N-30 Dirty Thirty review by Danelectro

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 4
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.3 (6 votes)
Danelectro: N-30 Dirty Thirty

Price paid: $ 23.7

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Sound — 8
I play this with a Epiphone Les Paul 100. I like to play all kinds of music from Hendrix to the Strokes to Rancid. It fits all styles. The distortion is very dirty giving it a garage band feel. It doesn't realyl have complete variety on what it can play but tinker with the knobs a little and you will definately find something suiting your needs. The sound it gives is just so satisfying it makes you want to play more and more, however it lacks the variety that is needed for certain songs. Especially metal and hard punk/hard rock. I mainly play classic rock and it does the job on about 95% of the songs I play. The sound is almost perfect for a 15 watt amp but it just doesnt have a big enough range.

Overall Impression — 8
I'd just like to point out that this amp looks very COOL. I ave been complimented many times on it. It has a pale khaki colour with brown on the sides. The covering over the speaker is plaid and the openuing for it is circular. It looks very classic. It is a good amp but it's the kind for when your just jamming at home. Thisi s by no means a gig amp. But it does the job and does it quite well.

Reliability & Durability — 8
This amp is by no means a gig amp. It's a small 15 watter. It is completely durable it's been dropped many times and still standing. Theres rips in the material because it's covered with a sort of fake leathery material. It's reliable. I have had it for about 3 years give or take and still works like a charm. However the way you plug it in is odd and sometimes the plug will be loose and you have to keep jamming it back in which can get annoying. But other than that it's relatively durable.

Features — 4
First off let me just say that this is a very basic amp. It has 3 controls: Dirty Sweet (distortion), Level (volume) and Tone. Sometimes however simpler is better. You only need about 5 seconds to get the amp to what you want it to play. But overall the features left me feeling kind of empty.

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    I pretty much agree with this review. I have the Nifty Fifty and it's great for home practice. The controls seem very sensitive, so small adjustments vary the tone tremendously. The owner's manual shows some helpful settings to achieve particular sounds...quite varied and effective for such a simple set-up. The tone degrades at higher volumes but I think the smallish speaker is the cause as it clears up nicely through the handy headphone jack. I'm gonna try driving a larger speaker with it.
    I want this kind of amp (as close as possible in terms of sound/tone) but at a gig-playing scale. What would you recommend? email me at: h_aza_h@hotmail.com
    I just bought this at a local shop on consignment with a modified EPI les paul I couldn't put it down I was playing everything from Zeppelin SRV Neil young Beatles Etc I just bought a 7/15 tiny terror and 12" cab I wanted the combo but got the stack for the same price . But i have animals and have to keep them covered & my lazy butt wanted something to put ON my desk to just plug in and to play along with my computer where i do most of my practice before jamin with the the boys . I LOVE IT The reto look is pretty cool but the clean tones and dirty gain at a min volume is great . Have to find my head phones as well !Going to try my Taylor thru it tonight just to see what it sounds like. Hey for 50.00 bucks it was a SCORE ! I tried a NEW 2 WATT TUBE Fender that looked like a radio for 179 the day before and it was horrible !! Sounded like a blown transistor radio even the owner of the shop shook his head as if to say what am i going to do with THAT ?