Frontman 15G review by Fender

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.8 Good
  • Users' score: 6 (257 votes)
Fender: Frontman 15G

Price paid: $ 110.6

Purchased from: Rennaissance Music

Sound — 8
I play with a Squiere Strat, and the amp suits it well. Although the strat is a bit 'doctored', as I've replaced the neck with a '70s Fender Strat neck. I suggest that if you're goign to use this amp, use a good/descent guitar with it, as shitty guitars will not satisfy you that much. It is extremely loud when pumped in overdrive with the gain and volume maxed out (I had to try it for myself). On the subject of variety, you're not looking at much, just the basic volume, treble, bass, middle, and an overdrive function with gain. The clean channel is NOT distorted at high volumes, and still manages to pull off an alright sound. On the subject of distortion, not bad. not too fuzzy and little ennoying background buzz that comes off some low quality amps.

Overall Impression — 6
I play classical, 12 string, and acoustic/electric guitars, and have been playing for only 2 years. I own an Ibanez V7OCE acoustic electric, and some unnamed Nylon string 30'ish year old gutiar I got in Mexico. I am pleased especially with the amps distortion and clean sound at high level volumes, but an unpleased with it's lack of functions. Primarily, I chose this pieec of tech for it's cost, as I wasn't workign at the time and was practicaly living off my parents' wallet.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I wouldn't reccomend usage of this at a gig, maybe as a backup, but nothing more. Unless you're guitar is good quality, don't use it. The amp has not broken down for me yet, and I would like to hope that it stays that way. it is strong, seemingly, and I'd trust it would survive a toss down a flight of stairs, not that I reccomend you try that thouhg.

Features — 7
Not the greatest amp, but not too bad at the same time. I've read some of the previous reviews and can tell that all most people have to say about it is negative. I myself didn't find this too bad an amp. I run it with a Squiere Strat, meaning it is shit, but I rescently replaced the neck with a 70s strat neck and I cannot complain one bit. the sound is great. The amp includes Bass, treble, clean/drive function, middle, an Auxilery input for other devices and a headphones jack. What I do wondor is why it says it's 38watts on the back, when truly that can't be possible. This guitar has served me well and still does, I recommend it for anyone starting to play electric.

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    Let me just state that you could not use this amp live in any scenario other than your bedroom. Its not very powerful, it breaks up after 5 and the thing just sounds plain awful. My first amp, got it in a starter pack, then upgraded to a Peavey Bandit, and now I have a Fender Deville 212. Even the Bandit (80W) struggled live (unmic'd)
    Invader Jim
    You people are ****ing idiots. This is a PRACTICE AMP. You use it to PRACTICE in your BEDROOM. Only a n00b or a retard would try to gig with this. Besides, you get what you pay for.
    I got this for 10 (about $20) I am really quite impresed with it. Admittedly it is my first amp so I'm going to be attatched to it but I like it. The distortion on it is awesome. The only downside is the hiss from the gain, that drives me crazy.
    this amp is crap get a line 6 spider III way better in all aspects
    you guys are all morons. i got mine from American Musical Supply. ive had it for eight months now and its completely fine. try swithcing your cord if you get crackly noise. mine is completely silent. the distortion DOES get heavier after the number five, and ill admit, the clean, is a bit dull. but i play mainly heavy rock and metal, but everything else rock-wise i play (pretty much any song on guitar hero 2) sounds great. and invader jim is right. you get what you pay for.
    It came with my first guitar 'cuz I bought the Squier Strat Pak, so it's alright. It's great if you're on a budget or if you're a beginner and just wanna get a bit of practicing done, but of course I'd advise a better amp for band practices or whatever. It will buzz sometimes but if you take good care of it, it can really take a beating.
    yeh this amp sucks dick, the only good thing about it is that its rly loud. DONT BUY ONE!
    dude my frontman just effin' died. the fuse blew so i got a new one at radio shack, put it in, but now it just does this humming noise. and sadly... it is my only amp, so i am stuck with nothing.
    my 15g SUCKS BALLS it tick when im not playing IT LITARELLY TICKS LIKE A FUCKING CLOCK and gives the worst feedback ever
    this is my first amp. it is pretty cool, i guess. im not complaining. im glad i have one. i think it sounds alot better when you plug in headphones. you can get better pinch harmonics that way... but its pretty hard. there needs to be an 11 on gain or something. 10 does not fufill my insatiable taste for distortion. im getting a bad-ass metal distortion pedal soon so i guess that doesnt matter
    Half of the Frontman 15G amps making hissing... It said it had reverb so it lied the amp is good if you just wanna basically play But it is horribile if you want to play alot or professional..... Comment: it sucks horribly thats y i am selling it lol
    i think this amp is alright the clean tone is pretty good but distortion sucks...but what the hell do i know im as smart as a freakin waffle copter or something
    cosmic rocker
    I have one, the distortion used to sound good but recently it has gone downhill, so now I use the clean channel and a distortion pedal.
    epi les paul69
    who pays 300 bucks for a noob 15watt amp?! holy, people don't know how to spend $ these days. I got my 30 watt Crate amp for 99$ on sale
    That I just got a new marshall NO BUZZ i was like OMG I THOT ALL AMPS DID THAT! piece of shit. Never buy this thing.
    DarkDallasNight wrote: I have this amp and it sounds pretty bad not worst than my 10w esteban amp that i got from a friend for $5 dollars but indeed it sounds bad. However, I love it and How do you make this into a mp3 speaker?
    Get an adapter (probably got one for headphones :p: ) and plug in the wire youll find at the back of ur comp speakers (two ends that can both plug into ur mp3) plug one of those into the mp3 and another into the input PUT IT ON THE CLEAN CHANNEL!!
    I have this amp and it sounds pretty bad not worst than my 10w esteban amp that i got from a friend for $5 dollars but indeed it sounds bad. However, I love it and How do you make this into a mp3 speaker?
    What's with all the 8s and 9s this thing's getting? Are you people insane? This is a terrible amp.
    I got this amp in the Squier starter set. Sure, it has a little hum noise, "crackings" and "hissings" but you can live with them. I tested many amps in the same watt/price range, and this one doesn't let you down. It's sturdy and reliable. Extremely versatile. The sound quality isn't perfect, but you can easily get that "classic rock" sound and feeling when you're playing, even with the drive effect off. I always play with my Squier Affinity Series Stratocaster, and i just bought a Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion effects pedal. The sound you can get out of this little amp... Amazing! You should buy this amp in two situations: - it's your first amp; - you need a second, little amp. If you are experienced and need a main amp, don't buy this one. But don't diss it if you do. You aren't being deceived by anyone -- neither Fender nor the store.