G-DEC Junior Review

manufacturer: Fender date: 02/21/2011 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Fender: G-DEC Junior
Very nice for a practice amp. Lots of different tones: Acoustic, Heavy Metal, Tweed, Jazz, Hot Rod. Each of those has a couple different variations of the tone.
 Sound: 7.1
 Overall Impression: 7.3
 Reliability & Durability: 8.6
 Features: 7.8
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overall: 9
G-DEC Junior Reviewed by: OzarkMDaredevil, on july 03, 2008
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Price paid: $ 150

Purchased from: Local Music Store

Features: This is a very versatile amp. Before I purchased the amp, I read many reviews and opinions, and many people seemed to insult the G-DEC Junior. I play many styles of music, including classic rock, hard rock (i.e. Year Long Disaster), acoustic rock, indie, alternative, rock, and blues. The FX select is a little strange, the effects aren't good as pedals, but that's a given, yet they sound very good. I also do not use the midi input. One of the very nice qualities, is a direct headphone jack on the back of the amp. // 9

Sound: The amp can get very loud for a 15 watt amp. I use my Goldtop Epi Les Paul with it, my Hollow-body, and my 12 string. One of my favorite settings is the acoustic choice on the "amp select." It creates a beautiful acoustic sound and tone, and when the amp and the guitar are turned all the way up, it sounds very nice. The amp can make almost any sound imagined, although it is hard to get a very loud very clean sound out of it, due to the fact, that other than the acoustic choice, there is no "clean" choice. // 8

Reliability & Durability: It is a practice amp, so I use it in my room and around the house, but if I did gig with it, which would be rare, it would make a very nice backup amp if the settings were already preset. I play ina small room, where I have the amp resting on the floor, and I use it as a footrest, so far, it is a very durable amp. // 10

Overall Impression: AS I said above, I play many genres, and the amp fits most of them. It is a very versatile amp. I do not have much money, due to the fact I live with my parents and I am to young to get a job, and for 150 bucks, this was a very good buy for a new Fender amp. It is a dulled down version of a Fender G-DEC amp. I don't wish it had anything, except for 2 inputs, and a distortion and a clean setting. If I lost it, I would probably buy another one, due to the price tag. // 9

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overall: 8
G-DEC Junior Reviewed by: zekemeister, on july 01, 2008
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Price paid: C$ 150

Purchased from: Steve's Music Store

Features: I'm not really sure when this amp was made, but it was probably recent, about a year or two, somethin like that. It's a practice amp, at most, 15 w. This thing is like a smaller, simplified version of its faather, G-DEC. As an average amp, it has a gain and a tone panel. It's like 16 amps made into one. You can put it to Fender Hot Rod tone, acoustasonic tone, jazz king tone, tweed champ and bassman tone, blackface tone, and like four different british syle amps and 2 that's based on heavy metal amps. It has lik 15 effects: 4 reverb, 2 flange, 2 tremolo, bypass, 3 delays, and 4 chorus. this thoing has like so many features, but not as much as G-DEC. It's like the perfect begginer amp, and it's actuaaly fun to lay with. it has it's own band in it (bass and drum beats) so it's actually fun to like just play a random son with the beat of drums and like a bass backing you up. It's a solid state, but it can kinda make a sound just like a tube amp would. // 8

Sound: I'm only been like playin for about a year and a haft, so I don't have that good of a guitar. I have a Squier Stratocaster, and I'm gonna buy a Boss DS1 distortion pedal cuz, there are some songs that this amps distortion couldn't really cut it. Some NIrvana, songs sound a little wierd when you play it in this amp its distortions alright, but it could be a little better. In some of the settings, particularly the distorted ones, it kinda makes a buzzing sound, you can't hear it when ur playing, but when ur not, it just makes that buzzing sound. When in the clean settings, there is absoulutly any unwanted sound at all. Well, Fender is known for having a clear clean sound. // 8

