VTX30B review by Crate

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.5 (8 votes)
Crate: VTX30B

Sound — 10
I play this with a Gibson Explorer. This amp can kill small animals and children, literally. I play thrashy metal stuff (especially Metallica) and this thing delivers the no-nonsense full-on assualt of a battery of sonic missiles from hell. Yeah. This amp can do anything, blues, country, folk, and even jazz. This amp is the most sonically versatile amp I've ever used. The clean channel is slightly distorted at high volumes, but it sounds good, kinda like a warm tube amp. The distortion, oh where do I begin? Have you ever wanted the most revolting and flat out scary distortion ever? Well, here it is. The distortion can be adjusted to anything, but at max gain. You'd better watch out! This amp can give you nightmares.

Overall Impression — 10
I play multiple styles of music. This amp can handle anything you dish out. I ply this with a Gibson Explorer and I typically use the solo channel. I use the extra hot bridge pickup, and sometimes, I get some feedback, so I kinda want a noise suppressor. I love the solo channel and the built in tuner. There is nothing about this amp that I don't like. It's perfect. Very few amps can compare with this monster. If it were stolen, I would hunt that person down and kill them so inhumanly that I will have warrants for my arrest in every country.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This thing can take all the abuses of the road for many years and still be tough enough to be begging for more. This thing is built like a tank. I could depend on this amp and not need backup. That's right. No backup. The only thing is, the outer kind of rubbery feeling outside scratches a little, but that adds character. My amp has never had any problems. I admit, I'm not that careful with my amp, but my amp is still fighting back. Reliable. Durable. Perfect.

Features — 10
I actully own the VTX65, which is the exact same thing only with more wattage. This amp does everything. It's a workhorse! It has three great channels, clean, very natural, not too distorted but still delivers tube warmth. Rhythm, good for classic rock tones, very dirty and can even be clean when you want it to. Solo, belts out the no-nonsense bone crushing distortion that can rip your face off. Clean, low, mid, high, level. Rhythm, gain, low mid, high. Solo, gain, shape (mid contour), and level (it shares EQ with the rhythm channel). It comes with a footswitch that allows you to activate a special extra channel for each individual gain channel for effects. It has an extension cab out jack, but doesn't have a headphone jack. I wish it had an effects loop, but it's still amazing. My favorite thing about this amp is it has a built-in tuner! How cool is that? No more stupid pedals to deal with, just look at your amp and tune. Also, it is solid state, and doesn't need any tube maintenance. The effects include chorus, flanger, wah, reverse wah, octave, tremolo, phase, a bunch of different delay effects, and reverb. Very versatile!

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    1st comment Judging from reviews it might be a good amp. This will probably be the next amp i get
    LazyLatinoRocke wrote: 1st comment Judging from reviews it might be a good amp. This will probably be the next amp i get
    hell, no! maybe the reviews are the best, but it doesn't care if the amp seems to be good, you should try it! Jesus!
    KILL EM ALLx666
    i have this amp and if u dont have it then buy...unless u like slipknot in which case dont buy it cuz ur gay and i dont want u to own this awesome amp
    metal jello
    i recently upgraded from this amp to a Line 6 Spider Valve tube amp... wow, what a difference!!!! This amp's distortion is very ratty, fuzzy, and disgusting. I just never really noticed