G-DEC review by Fender

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.3 (98 votes)
Fender: G-DEC

Sound — 10
I use a Cort guitar and a Peavey Predator with it and it sounds great. I play heavy stuff like Slayer, Avenged Sevenfold, and Trivium and it sounds great (for the above, I suggest using channel 25). It's 15 watts of power is pretty loud. I don't use it for band practices, but for jamming with my friends. The many different channels of distortion range from just overdrive to very brutal distortion. My pickups suck, so I do get a tiny bit of feedback though.

Overall Impression — 9
FOr the third time, I play heavy stuff like Slayer, Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold and it sounds great. I've been playing awhile now and the only other guitar amp I own is a Spider II 112 and a Roland Cube 15. For features, it beats both, and for power, it beats the Cube 15. The Spider is more powerful though. I love the brutal distortion for my heavy metal. I someone stole it, I'd buy it again, or go on a secret mission with an M16 and a pair of night vision goggles and find the man that stole my amp.

Reliability & Durability — 7
I wouldn't trust it to be loud enough at a gig, but at jam sessions with friends, who don't have much bigger amps, it works well. It doesn't have a metal grill like my bass amp so I wouldn't throw spears at the front or anything but it is pretty reliable. It has never broken down and I've had it awhile now, so I do trust it.

Features — 10
This amp features too much too speak of, but to start off, it has 50 different preset channels. There are sounds for most types of metal, hardcore, punk, blues, jazz, mainstream rock, reggae, pretty much everything. It has many effects and you have the ability to shape your own custom sound and then save it. The Fender G-DEC features drum and bass loops with basic drum patterns from a Led Zepplin song, Run to the Hills, double bass kick, surf music and many more. FOr the drum loops you can even change the tempo! G-DEC has an extra guitar input so two people can use it at once, helpful for harmonized guitar parts. It has a headphone jack and a CD input so can jam with your CDs. The Fender G-DEC has 15 watts of power.

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    I have one of these. got it for christmas in '05. I want a new one, but i havent found a good one yet. It really is a good practice amp, like jondy said, it probably wouldn't be so great performing live but its great just to screw around with. Oh, it also works with basses.
    I wanted one of these. guy at the place said the Spider III sounded better so i got that instead. stil want to try one of these out though.
    i have one, they are the FUNNEST AMP EVER!!!!! seriously i play like an hour minimum every day now cuz of it they are so cool and have neverending possibilities!!!
    I personally don't like it. I find the higher-gain amp models way too digital and sterile sounding.
    The tone on this amp is horrible for high gain stuff, but all of the features (backing tracks etc.) make it good for guitar noobs.
    I'm sure its a credible amp, being Fender. But honestly if you need "a fun practice amp that will keep you playing longer and more frequently." then don't think about going anywhere but your basement with your guitar because if you need any encouragement at all to play then you're not gonna make it. But if its all for fun then happy playing
    yeah its true the more gain it sounds kinda fake and yeah its not really for live use, but for people that just like to play at home or whatever its really great, who are not neccessarily noobs
    and also there are some famous guitarists that use them for home practice and stuff
    I saw this at the store just today, and it sounds great. i hooked it up to a nice guitar too.
    My guitar teacher used this when i started and I loved it, so I bought one. Its got so many presets and effects to mess around with and I'm going to buy a new sound card on my computer just so I can use the Midi ports on it. Its pretty sweet.
    i got one of these 4 my birthday in sept and its pretty sweet. all the features get it above most amps i hav played on an its also good because i played varied music styles and with the presets its easy 2 change between settings
    I wasn't empressed with the sounds. I had a G-Dec 15 for three weeks and the fun little things it has wore off quick. I went back to Guitar center with my American Strat and played all other models under $300.00. I played a cube 20x and 30x, Hughes and Kettner Blue Edition 30R, G-Dec 30, a Line 6 Spider III, 30R, Marshall MD30X, a Peavey Envoy 110, a Crate GTD65, a Crate V8 Palomino, and a Line 6 Spdider 65. The amp that produced the best sound over all was the Vox Valvetronix AD30VT 30W 1x10. I thought I would miss my G-Dec but when I got home I turned it on, plugged in the American Strat and the forst song I played was Green Day, "Wake Me Up When September Ends." The sound coming out of this AMP for the price I paid was Studio Qaulity. I played around with the wattage adjustment and put some effects on the cleasn channel. I could never get that kind of sound out of the G-Dec, even the 30 watt. I own a Yamaha PSR550 and the midi sounds 10 times better than the G-Dec. If you really listen to the G-Dec sounds they are so lame. If you have a G-Dec and are having fun with it, more power to you, I happen to want to play longer when my guitar sounds awesome coming though an Amp. The first two weeks of owning the G-Dec, I was looking to buy new pickups because I thought my guitar would sound better with new pick ups. Well I finally decided to try a different amp instead and now my guitar sounds like it should. I also paid $30.00 less for my Vox $239.00. I have never written a review on anything and I felt it was my duty to put in a review since I looked at all the user reviews before I went out looking. To tell you the truth, the Vox didn't get the greatest reviews, but I went to the store and let my ear decide. BTW, the best way to test the different amps is to wear a strap sp you can adjust the controls that are usually on top of the amp and on the second shelf. I got frustrated sitting down to play and had to keep getting up to adjust the controls. Also, it's best to check them out when no one else is blasting away on another amp. I literally went to Guitar Center and Sam Ash at least four times each before I made my decision. I knew I had 30 days to exhange or get my money back so for three weeks I went backa nd forth checking out the amps. Somedays it was too noisy so I came back another day. Oh by the way, the size of the Amp was important to me. The Vox was just a tad bit bigger thatn the G-Dec and I was still able to place it on my dresser and play it like I did my G-Dec. You know, you can tell you really got a better Amp when you pick up the Vox. It weighs twice as much as the G-dec in a compact size and I knew right away fromt he weight I was holding a better made amplifier and I wasn't wrong. Oh yes, I tried the different AMP settings and they really crunch. What's really nice is you can adjust the wattage of the Amp in the back from 1 to 30 watts and that comes in real handy to get the exact sound you want. I was basically looking for a practice amp that made my Strat come to line and I found it. I really wasn't impressed with any other amp in the same price range. You really have to go and play all of them, don't be afraid the salesman will leave you alone the more you come in! I was able to jump back and forth as many times as I want in order to narrow my choice down. Good Luck!