Reliability & Durability: This thing is built like a tank. it has never broken down on me. it comes with a 5 year warranty, so if it does break down, they'll just give you a new one. But the chances of it breaking down is 1 out of a million. I wouoldn't really use this on a gig, because it's not that loud, in like a big room, but if ur like in ur room and you put it to max, you'd probably break all the windows in that room. // 8

Overall Impression: I play Punk, heavy metal, classic rock, alternative, some blues, a litle jazz, ska, reggae stuff like that. I, ve been playing for a year and a haft, I lied to my friends and told em I was playin for about 3 years and they actually belived me. I have a mall Marshall MS2, and I'm buyin a Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal like I said before. I was gonna buy a 30w Orange Crush, but I noticed this amp because of all its featres. I love how this thing has so many features but not too much. The G-DEC has like millions of eem. The only thing I hate about this thing is that there are some songs the distortion of this amp can't really make it. I wish it had more of an AC/DC distortion sound. if this thing were stolen, I wouldn't buy it again. The only reason for that is that I'd save up for the G-DEC, so I can actually use it at gigs. But I'd buy it again for a practise amp. I love this amp, but it could be better. For the price, it's definetly worth it. // 8

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overall: 8.8
G-DEC Junior Reviewed by: MetalliPuptmstr, on december 14, 2009
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Price paid: $ 180

Purchased from: Brickhouse Music

Features: Very nice for a practice amp. Lots of different tones: Acoustic, Heavy Metal, Tweed, Jazz, Hot Rod. Each of those has a couple different variations of the tone. It has a drum beat setting with 15 different beats as well as bass setting for a rhythm to play alone with, and you can adjust the tempo of them between 30 and 240. It also has headphone, AUX IN, and MIDI IN. // 10

Sound: It has a nice clean sound on Acoustic settings, the distorted tones aren't bad but I sometimes have a hard time getting a sound I like on the Metal tones. Also when it's on Metal settings I get humming when I'm not playing, its gone when I am playing though. Not a very loud amp, good for practicing in my bedroom and playing for a few people but not much else. I have a DigiTech RP255 foot pedal that I don't use with this amp because I can't get a good sound from it when I play Metal. // 7

Reliability & Durability: The body of it is built like a brick, I can carry it around and trust it not to break, but I do worry about the plastic knobs, they seem like they would break something hit them relatively hard. I've owned it for about 2 years and haven't had any problems with it. It has a 5 year warranty but I don't think I'd ever need to replace it. I used to lay it down in the back seat of my car and Drive it back and forth to a band members house on country roads on a regular basis and it has never been damaged from that. I would use it on a gig without a backup if it were louder, I don't gig with it. // 10

Overall Impression: I play a Jackson PS-4 Performer and I play mostly metal, Classic Rock, Hendrix-like psychedelic, stuff like that. I've been playing for 5 years. I'm satisfied with this amp for practicing alone or playing for a few people. If it were stolen I'd buy it again if I felt the need to have a practice amp. I use this amp every day or two when I'm practicing and not using other equipment. Overall it's a nice amp and a worthy buy at $180 if your looking for something to practice on. // 8

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overall: 4.8
G-DEC Junior Reviewed by: unregistered, on october 28, 2010
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Price paid: $ 220

Purchased from: Swee Lee Singapore

Features: I bought this as a practice amp for home in mid 2010. I guess the amp was built in 2009 or 2010. There are lots of built in FX and drum beats plus a metronome, and aux and headphone sockets in addition to the single input for the guitar. I don't have a permanent setup in the garage so something that offers all these sounds and backing means it's easy to just plug it in and play just about anything without the need for lots of effects and pedal boxes and power outlets around the living room. There is ability to record so no loops. It has plenty of power for home practice but struggles at low volumes so volume is always at a level that annoys the neighbours in my condo. There is a headphone socket but I don't like to use headphones but it's just not the same. // 8

