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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.4 (251 votes)
Fender: FM 212R

Price paid: £ 200

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Sound — 8
I use an Ibanez rg with Ibanez inf 4+5 pick ups with the overdrive my guitar has a massive attack with smooth sustain and to top it off the louder the amp gets the better it sounds. In a Live set it will deffenatly stand out as different and cut through the mix. The only problem I have is that when the overdrive is on and the sound level is high it as a small his which get on my nervs but I don't think it's too noticable and goes when you play als the amp has a mid scoop which is perfect for that warm metal sound.

Overall Impression — 9
I play metal it suits it perfectltly and the odd bluesy improvisation and it take sit all in its stride. I've been palying for 2 and half years and this is realy good and does not disapoint at all. As I didn't really mess around with amp in the store I didn't know about the mid scoop or anything so it was a risk but once it broke in I bloody love it.

Reliability & Durability — 10
this amp wont blow unless you drop it or if you spill water over it. Its a solid state amp so if it workfine in the first month it will last another 100 years. Even taking it out in the back of the car I couldt imagine it breaking any time even with loads of band practise and Live playing. Also I have spilt beer on it and it didn't even effect it. I just left it over night and it was fine as I didn't realy want to Switch it on if there was any in the circuitry.

Features — 9
This amp was made in 2005 I think. Despite all of the reviews out there I am going to have too disagree with the majoraty of them as they state the amp sounds muffled and damppened which I did find when I first bought this amp, but once I had taken it to band practise it seemed to come out of its shell I think the speakers broke in or something but now the amp sings out with my Ibanez rg. It suit me down too a tea playing mostly metal I have it constantly on the more Drive channel. It deffenatle will suit any style as I have found playing some blues on the regular Drive channel. Also the clean channel is realy crisp which puts this amp out near the top in this price range and could proberbly beat other amps in higher ranges. The reverb is a classic Fender reverb which I tend to just keep on three. Over all for waht I use it for it does the job.

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    DarthPew wrote: =D I am so excited about this amp! I'm going to get it sometime this week, and I'm planning on running the amp on clean channel most of the time using a MT-2 Boss pedal + an Ibanez Tubescreamer 808. But I was wondering if the overdrive selection on this amp would sound uber crunchy with the conjunction with my TS-808. Could anyone confer?
    if you have a EQ pedal.. and set the knobs on both the TS808 and EQ to your own setting.. you'll have a solid tone... and it can go on both channels just dont set the gain up to high on the overdrive channel of the amp and knobs on the TS808.. it should sound awesome, if you have bad feedback and what not.. switch up the settings.. or get a decent Noise Supressor.. Boss NS-2 is "ok" but the Decimator G-String works the best.. if you dont have an EQ .. get the MXR 10 band.. dont settle for anything Less. any guitarist who has a pedalboard should have a good EQ
    I had this amp since October 2009, and I think it is a great choice for a person wanting a tight classic rock tone (and it's great for other genres) and is on a budget.
    wat wat indabut
    When i hook my digitech rp 80 up to this amp, i get a lot of feed back. When I hook my guitar strait up to it it is fine. Should I just get some decent separate pedals? thanks