 299

Purchased from: American Musical Supply

Sound — 10
I currently run a Jim Root Signature Telecaster (with EMG 61/80 pups), an Ibanez AFS75 hollowbody (with stock pups), and a highly modified Squier Affinity Strat (with Seymour Duncan Hot Rails and a JB4 HB - all coil-tapped) through a pedal board consisting of an ISP Decimator, MXR SuperComp, Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff With Top Boost, DigiTech Grunge, MXR Carbon Copy Delay, Boss CH-1 Super Chorus, and a BBE Sonic Stomp. I also run a second Decimator and a Boss GE-7 EQ through the FX loop. Slight hum that increases with gain increase, but easily controlled with the Decimators. Clean channel is amazing, one of the best I've ever heard. Both the crunch and lead channels require a bit of tweaking to get the sounds you want, but I mainly keep it clean and use my pedals for different sounds. I play classic rock, blues, alternative rock, and a bit of numetal. This amp handles 'em all. As for being loud? The windows in the garage shake on "3."

Overall Impression — 10
One of the best solid-state amps I've ever owned. I prefer it over my Vox AD100VT 2x12 and my Kustom Quad 100. The only solid-state amps I've played that is better (IMHO) is the JC-120. If it were lost/stolen, I'd definitely replace it without batting an eye! In fact, I just picked up a second one to leave at the rehearsal space.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This was a factory-sealed second (normal retail is around $450) which I thoroughly inspected and found no issues. Tolex covered, metal corner protectors, four wheeled casters included, recessed rear-mounted control panel. Seems quite sturdy to me. In the past six months I've had no issues as far as reliability and durability are concerned.

Features — 10
The VTX212B features full 3-channel operation with independent gain level and tone shaping circuits for each channel. The DSP section has 15 Multi effects including chorus, flange, phase shift, vibrato, octave down, touch-wah, and reverse wah. Each of these can be set for depth plus the Tap button on the front controls speed. The VTX212B also has 15 Delays with adjustments for single delay with 4 levels Echo delay with 4 levels Tape delay with 4 levels and echo/effects combo with 3 levels. Each of these effects can be set with the Tap button for speed as well. A separate reverb control is also included. Front panel RCA CD Input jacks allow you to play along with your favorite CD or tape. The rear panel Insert Jack allows you to connect your own effects for greater flexibility. Channel switching and DSP may be controlled by means of a footswitch (included) which also allows access to two DSP presets on each of the three channels. There's also a top-mounted electronic tuner that is active any time the amplifier is on. You may change the DSP settings by rotating the DSP controls, these changes will remain active until a different channel is selected but will not be there for later use unless they are saved. To save a new DSP preset to a channel first make the desired DSP changes. Then press and hold the save/tap button for about three seconds. The save/tap LED will flash through three quick sequences indicating the preset was saved. The new preset is stored for that channel and will remain in memory until a new preset is stored for that channel or the factory presets are restored. The Crate 3-button footswitch allows access to an additional DSP preset for each channel of the amplifier. When the footswitch is connected to the amplifier as shown below the "original" DSP presets are active for each channel when the #3 footswitch LED is illuminated. These are referred to as "DSP Bank A'." When the #3 button is switched and the LED is out a second DSP preset may be stored and recalled for each channel, "DSP Bank B'."

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    hehe create .. mi little old 15 was stuck a pice of shit yep... but its ok cuz ther bigger stuff looks/sounds cool
    Yeah, I've got a VTX 350 Head which is just a 350 watt Head version of this amp and I run it through a Fender Metal Head cab. It's a freaking beast! It is the best amp in its price range I have ever played. I would buy this amp for its clean channel alone, but no, the crunch and lead channels are just as amazing! I can nail the EVH brown sound with this amp, plus get an almost Mesa-like tone out of the lead channel!
    I bought this amp as an upgrade from a piece of shit little practice box amp. So this is my first real amp and I have to say, I have never had one problem with it. The built in tuner is helpful because I play in three different tunings on one guitar. I own three guitars and I use one for each channel when recording. I use a Washburn for leads and heavy rhythm. Epiphone Les Paul for lighter rhythm and a Strat for clean tones. Sonic combination for the win! This amp has never let me down and is perfect for live or studio recordings. I would definitely buy it again!