Sound: The broad range of FX means that it should suit most styles. My style is mostly rock but sometimes I play metal and sometimes just clean. The distortion range and controls are good, I do like the 'British' sound on this amp. The big let down with the DEC-Junior, and for me this really counters any good thing that this amp has to offer, is that it has a horrible buzz, a super annoying buzz. If I'm not playing it will just sit there and buzz, when I am playing I think the buzz just gets drowned out. I can't remember it being like that in the shop but after reading other reviews noise appears not uncommon with this model. // 3

Reliability & Durability: For me this buzz rules it out for any serious playing and it certainly wouldn't be good at a gig. Having said that, a 15 Watt amp isn't suitable to gig with anyway. The buzz also rules it out as being reliable, although it hasn't blown up, the buzz is enough to leave me with a feeling that it's just about to. I'm pretty uncomfortable using this or having to rely upon it. // 4

Overall Impression: The concept of a 'do-everything' amp for home prectice is good but the noise from my Fender DEC-Junior leaves me with the feeling that I should've bought something else. I also have a Vox which is much better and I use that now. If someone stole my DEC-Junior I wouldn't mind in the least but I'd still regret that I'd bought it in the first place. Overall I have to give a low rating, I wouldn't recommend this amp to any of my friends. // 4

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overall: 8.3
G-DEC Junior Reviewed by: guitar--freek, on november 01, 2010
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Price paid: C$ 150

Purchased from: Axe Music Edmonton

Features: I bought this amp about a year ago right when I first started playing guitar. It was a great amp for the price and I still use it to this day. It has a Hot Rod tone, jazz tone, Acoustic tone, tweed and bassman tone, black face tone, british settings on it. In the FX settings it has Reverb, Flange, Tremolo, delay, Chorus, and a bypass setting. There are a few fetures that I never use, like the jazz setting, Acoustic and the tremolo/flange FX. Usually I stick to hotrod or metal w/reverb or Chorus. In other words its a good starter amp but could use more features. // 7

Sound: I use a 2006 Fender Stratocaster with this amp and it suits my music very well. I play songs like (one intro solo, limelight, seek and destroy)and the metal or hotrod tome fits very well with reverb. On high distortion when you are not playing it does have some fuzz and/or buzzing. I play it in my basement and I play it on usually the 3/10 volume, but when the parents are not home I can crank it up without worrying about the sound becoming to distorted by the volume. // 8

Reliability & Durability: This amp is built to last. Its never broken and odds of it doing so are VERY low. I comes with a 5 year warranty as well, so if you drop it down the stairs or something else catastrophic happens (which this tank could probably survive anyway) Fender will give you a new one. I would not use it in a gig because in a large room its not loud enough, but in a small space like my basement its good. // 10

Overall Impression: I have been playing for about a year so I am fairly new. When I bought this amp I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It was between the Line 6 spider micro and this. My cousin had recommended the line 6, but went I got to axe music the person said I should look at this amp instead because it was a higher wattage and apparently better sound quality. He didn't lie its a good amp, but could use a few more features. // 8

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overall: 7.3
G-DEC Junior Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 21, 2011
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Purchased from: Long and Mcquade

Features: This amp seems to be full of features (different amp settings, effects etc) but it wasn't what I was looking for. It lacks the basic controls such as trebel, middle and bass knobs and the there is no way to get a real clean channel because you have to use the amp settings. In the end, you get a bunch of features that's awesome, but you're missing some basic, essential ones. // 5

Sound: I am using it with a Squier HSS strat and it sounds good enough most of the time. All the different amp styles sound unique. The Acoustic amp style is great and all the others are pretty okay. The distortion ones such as the hot rod and metal ones sound good as well. However they sound fairly generic and you can't really adjust it to your liking because of the lack of trebel, middle and bass knobs. There is no real clean channel as you have to use one of the amp styles so that is a huge downside. I use a Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal and it fails because of the lack of clean channel. The effects are okay but a pedal would be better. // 7

Reliability & Durability: The amp seems strong and durable and has never broke on me. I don't see it breaking anytime soon. // 10

