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manufacturer: Fender date: 06/30/2008 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Fender: '57 Deluxe
An authentic recreation of one of our most beloved guitar amps, the '57 Deluxe is a 12-watt, hand-wired tube amplifier with a 12 Jensen P-12Q speaker. The two 6V6 output tubes, acclaimed 5E3 circuit and solid pine cabinet all contribute to the '57 Deluxe's resonant, touch-sensitive performance. Vintage fitted cover included.
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'57 Deluxe Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 30, 2008
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Price paid: $ 1300

Purchased from: Blues House Auctions

Features: Made in 2007 by Fender Custom Shop. For anyone Who need true tone this is the best you could ask for. I use to play a tone-master a much sought after custom shop amp. But the tone master being 100 watts made you sweat as it was also a heater for any room inside. The 57 Deluxe being 12 watts, still rocks and the tone is amazing. This is a two (instrument and microphone) channel amp, hand-wired all-tube circuitry on eyelet board, late 1950s 5E3 circuit produces about 12 watts, mic and instrument channels; each channel has individual volume controls and high & low inputs, 12" Alnico-magnet Jensen P-12Q speaker as used in the original, matched pair of Groove Tubes GT6V6 output tubes, 5Y3GT rectifier tube helps provide natural compression or "sag", two 12AX7 preamp tubes, one of which may be substituted with a 12AY7 for the original '50s lower-gain sound, if desired, standby switch added in place of the 1950s-issue polarity switch, finger-joined solid Pine cabinet resonates with a warm, woody tone, Genuine Lacquered tweed covering with Vintage brown/gold grille cloth, leather strap handle. This is the best kept secret for Fender amp I have ever seen, only a Vistoria will come close and for the rumors, no Victoria did not build these for Fender. // 10

Sound: Fender Strat, Gibson Byrdland, and 61 Les Paul / SG. Any style of music can be played through this amp, personally I like the Blues and Tone Tubby speakers so I did swap out the 12 inch, Alnico-Magnet, Jensen P-12Q speaker for a Tone Tubby now I can't stop drully while playing. If you want distortion you can overdrive it by just hitting your strings harder, truly dynamic distortion and very controlable. Just don't try to go wireless and do it. If you need more power you can swap out one of the 12AX7 preamp tubes with a 12AY7 to get more power without overdrive. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Only amp I will gig with and since it is handwired and build with 57 specs, it will last forever if not stolen. Since the tweed is lacquer coated I don't have to worry about rips in the cloth so for durability, it is built for a lifetime. I just wish they made this amp 10 years ago. // 10

Overall Impression: While I know I got a steal on this amp for $1300 from Blues House Auctions since new this amp goes for $1899. I was a bit skeptical but this came to me in new condition, first owner, and is a truly amazing amp and sound. My Blues Junior will be getting listed on Blues House Auctions since this '57 reissue amp will never leave my hands. // 10

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