Frontman 25R review by Fender

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7 (127 votes)
Fender: Frontman 25R

Price paid: $ 99.99

Purchased from: AMS

Sound — 10
I am using my ESP LTD Viper 100-FM, along with my DigiTech RP-50 effects processor with this amp, and I have to say that the stock speaker on this amp is horrible and breaks up at high volumes. That is why I bought a brand new Eminence Rajun Cajun 10" to go along with this amp when I bought it, because I read about how these speakers improved the tone of these amps immensely and wanted to find out for myself. Having the Eminence in this amp, turned it into a whole new amp as far as I'm concerned. Not only does it "NOT" break up at higher volumes, but it also adds more punch and volume to the amp as well, making it sound more like a 50 watt instead of a 25 watt combo, with a tube like tone to it. There is absolutely no hum coming from my amp with this speaker in it and the cleans are much more clearer, and the gain is much more pronounced as well. IMO, Fender should make these speakers part of this amp even if they have to raise the price of it.

Overall Impression — 10
This is a good amp for a beginner with just the stock speaker, but if you're a gigging guitarist and want something for small gigs, then I suggest that you install the Eminence Rajun Cajun in this bad boy. It'll make a huge difference in both sound and volume of the amp, trust me on this one. The eminence will also add some extra weight to it, but that's a small price to pay to get great tone. At home, I only have the clean volume on 1, and the walls in my house are shaking. That's how loud the Eminence will improve the sound of this amp. As I said earlier, Fender needs to make these speakers a mandatory part of these amps. If they do that, I guarantee they'll have a HOT seller on their hands.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I could definately use this (thanks to the new speaker) on a small club gig, or have it miked for a larger one, without it breaking down. It is well built and I also take care of my equipment as well. After installing the new speaker, I went and bought a Fender amp cober for it as well, just to make sure that no dust gets into it. This will last me a long time, that I'm very sure of. Fender makes quality gear and I've never had any problem with any of their products in my 40 years of playing guitar.

Features — 9
I'm pretty sure that mine is a 2012 model which was made in Indonesia. It's a 2 channel, 25 watt combo that has both Clean and Gain. The controls on iot are as follows, Volume for the clean channel and Volume, Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, and Reverb which are located on the Gain channel but are also used to control the clean as well. There is a headphone and footswitch kack along with a smaller one which allows you to plug in a CD player which allows you to play along to your favorite CDs. It does have the Classic Fender Blackface look, along with a standard Fender 10" Speaker and weighs in at 25 lbs.

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    i got mine a few weeks ago at guitar center in portland maine, i tried it out, i liked it, i asked for it, i was lucky,it was their last one, iv had it for a few weeks, the normal volume sounds like its lacking tone, i bought some senheizers head sets, is it the head sets the, selves that make it sound like it is lacking tone in the amp?? the drive volume sounds fine, its just the normal volume, thanks
    Picked up one several years back for $79 on sale at GC. Good practice amp..thats all.
    I used that one to play at home. I would never dream of recording or playing gigs with it - but for playing at home it's pretty good. I play clean more often than distorted though.
    For those who complain about the cheap speaker, get a Eminence Rajun Cajun and install it in one of these. I guarantee it'll make a huge difference and will turn this into a totally new amp. Mine now sounds like a tube amp with a lot of clarity that doesn't break up at high volumes and also has a extra boost in volume as well. It now sounds more like a 50 watt combo instead of a 25 watt one. Trust me on this guys.
    I got mine from my brother, to whom it was bought 22 years ago, and it functions perfectly. It's louder than my friends' newer and bigger amps, and I think sounds awesome.
    I was hellbent on buying a Marshall MG15CFR as most reviews on the internet claims that it is one of the best practice amp. Just for the heck of it, i tried it side by side with a Frontman 25R (who netizens say is bad) at a local guitar shop. Plugged an Ibanez RG2250 guitar straight into amps, frontman sounds better clean or overdriven. Not satisfied, and almost trying to prove what i read in the internet, i plugged in a Boss Me80 into the unit. Guess what, yup, the Frontman sound better. In fact, it sound wayyyy better than the Marshall, it beats the crap out of the MG. Conclusion: dont just believe what you hear on the net and immediately jump on the bandwagon.
    Yes ... I HAVE been gigging with it *BUT* I totally agree with Jeffo46 ... in my case, I changed out the speaker to a Jensen and totally improved the sound by a noticeable amount. Remember that as good as the electronics in an amp are, it is the speaker at the end that makes the sound you hear. Very reliable amp. No issues whatsoever. If I was going to improve this amp for MY use, I'd like to modify the amp to jack into the power output section only for hookup to my Fender Mustang II floor pedal ( I don't like 'preamps in front of preamps'.
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