Overall Impression: I play punk and alternative rock and this amp is alright. There are better options but this one will get the job done. I wish it had basic options instead of the features I never use like the backing track. // 7

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overall: 8.8
G-DEC Junior Reviewed by: RapterX, on september 01, 2008
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Price paid: C$ 300

Purchased from: Tom Lee Canada

Features: When I bought this amp last year, I wasn't expecting a whole lot out of it. This amp was new when I purchased it, and I was blown away by the versatility. I play metal. Zakk Wylde stuff. I don't have any pedals, so I've had to make do with this little 15w amp. It has a gain dial, volume, tone (very helpful for getting a 'tubey' kind of a tone) amp select (which allows for distortion, classic british rock, and an emulation of some old fender amps, like the Hot Rod, Blackface, and Tweed amps) it has beautiful clean channels, as well as the distortion. the distortion is incredible. There are several types of distortion, and this amp has all of them. I use a really crunchy setting. It has one headphone jack in the bac, as well as a midi input, and auxiliary input. I use this as a practice amp, as well as when I'm in a pinch for equipment. This amp is incredible, and it's loud. it can cut through drums, vocals and bass when turned up high enough. it's got a built-in metronome, drum and bass tracks, a tuner, and it's lightweight. I also has reverb, chorus, flange, tremolo, and delay. // 8

Sound: I'm using a Squier Affinity Strat with two pickups and a humbucker in the back. I play Zakk Wylde/Randy Rhoads Style metal, and my guitar + this amp = excellent. It can get a little noisy on the more overdriven effect selections. With this amp you can model your sound after the pros with extreme precision. The clean channels are much louder than the overdriven/distorted channels, but it sounds great. The distortion is insane. It has several distortion channels, and I would compare it to the likes of the Orange amps, or Krank amps. // 10

Reliability & Durability: This amp is incredibly durable. However, there have been a few problems with it, but those were my fault (dropping it, overall though, this amp has survived with me to keep me rocking. you can definitely depend on this amp). // 8

Overall Impression: Overall Impression? Incredible. this is perfect for the guitarist on the go. It practically eliminates the need for pedals. I've been playing for about a year, and the only gear I own is this amp and a tuner, and a Squier Affinity Strat. If this amp were stolen, I'd lose my mind. Good thing it's insured haha. Overall. perfect. // 9

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overall: 6.8
G-DEC Junior Reviewed by: Matthew054, on november 27, 2008
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Price paid: $ 500

Purchased from: Christmas

Features: This amp is great. There is no need for pedals because it has over 50 effects built in, with loads of different amps. It's like 12-amps-in-one. I got it for christmas and it is the best gift ever. But you can't actually Switch channels so easily. And it doesn't have any loops or Echoes. But the headphone jack is for stereo headphones only, which is highly expensive. // 7

Sound: I normally use a clean or distorted sound. Sometimes I use a touch-wah, which is a basic wah-wah. And whenever I use I'll probably be recording what I play to show people. There's a down side about the no pedals thing. You can't really swap at ease. If your playing songs that swap from Wah to distortion, it'll be very hard. And it is not built to play at full volume. On some of the amps it'll make an ear-screeching groan. This is sort of like an alarm for parents to know that their kid is about to play the house down. // 6

Reliability & Durability: This amp has never let me down, and I've never needed it to be serviced so it's like a one-time fee. But that's because it doesn't have any tubes. This amp is very reliable and durable and I know this because I dropped it down the stairs once and it still plays great. I recommend that you give this to any 9 or 10 year old boy or girl, and they'll still have it when they're 30. Here's to a great product. // 9

Overall Impression: The Music I play has a lot of HEAVY distortion. That's what i love about this amp, every effect can be modified to your liking. I recommend this to any kid Who just wants to play. But I also play songs that have a lot of clean electric and bluesy feel. And the amp is very small so it's very to pull a lot of power out of it. You can buy some speakers for it, but those cost loads of money. If you just want to play at home that's great for this amp, but anything bigger is out of the question. // 5

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