Frontman 25R review by Fender

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  • Sound: 5
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.5 Neat
  • Users' score: 7 (127 votes)
Fender: Frontman 25R

Price paid: A$ 249

Purchased from: Macron Music (Erina)

Sound — 5
I use a Ibanez GIO with total stock everything it was like $200 and was the cheapest (non stratocasterish) dodgy copy thing on the wall so I got it dunno what model cause thats how utterly pro I am and it sounds quite decent to me. How does it suit my style of music..? well I'm just a noob so all I do is practice everything from rock to the otherside of the spectrum of sound.. and it does it quite well. It is quite noisy on anything above 2.. I have it on 2 because I'm in a small apartment and I need it to be quiteish otherwise I just crank it up to 8 and shove some headphones in. What kind of sounds can the amp make..? I don't quite understand this question.. at all.. I wasn't looking for a "dedicated" amp to just that one sound or anything was just looking for a practice amp. The clean channel is exceptionally good on this. How brutal is the distortion? I don't really crank the distort up high I just keep it around 4 and 6.

Overall Impression — 6
As stated above.. I don't have a certain type of "Style of music" but I like it I've been playing roughly.. 2 months had about 8 ish lessons.. most were acoustic, don't own any other gear cept for the Ibanez GIO and the amp besides cables, picks and such. I wish I asked the dude if I could try the amp.. If I tryed it b4 I bought it I wouldve definetly re-considered probably would've gotten something off Ebay. If this amp was stolen.. (good luck stealing it lol its a bitch to get out of the house anyway..) I'd probs get a new one cause of insurance and if the insurance didn't cover theft I'd get a marshal mg10-15cdr cause its more compact and cheaper lol. Don't really love it or hate it I just own it, my fav feature would probs be the reverb just turn it up to 10 and put on clean channel and strum some chords sounds really spooky. Didn't compare it with anything XO wish I did. Wish it came with a foot pedal or something or maybe a hard case.. so it wouldnt get f--ked up by the train XD.

Reliability & Durability — 8
I could depend on it.. I don't do gigs XD if I ever even get that good to gig.. I'd just get some bigger or more expensive.. lol. Well haven't had this amp for long so no problems with it.. yet my guitar teacher says it sounds like somethings wrong with it.. but I can't notice it at all :| and plain neglect lol i rolled down the stairs by accident first day I got it I dropped it walking down the main road.. I bump it regulary on the bus and the trains.. I just smash it into seats on the trains by accident but its still a trooper and plays on god bless you.

Features — 7
No idea what year amp this is but its new.. so I'm guessing 2008-2010ish, Made in indonesia printed on the back of it.. I find the amp versitile enough for me but I'm just a begginner so my word is nothing but I do find it quite good. Its got (Normal)Volume,(Drive)Volume, Gain,treble,Middle,Bass,Reverb. Has jacks for headphones, foot pedal and input of course. I'm quite satisfied with this if at all its too complicated for me lol.. I'm used to those cheapo guitar amps with the vol/gain/bass/treb and never really use the reverb. I use the amp in my room/guitar practice bout it.. its sought of overkill though cause when I was looking for a practice amp I was like "Hey man? Do you know a good amp for $200-$300 bucks and hes like yeah we got the Fender frontman25r and the Fender Mustang 2" and iwa s like ok.. So looked at the mustang 2 and its got like this ungodly amount of knobs and effects then I looked at the frontman and it looked much simplier so I went with the frontman, it has too much power for me I shouldve gotten 10-15watts I was looking for a mg10cdr but they didn't stock and he told me the frontman was better so got it. I quite like this amp (my first amp) its like 7kgs or something and not really compact but its a godamn brick I could bash some one to death with it then continue to rock but the distortion is a bit of a letdown but meh.

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