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manufacturer: Egnater date: 02/11/2009 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Egnater: Tourmaster 4212
The Tourmaster 4212 represents the latest in tube guitar amp technology. The aim in creating the Tourmaster 4212 is to offer an extensive array of useable tones and features while keeping things easy to understand and operate.
 Sound: 10
 Overall Impression: 9.7
 Reliability & Durability: 7
 Features: 9.3
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overall: 9.8
Tourmaster 4212 Reviewed by: Massive Failure, on february 25, 2008
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Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: Made in 2007, just released. 100% tube amp. This amp is a powerhouse, it has built in every tone you will ever need. I know this because I am a total tone freak, and it can cover everything. It has 4 channels, clean/vintage 1, clean/vintage 2, overdrive 1, and overdrive 2. This is a real guitarist's amp. The amp is the only amp that can be run at half or full power, which is a main feature that pulled me to it. That means that for home practicing, you can put it at half power which gives 10-25 Watts of power, and for gigs you can push it to full power and get 50-100 watts of pure face smackage. It has effects loop and headphone jack, as expected. // 10

Sound: Each channel has a set of separate gain, bass, middle, treble, and optional contour plus it's own volume switch, and a classic/modern Switch for each one to control the distortion era. Clean/vintage 1 Gives good '60s sound to it, pretty much a clean with a kickass punch that will leave a giant welting bruise. It can be pushed pretty far into a '70s-ish sound. Clean/vintage 2, good, warm sound. Pretty much clean/vintage 1 only boosed. It can be pushed into a modest overdrive. Overdrive 1, solid overdrive, kicks and punches like a Kung-Fu Master. With this channel you can get a large range of sounds, like most other overdrive channels, but only better. Overdrive 2 blew me away. You can play any thrash metal song perfect on this channel. I played the opening riff to Raining Blood and I swear it was studio quality sound. This is perfect, the chords I played on my 2007 Schecter C-1 Elite felt as thick as a double whopper. It has a sweet reverb, although if your a real reverb buff I would suggest having a reverb pedal. It also has a presence and Density knobs, so you can further control the tone. High and low input plugs further add to this tone monster. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I would definietly use this at a gig as a backup. The amp has never broken down on me, but if you play it too hard it will get a muddy tone for a few seconds, so don't bang your guitar if you want to sustain a pure sound. What drops the rating down to a nine is it is extremely heavy, and you run the risk of dropping it and damaging the tubes. Unless you are a buff maniac or just don't care about your amp, it would be wise to have 2 people transport it. // 9

Overall Impression: I play everything from classical (yes classical) to grindcore, and this amp suits me perfectly. If you have this amp you need no distortion pedals, because this best of a amp has every imaginable tone you could think of packed into it and having pedals would just be repetitive. I have been playing guitar for 2 years, and have owned a slew of amps (most of which I traded off, this one I'm keeping). The way the amp looks is also a big turn on for me in general. It has a nice cream paint job with a black leather like substance around it, with Egnater printed in Marshall-style letters on the amp itself. If this amp was stolen or lost, I would hunt down the person Who took it and beat them to death in front of their children. // 10

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overall: 9.3
Tourmaster 4212 Reviewed by: unregistered, on november 03, 2008
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Price paid: $ 1200

Features: This amp is packed with some pretty useful functions. There are four channels that cover the cleanest to the dirtiest sounds. The amp comes with a footswitch that can select between them all (with no delay or popping). Each channel has it's own EQ, Density and presence knobs, gain, volume, contour, and a Switch between classic and modern - needless to say it's quite tweakable. There is also a master reverb, density, presence, and volume. I just got the amp, so I haven't played that much with the power grid, but you can play this amp at 100, 50, 25, or 10 watts. You can also vary the wattage for each channel. Pretty nifty. // 10

Sound: I'm playing a Les Paul Double Cut with Burstbuckers. My band plays everything from jazz to rock to bossa. This amp cuts through everything and sounds fantastic. It's SILENT when just sitting and obscenely loud if you want it to be. The distortions take some tweaking, but once you get them honed in they're really superb. I will say, you cannot get a metal sound out of this guy without pedal assistance. This doesn't matter at all to me, but you're not going to get the balls of a triple rec out of it. I've owned Twin Reverbs and a Valveking on top of playing through just about everything on the market and this amp can hang with the best of them. It's way better than a Twin. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I haven't had it that long, so I can't say for sure. However, it's SOLID. It's a bigtime back-breaker, though (90 lbs.) The wheels help. I'm recording with it soon, and I'm confident it will perform well. It's way more solid looking and feeling than any other combo I've ever played. // 7

Overall Impression: Play it. For me it's perfect. It's got a really Vintage tone. To compare it to the Twin Reverb, the Egnater is more biting. It doesn't have the silk of the Twin. This amp is ideal for most forms of rock, jazz, and especially blues. It sounds wicked. // 10

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overall: 8
Tourmaster 4212 Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 11, 2009
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Price paid: $ 1500

Purchased from: GC

Features: I got this amp at GC. This amp has hell of features. 4 channels and all that. you can read all about it on the GC website or egnaters site. With the multidude of features that this amp has, they should have went all the way and had more options to individually assign FX loops. There is only 1 loop, you can assign to multiple things, but since you can make ch1 and ch2 sound almost identical it would have been nice to have seperate effect loops. The detail of the construction is great. The amp looks really sharp. I hope that all that weight serves a purpose. My back will Hurt for a day or so every time I have to move it. It has a very good feature to price ratio. All the different knobs and selectors really help you get a variety of tubes out of the amp. // 8

Sound: Right now I am only playing a newer strat deluxe. The guitar sings through the amp. I play a lot of clean stuff and the amp sounds great. I haven't really done a lot of blasting with it since I am not a gigging musician. With the power grid it is possible to get great tones at lower volumes. The speakers that came with the amp give it a very tight sound in the low to mid ranges. I am saying this because before this amp I have played on mostly practice amps and louder solid state amps and went I went to this amp I was blown away. I tried a bunch of other amps in the 1000-2000 price range and I picked this one because of the fearures and variety of tones. It also had the kinds of sounds that I personally like. The you can get the mid to high ranges under control on this amp which is important to me because on some other amps, there is too much high pitch sounds or they sound to bluesy. So I can dial this amp to get a great tone that's also comfortable to listen to while I play for a couple of hours. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Uh, I had the amp for about a week and it had the strangest error. It would be hard to describe. It is not a regular tube problem. Probably an internal loose connection or blown component. Well anyways, I took it back to guitar center and they sent me a new one. I got a floor model amp originally. When you to the GC and look at all the clowns in there going to town on the instruments and amps that might explain what happened to my amp. Or I could have gotten an amp that someone returned. I think now if I am going to get something that expensive from their store, I am going to make sure it is new. // 5

Overall Impression: I hate how this amp is so heavy. Once you get it in it's spot, It is a pleasure to look at. It is fun to play on. I have a lot of pedals that I either put in the front or through the loop and this amp sounds great. It is a great amp and at a resonable price. But I am not going over other amps. it's like comparing a ferrari to a lambo. I got the ferrari and there are lambos out there. If I had the money to buy another amp I would consider this amp again but lifes too short to only have one amp. // 9

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