Mustang III review by Fender

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (128 votes)
Fender: Mustang III

Price paid: C$ 309

Purchased from: Axe Music

Sound — 10
I play an Epiphone Les Paul with P-90 pickups, so no matter what amp I play with these babies roar! I play mostly rock, blues, and Gospel and I will save you a whole lot of time, the Mustang delivers the punch I was looking for, in the fact that it sounds like a tube amp even though it's solid state! The clean amp models (such as the Fender Twin, and the Princeton) sound remarkable! It is almost an unreal emulation of the real thing, in fact I tried the Princeton in the shop and this thing sounds the same if not better! Distortion on the other hand might be a bit too shallow for metal heads (although there is two high gain amp models: the American 90's and the Metal 2000) but other than those two amp models, cranking the gain to 10 on any other ones will give you a perfect crunchy tone depending on what amp model you're on. Even if you are on the fence because of that, you can always just add the overdrive effect which adds the extra punch you need. But with that said the distortion sounds wonderful and is perfect for bands like Guns N' Roses, Ozzy, and Hendrix.

Overall Impression — 10
You will not find a better bang for your buck, I've been playing for a year and a half and I'm glad I stumbled upon a goldmine such as this, this is way more than I paid for and it simply compliments my playing! So if you're wondering if you should get it or not, turn the TV off, get your keys and Drive to the nearest music store and pick this up NOW!

Reliability & Durability — 9
I've had this baby for 11 days and it's been running as advertised. I never gig with a backup (except taking the precautionary steps just to be safe, like bringing an extra pick, cable, and a new set of strings) but I wouldn't worry about this thing breaking down. The Mustang looks as if it's made to survive a nuke, it's awfully heavy though but that's expected for a 100 watter like itself!

Features — 10
As far as I've looked into it the Mustang III was released in 2010 by Fender. It was an attempt by the good ol' Stratocaster making company to compete in the solid-state/modeling amplifier category along with such companies as, Line 6, Vox, and Peavy. So how does the feature department of the Mustang compare to the rest of the bench? The Mustang III packs a punch at 100 watts and for the price you'd think that the features wouldn't be up to par as spending another $100 for the Peavey Vypr. But, you're WRONG. Out of the many amps I tried in the shop the Mustang beats them all by FAR in terms of the number of features it has. This thing has emulations of classic amps from the Fender Supersonic to even the Metal 2000 (which is just code name for say a Marshall). I don't want to go in-depth so I would recommend going to the Mustang website to check out the complete features there after reading this review. The Mustang packs all your basic stomp boxes including Overdrive, Fuzz, and compressor. PLUS modulation and delay which includes tap delay, mono delay, chorus, flanger, and anyone up for auto wah? There is an endless abundance of things to tweak including the "Fender Fuse" software included so you can even go deeper and tweak your amp settings and pedal effects on your COMPUTER, including downloading presets of your favorite songs on the Fuse site. If you don't think that's enough features than let me tell you it also comes Jam packed with a chromatic tuner, and a 12 inch celestion speaker.

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