Mustang III review by Fender

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (128 votes)
Fender: Mustang III

Price paid: $ 269

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 10
I play strats with single coils, a tele and a humbucking les paul type of guitar, and every guitar retains unique character while also sounding great through this amp. My single coil strat with stock pickups sounds surprisingly good. I have played this guitar through a Vypyr the Spider IV and the Vox VT, and (with my preference for heavy blues, and gritty rock) this amp really is the only one that makes my strat sound like a really great strat. I can't say enough about the great models of the Fender amps too. The '57 Deluxe is so amazing a versatile with gorgeous cleans and a really strong character with the overdrive on it. The Bassman tone sounds more like a Bassman than any model I have ever heard. There are so many uses for the Bassman and Fender hit the nail on the head with this model. I was very surprised by the versatility of the Supersonic Amp model. You can get some really gritty blues with it, and some great Hard Rock tones too. The 80's Rock amp (marshall model) sounds great, but I feel that most of the higher gain stuff is still lacking a bit of boldness, although after playing with them and tweaking them a bit you can get some good heavy tones. I personally feel that Metalheads will not choose this amp over the Line 6 stuff. Line 6 seems to be made with tons of usable tones for Metal, and also seems to lack in the quality of its Vintage tones. Fender Mustang III would be the exact opposite. But of course, for me, I believe that these are the best sounds for great Vintage blues and rock. To make it clear, Line 6 and Peavy do not do Vintage tones nearly this well, and their products are not as intuitive to use and edit.

Overall Impression — 10
When I bought the Mustang III, I sold my Tube Amp. I have been playing for 15 years, and have been more seriously playing for the last 2. I love heavy blues and classic rock. I own several guitars that cover an array of sounds, but now that I have 4 kids and can only practice at night, I needed an amp that has great sound at low volumes too. So I sold the Tube amp and bought the Mustang III. I wanted the most authentic tube like sounds at very low volumes that also sound great played loud with a band or alone in the house. The Mustang III is PERFECT for me. Exactly what I wanted out of the box and I have only been surprised and amazed since I started using it. I have not had one second of buyers remorse. If it were stolen, I'd buy it again. I compared this to every modeling amp out there. The Line 6 stuff, the Peavy Stuff, the Vox stuff etc. Nothing held a candle to the tones I was getting from the Mustang III in store. When you add the FUSE software for deep editing, the Ableton recording suite, the foot pedal etc. I really felt like I got more for my money that I could have expected.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I've had mine for just over a month and no problems yet. It is light and easily transported. Everything feels and seems solid, and I trust Fender Customer Support with any problem.

Features — 9
This amp is feature packed with a great LCD screen and very user-friendly interface. It really is intuitive and self explanatory to use and to make deep editing decisions with ease. When you add in the FUSE software, and the amazing online bank of tones and edits there is just soo much fun to have and so many ways to tweak your sound. It comes packed with an array of presets. All of the best presets are Vintage tones for blues and classic rock. I am thrilled that this amp sounds great at high and low volumes.

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