'57 Deluxe review by Fender

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.8 (20 votes)
Fender: '57 Deluxe

Price paid: $ 1300

Purchased from: Blues House Auctions

Sound — 10
Fender Strat, Gibson Byrdland, and 61 Les Paul / SG. Any style of music can be played through this amp, personally I like the Blues and Tone Tubby speakers so I did swap out the 12 inch, Alnico-Magnet, Jensen P-12Q speaker for a Tone Tubby now I can't stop drully while playing. If you want distortion you can overdrive it by just hitting your strings harder, truly dynamic distortion and very controlable. Just don't try to go wireless and do it. If you need more power you can swap out one of the 12AX7 preamp tubes with a 12AY7 to get more power without overdrive.

Overall Impression — 10
While I know I got a steal on this amp for $1300 from Blues House Auctions since new this amp goes for $1899. I was a bit skeptical but this came to me in new condition, first owner, and is a truly amazing amp and sound. My Blues Junior will be getting listed on Blues House Auctions since this '57 reissue amp will never leave my hands.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Only amp I will gig with and since it is handwired and build with 57 specs, it will last forever if not stolen. Since the tweed is lacquer coated I don't have to worry about rips in the cloth so for durability, it is built for a lifetime. I just wish they made this amp 10 years ago.

Features — 10
Made in 2007 by Fender Custom Shop. For anyone Who need true tone this is the best you could ask for. I use to play a tone-master a much sought after custom shop amp. But the tone master being 100 watts made you sweat as it was also a heater for any room inside. The 57 Deluxe being 12 watts, still rocks and the tone is amazing. This is a two (instrument and microphone) channel amp, hand-wired all-tube circuitry on eyelet board, late 1950s 5E3 circuit produces about 12 watts, mic and instrument channels; each channel has individual volume controls and high & low inputs, 12" Alnico-magnet Jensen P-12Q speaker as used in the original, matched pair of Groove Tubes GT6V6 output tubes, 5Y3GT rectifier tube helps provide natural compression or "sag", two 12AX7 preamp tubes, one of which may be substituted with a 12AY7 for the original '50s lower-gain sound, if desired, standby switch added in place of the 1950s-issue polarity switch, finger-joined solid Pine cabinet resonates with a warm, woody tone, Genuine Lacquered tweed covering with Vintage brown/gold grille cloth, leather strap handle. This is the best kept secret for Fender amp I have ever seen, only a Vistoria will come close and for the rumors, no Victoria did not build these for Fender.

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    Remember a 50 watt amp is not 5 times louder than a 10 watt amp. Heres the breakdown 40 watts is 94% as loud as 50 watts. 30 watts is 86% as loud as 50 watts. 25 watts is 81% as loud as 50 watts. 22 watts is 78% as loud as 50 watts. 20 watts is 76% as loud as 50 watts. 18 watts is 74% as loud as 50 watts. 15 watts is 70% as loud as 50 watts. 12 watts is 65% as loud as 50 watts. 10 watts is 62% as loud as 50 watts. 9 watts is 60% as loud as 50 watts. 8 watts is 56% as loud as 50 watts. 7 watts is 55% as loud as 50 watts. 6 watts is 53% as loud as 50 watts. 5 watts is 50% as loud as 50 watts. 4 watts is 47% as loud as 50 watts. 3 watts is 43% as loud as 50 watts. 2 watts is 38% as loud as 50 watts. 1 watt is 31% as loud as 50 watts. 3/4 watt is 28% as loud as 50 watts. 1/2 watt is 25% as loud as 50 watts. 1/4 watt is 20% as loud as 50 watts. 1/10 watt is 15% as loud as 50 watts. 50mW is 13% as loud as 50 watts 20mW is 10% as loud as 50 watts. 10mW is 8% as loud as 50 watts. 5mW is 6% as loud as 50 watts. 1mW is 4% as loud as 50 watts. 0.5mW is 3% as loud as 50 watts. 0.1mW is 2% as loud as 50 watts. 50uW is 1.6% as loud as 50 watts. 10uW is 1% as loud as 50 watts.
    its not ment to be the kind of amp you would use to be loud and such, you can mic your amp if you have to. obviously whoever said its not loud enough has never played a show with more than 25 people.
    FBXZ2 wrote: Only dissapointment is It sounds like junk when turned up all the way. But I think the sweet spot is at 3-4 which is plenty loud.
    You obviously have never heard of Neil Young or Pete Townshend. This amp sounds amazing fully cranked. But you have to remember that the two volume controls work with each other. If you're plugged into the instrument channel and turn that all the way up and the mic volume to exactly 9.9, you will have the Neil Young and Pete Townshend sound. According to Neil, it can't be any more or less than 9.9 on the mic volume or it doesn't sound the same. Also, these amps don't get much louder once they start to distort. They just distort more. If you need even more distortion,try turning both knobs to 12 and using an A/B box to plug into both inputs, and then you can also choose which input you want on just by stepping on a button. These amps are very versatile and there are lots of tricks to get different sounds. Most of this only works for a Deluxe, except for the A/B thing.
    Obviously this isn't the amp for everybody. I have one. The sound is first class, and I am comparing it to a real '64 Twin, a custom built hovercraft and some other boutique amps. This baby will get you super tone for the type that it is. So either get a quieter drummer or put a mic on it and get the house PA turned up.
    niguitars.com wrote: only if you equate wattage to quality
    Good luck hearing it over your drummer
    CLaSH88 : niguitars.com wrote: only if you equate wattage to quality Good luck hearing it over your drummer
    It's not meant for the kind of music that loud drummers are meant for. Also, output wattage is not the only factor that contributes to volume.
    Another way to see what SGslinger is talking about is with dB's. Our ears hear things in a non-linear fashion. It takes a 3dB increase in power (that's doubling the power) to detect that something is "louder" to our ears. It takes a 10dB increase in power for our ears to hear something as "twice as loud". All this means a 50W amp is not twice as loud as a 25W but only detectably louder.
    Still $1300 is pretty steep i could by an sg with that. and still have money left over for a decent amp.
    I think it should be fine to be heard over a drummer if that breakdown is correct. I play my Orange 50 watt amp not volume 4 out of ten and it overpowers my drummer sometimes.
    if i turn my voxac15cc up more then halfway (sadly there are not numbers on the dial) it near overpowers my drummer and completely drowns out my singer (though he uses a very small PA). I think 12 watts, if cranked (which is why you buy a small tube combo) will be sufficient
    I have a 5E3 and like you said it is a tone machine. It realy brings out the clear natural sound of the Strat and if attacked, it will be much overdriven. It is louder than my Fender Blues Jr and Carvin v16 which are both 15 watts. The solid pine cabinet and tubes realy get vibrating when turned up over 3. I don't even miss reverb anymore. Only dissapointment is It sounds like junk when turned up all the way. But I think the sweet spot is at 3-4 which is plenty loud.