15C Studio Chorus review by Epiphone

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 3.9 (7 votes)
Epiphone: 15C Studio Chorus

Sound — 8
It hasan excellent clean feature. I've been using an Ibanez RG550 through it, yet there's pretty much no distortion. It buzzes occasionally, however that buzz is barley noticeable and isn't really distracting (unless you set everything very high. Then, it can really start buzzing, especially if the bass is high. However, it is good at what it does. Using the neck pickup creates a thick, nice, clean sound. Using the bridge pickup creates a "vintage" clean blues sound. The chorus is also fantastic, and sounds truly "natural".

Overall Impression — 7
The 15C is a very specific amp. It is very limited in features, and is not very verstaile. However, what it can do is amazing. If it was stolen, I might buy it again, as my other amp (a Fender Mustang 3), doesn't seem to the same good "sound" that this amp does. If you're into heavy metal, this amp prebably isn't for you (unless you pile on a bunch of effects). However, if you're into blues, or country, or just like a good chorus, then you would probably be happy with this amp. Overall, it's a solid amp.

Reliability & Durability — 8
I just recently dusted off this amp (which I haven't used to two years), and it still sounds amazing. The amp has also never broken down. If it had a little more watts, (it has 15), I would definetley use it for shows.

Features — 6
Since it technically is a beginner's amp, it's not exactly feature-heavy. 2 channels (while one uses a plug the I have no idea what goes in) with their volume controls, bass, middle, and treble. However, it also has a chorus button, which turns on the chorus, as well as a chorus speed adjustor. It lacks an overdrive. This makes very limited in what it can do in rock.

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    I've owned this amp for about 4 yrs . It fit in my transport truck and has been bounced around all of Canada and the United States for 1.5 yrs with no issues. Now I use it at home in the living room as I'm not allowed to bring in the Marshal (lol). I use it at low volume with an Epiphone Swingster a Takamine acoustic and occasionally with an electric Godin Core. Took it to a large hall with a Line6 JM4 and had it cranked surprised the crap out of me with drum/backing tracks!As long as you use a clean tone it will perform! It's a well built decent sounding practice amp for $30CAN.
    I have a simple question to ask the moderators here at ultimate-guitar.com. Why do you let stupid idiots like "Spare Parts" submit their so-called reviews on items they -clearly- are clueless about? Can you please answer me that!
    I have one of these and it does what it was designed to do very well. It has a very clean guitar channel which sounds fantastic with the Ovation Celeb series I use. And as a nice bonus it includes a decent mic channel and easy to use and nice sounding chorus effect. I can get a surprising amount of undistorted volume from such a small amp. This is the perfect amp for solo gigs in smaller rooms.
    Okay, I have this amp and... it basically sucks. It sounds VERY distorted when i plug in my acoustic guitar that was in the package with it, an Epiphone PR-4E NA. The guitar sounds amazing in PA monitors and absolutely terrible in the amp. I don't agree with anything in this article. Oh and by the way, that's a input for a microphone...
    It's midrange, not middle xD and this is a cool review, what'd you pay for it? I don't know if I'd buy this because of the lack of distortion but for an Epiphone it seems good.
    Hello all-this is an ACOUSTIC amp-that is why it does not have distortion effects on it. It is a decent amp-I had an Alvarez Fusion A/E two years ago-and it sounded great with a little chorus. Not a baad amp. Yes, it is a beginners amp-but it can do the job if one does not expect it to be a 100 watt Acoustisonic.
    The other input is for a mic (xlr). I have one of these amps. It is an acoustic amp and is mainly for acoustic guitars with pups or miked, or vocals. It is a great little amp for that purpose.