Tweaker 40 review by Egnater

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (16 votes)
Egnater: Tweaker 40

Price paid: $ 549

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 9
The main reason why I selected this amp over any other was that I could dial-in a very full, round clean sound, and add a fairly convincing edge to the second channel sound. It maintains these definitions over a wide range of volume. There is a hint of natural compression (this is a tube amp) as well, so you avoid those ice-pick treble tones as you run up the scale. It has an effects loop but I don't use any. In my opinion, the purpose of buying a decent amp is to get at least one good sound, and this one has a few. I don't think this is a head-banger's amp: It definitely has a hint of that British tone but in my opinion bone-crunching overdrive it is not what this amp does best. I was very pleased at how dead quiet the amp is when I'm NOT making noise. That's a big improvement over all my aging black faced Fenders, Traynor, SS Acoustics and Marshall.

Overall Impression — 10
The Egnater Tweaker is well suited to my playing, ranging from raging blues to prog rock. The amp seems to be at home with my guitar menagerie, with just a few 'tweaks' - That includes various Soapbar and Humbucker-equipped Gibsons, and several Fender Teles/Strats. It even did OK with the ancient 'Floating DeArmond Guitar Mike' on my old Gibson Archtop. Overall, this is an extremely flexible and well thought-out product - with enough features to mold itself to your personal style and preferences, but WITHOUT being loaded up with scads of inane digital gadgets I see on so many modeling amps -(but haven't even approached for fear of their Space-station lunar control panels). The Egnater Tweaker was the right choice for me, as it will be for many others. I am sure it will become one of the best-regarded "all-around" amps that the amplifier cognoscenti will be talking about for years to come.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I haven't had this amp long enough to rate durability. It does however appear to be well constructed of quality components, and I have little doubt that it will hold up well. (I'll give it a nine to be consistent with the other ratings and keep my fingers crossed.)

Features — 9
The Tweaker is aptly named, as you can dial in a wide variety of clean of over-driven sounds. The two channels share the EQ, but have separate switches that allow you to tailor the second channel to be as radically different or as subtle in channel switching as you care to be. I chose it in part for its mid-range 40W power, enough to play at home at moderate levels, and still compete with a drummer in a live/ small gig setting. Another important but often overlooked feature is the facility to select the appropriate resistance for your 4, 8 or 16 ohm cabinets. This feature alone ratchets the score up another notch.

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    Phoenix wasn't even talking about SS amps. He was talking about digital modeling amps and I agree with him.
    Tweaker 40
    Hm Wondering if this amp is comparable, to the blackstar ht 40 line. I'm wondering if this is just as prone to (blown fuses/bad tubes/faulty wiring etc...) because I've scowered the web for reviews of the tweaker 40 and I've seen sprinkles of users who were overall happy, but had quite a few malfunctions either on stage or at home. Can anyone speak to this?
    There was apparently a bad run of Egnater gear a couple years back - may have something to do with the negative comments you found. I have the 40w Tweaker combo & find it to be one of the best built amps I have ever owned - certainly better build/component quality than comparably priced tube combos from Fender/Marshall/Peavey/Blackstar/etc. And also heavier (in actual weight, I mean) due to the use of rather large power/output transformers. I loaded EL34s in mine - and now I no longer kick myself as much for selling my old modded Marshall MK2 Master Lead head, 'cuz said Tweaker pretty much nails the sound of that old amp.
    well owning a butt load of amps including modelers.... I will stand behind the vypyr series of amps.. some may bitch about the cosmetics but these amps do give you near-valve tone.. can be driven hard and with a sanpera pedal.. you are good to go.. I no longer have a vypyr but I can never say anything bad about it
    I just returned a Vypyr 3 because it was too difficult to get a decent mellow overdrive sound at lower volumes. Hi gain sounds are pretty decent. The Sanpera II pedal was actually pretty cool, but very cheap build quality. And for that to be almost as much as the amp is rediculous. The switches in the exp pedals are extremely cheap and require tearing the thing apart to try to get them setup properly to switch. Looked at the Egnater and I liked the sound, but 2 of the 4 amps at the store I went to didn't work right. One was getting no sound out of the head, and another would cut the sound out when it was switched to 'mid cut'. That worries me.
    I have the tweaker 40 version pushing 2 egnater tweaker 1x12 cabs and I have yet to have any problems after 5 months... so Its been very reliable for me..But I also use a blackstar ht20 head and a blackheart 4x12 cab so the tweaker doesn't get exclusive playing time.... I actually like it when they both are chained together cuz they have very different qualities the el34s and the 6l6's seem to play quite well with each other.
    UPDATE: My tweaker 40 trannsformer crapped out ( a common problem) but now the Horror Story. egnator refuses to even look at it because it is out of warrantee. secondly I found out by a amp repair person that these amps are non-servicable except for the power transformers... all the circuitry is microciruits and surface mounted tech. I had 2 peavey amps crap out on me in the past.. way way way out of the warrantee period and peavey still fixed them.. all I had toy do was pay the shipping cost to and from the repair facility in Tn. Egnater should at least repair out of warrantee amps... the other thing that bothers me is even a third party replacement cost about $180 pretty pricy DIY repair.
    to notryt, Your Aug 17, 2013 mentions no problems after 5 months... Since The warranty is 3 years I am confused as to why they won't repair under warranty? Is there anything else you left out?