Deluxe 900 Review

manufacturer: Fender date: 05/10/2006 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Fender: Deluxe 900
The Deluxe 900 features 90 watts of Fender power into a 12" Celestion speaker. Responds dynamically to the player?s touch, sounding cleaner or dirtier depending on how hard you play.
 Sound: 8
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 9.7
 Features: 9
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overall: 9.5
Deluxe 900 Reviewed by: I_am_loSt, on november 15, 2004
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Price paid: $ 450

Purchased from: Guitar Center S.F

Features: This amp is pretty versitile. It has 90 watts out and is solid state, DSP effects: reverb, delay, chorus, flange, tremolo, vibratone, tone controls in each channel, 7 preset timbre filters with recall which remebers the filter you choose for each channel, effects Loop, digital chromatic tuner, 3-button 4 function footswitch for switiching the 3 channels and fx. It doesn't got a headphone jack which was kind of a bumber, but none the less I dont really use headphones anyway. I bought this is amp for practices and gigs because the amp I was using was incredibly weak. You get diffrent combos with the FX souch as chourus+delay and others. // 10

Sound: I paticularly use humbuckers with my guitars. Since there are diffrent "Timbre" filters that are available, I can get treble boost and other settings if my sound is too deep. This amp can produce various types of styles because of all the diffrent choices of settings. The only thing I'm a bit hesitant about is the distortion, it may be my guitar (I need a new one) but there seems to be normal hissing in the 1st drive channel, but theres a bit more for the second channel. No problem in the clean chanel though. The effects are fun to play with, I've spent a few hours trying out diffrent tones and sounds. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I could depend on this amp. I could definitly use this without a back up. This amp hansnt broken down yet and I hope it doesnt, though it has a 5 year waranty to back it up. // 10

Overall Impression: I'm in a band that plays various styles of music and it fits well. I've been playing for 8 years and now a bit about guitar. I'm sure my sound would be much better with a new guitar (my old pick-ups are tweeked). I could buy this amp again if it were damaged. The clean chanel is superb and the distortion channels are good-fair, I use the 1rst channel rather than the "more drive" second channel. I tried a Marshall MGDFX 250 and it seemed muddy and unclear. This is amp, to me, sounded clearer and crisp and had more FX and tonal controll compared to the Marshall. You gotta check this amp out for yourself! It suits my styles of music and it should fit yours too. // 10

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overall: 8.5
Deluxe 900 Reviewed by: kurt_isnot_dead, on february 10, 2006
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Price paid: $ 601.2

Purchased from: meropoli music store

Features: Made in 2005, 3 chanels: clean, drive, +drive. 3 button footswith, for clean/drive, drive/+drive and FX on/off. It has no headphone jack, but I didn't bought it to use it with headphones, 90w of power in a 12' celeston premium speaker. It has a preamp input and output, 6 effects, reverb, chorus, flange, tremolo and vibratone, and effects combinations and variations like chorus+delay or reverb+delay, light or deep sweep flange or low or high speed tremolo, 3 types of delay: digital, tape echo and ducking. 7 timbre filters: flat (no further equalization), bright (treble boost), dark (treble cut), deep (bass boost), scoop (mega bass boost), squawk mid boost with a partially depressed wah-wah pedal and acoustic (high treble and bass boost) and timbre recall for each channel, chromatic tuner, three FX controls: level (volume), FX select, and time/rate. // 9

Sound: I had some lookalike P90 pickups and my guitar has only the bridge position pickup and it has a really nice clean tone with a distortion sound like nirvana or white stripes (the other one was broken and I removed it) but sometimes I place it on the neck position and I can easily play death metal or hardcore in this position but I'm more into the garage music. The drive is really usefull if you want some spank thru intro sound sound, and is better to use it with a distortion pedal (I have an Arion Sdi-1) is awesome, but when you use the + drive channel the feedback is anoying, and the sound is really weak, bur if you use it with the neck pickup, you have a really hardcore sound. My pickups are so noisy that sometimes ruin the tone cause you have to turn down treble or turn up bass, the problem with effects is that you can se reverb with all, so that make a really boring sound, chorus is pretty bad and exagerated and flange is really weak, the delay and the tremolo are really easy to use, the reverb is not very notorious but nice, and the vibratone is cool for making weird sounds. The filter timbers are sometimes useless except by the sqyawk, the scoop and the bright timbre // 7

Reliability & Durability: This amp looks really strong, on this I have no complains, I't has no tubes so it's really easy to take care of it. // 10

Overall Impression: I play a lot of blues, grunge, classic metal, '50s rock, garage, punk, death metal, hardcore, funk and acoustic, but with ths amp sometimes I can't get a sound as closer to what I want especially with funk. I had an Encore P29 guitar, an alde Audio Ba-820, and a Arion Sdi-1 distortion pedal, the set is nice, but not the high '60s Fender quality, I tell you this cause my father owns a Fender bassman, the cabinet cover is fallinng apart, two knobs are not the originals, he has changed the tubes like 8 times since he bought it, and the sound is awesome, he plays it with a fuzzface and a Vox cry baby wah-wah with a '60s Fender Mustang (one of his uncles sell him all, except by the fuzzface and the wah-wah, in a really low price about 20 years ago), the fact is that he never let me touch all of his gear, wht a shame. // 8

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overall: 8.8
Deluxe 900 Reviewed by: steezdoctor, on may 10, 2006
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Purchased from: guitar center

Features: This is amp is last years amp that is why Guitar Center was trying to get rid of it for cheeper than the regular $480. I play just about every type of music from Jazz to Death Metal. And this amp can take what ever I dish out. It has three drive channels and comes with a foot switch. The foot switch also lets you switch between effects. Also it has a timbre selector that chenges the tone quality (from crunchy to acoustic) The foot switch remembers the seperate timbers you assigned to each channel. I have played several gigs with thisa amp and it has had plenty power. My one complaint would be that not all of the effects are possible to combine. For instance reverb and flanger. // 8

Sound: I use a knockoff Gibson SG as well as a Fender classic Strat. The SG has a bassier sound but that can be cutted out (if unwanted) using the timbre filters likewise you can give the Fender a less trble sound. There are endless combinations of distortion and clean settings. Some better than others but I have been able to find a great one for every style. The effects are all ones that I have practical uses for. Unlike some Vox amps which have some effects that you really never need to use. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I would, and have, used it at gigs without backups. This amp has never broken down on me or shown any signs of breaking down. // 9

Overall Impression: Like I said before any style of music this amp can handle it. I have been playing guitar for three years. My first amp was a Crate xtr15 and I hated it. It allways broke down on me. I was so stoked to get this new amp and if it were stolen or lost I would buy it again. I love the versatility and reliability this amp provides. I would compare it to Vox modeling amps. Which are similar but more expensive even though they are about equal in tone quality. The effects on the Vox are stronger but the effects of the Fender have allways been more than sufficient for me. // 9

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