Mustang III Review

manufacturer: Fender date: 11/13/2012 category: Guitar Amplifiers

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Fender: Mustang III
Mustang III is a 100-watt open-back combo with a 12" Celestion speaker that sounds great and pumps serious volume.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 8.8
 Features: 9.3
 Overall rating:
 Reviewer rating:
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overall: 10
Mustang III Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 18, 2011
12 of 13 people found this review helpful

Price paid: $ 255

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: All I can say is that there isn't anything like it anywhere! It's got it all and it sounds great. From ton's of realistic amp styles, Vintage analog and modern effects, etc., it's got it. The easy to read LCD backlit screen and easy to navigate thumbwheel make it a breeze to program and adjust. Presets are a breeze and nothing compares to the modeling sound quality of this amp, nothing! // 10

Sound: I play a Fender American Standard Stratocaster and no matter what stlye I'm playing, I can dial up the sound I'm looking for. The Fender presets have a wide range of tones, some you'll like and some you'll want to change or tweak but all of them can be fantastic and the sound through the 12" Celestion is stunning to say the least. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I've never had any trouble with Fender products and of all the solid state amps out there, I'd say Fende is one of the best as far as quality. All Fender produsts are well built and usually far better than other brands as I've had them all. I've never had to call Fender for service because I've never had an issue with a Fender product. Great company and great products. I'm a Fender player, can you tell? lol // 10

Overall Impression: Overall, I play classic rock, Modern Rock, Originals mostly and this amp nails that tube sound. For you tube-junkies out there that think nothing can compare to a real tube sound, I've had them all, from Fender Hot-Rods, Blues Devilles, Supersonics, JCM2000 Marshalls and this amp "nails the sound" like no other modeling amp I've heard. Stunning on the Vintage tube tones like the tweeds and blackfaces, and the Marshall tones are fantastic as well..Nothing compares to this on the market and the fact that it's USB, direct into your computer to adjust and teak the tones, smokes anything else out there hands down.. It even comes with a nice foot pedal and cables included, along with the FUSE software. I can gig with this, or blow the walls down in my house, either way, it's awesome. // 10

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overall: 9
Mustang III Reviewed by: unregistered, on april 26, 2012
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Price paid: C$ 280

Features: The amp is a 2011 model, has a 100 presets, 100w with a 12" Celestion. If you read the other reviews, you can see that there are more then enough features on this amp. It is a very versatile amp, and any way you look at it, you get a lot of bang for your buck! If you ask me, the best thing about this amp is the Fuse software, you can refine any setting as you wish. // 9

Sound: Sound is what makes or brakes any amp. This amp can go from classic Fender clean to Mesa/Marshall dirty in a instant. Does it sound 100% like a Mesa or a Marshall tube amp? No it does not, only a Mesa sounds like a Mesa, and only a Marshall sounds like a Marshall. That being said for the average Joe (like me!), this amp sounds really really good. I own a triple rectifier, and have owned various Marshalls and I can safely say that it's really close to that sound/tone. I play PRS guitars (USA and SE models) and they sound GREAT! What I really like about this amp is that you can get that crunch while not having to turn the volume all the way up like on a tube amp. It sounds just as good at very low volume as it does at high volume. As for the clean settings, well, Fender has that pretty much mastered! // 9

Reliability & Durability: I have used it to play live a few times, along with my Mesa. I have even used some of the dirty settings on it instead of the Mesa and it sound awesome! It does not have the same power as my half stack (or the cool look) but it has enough power to do the job! I do not play any clean settings on the Mesa anymore because the Fender is much sweeter clean then the Mesa. I never intended to add it to my live rig, I got it to play in my basement so as not do disturb my wife and child, but it's too versatile to pass up! // 9

Overall Impression: I like it, for $300.00, I don't think there is any other amp on the market that can even come close to it. You would basically need 3-4 amps and way too many pedals to come even close to this. I play hard rock, metal, blues and some pop and it does it all very well. Like I said before it's not a tube amp and therefore does not sound exactly like one, however I'm willing to bet that most people can't tell the difference. Good sound/tone is great whether it's tube or not. // 9

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overall: 9.5
Mustang III Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 23, 2011
4 of 4 people found this review helpful

Price paid: $ 269

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: This amp is feature packed with a great LCD screen and very user-friendly interface. It really is intuitive and self explanatory to use and to make deep editing decisions with ease. When you add in the FUSE software, and the amazing online bank of tones and edits there is just soo much fun to have and so many ways to tweak your sound. It comes packed with an array of presets. All of the best presets are Vintage tones for blues and classic rock. I am thrilled that this amp sounds great at high and low volumes. // 9

Sound: I play strats with single coils, a tele and a humbucking les paul type of guitar, and every guitar retains unique character while also sounding great through this amp. My single coil strat with stock pickups sounds surprisingly good. I have played this guitar through a Vypyr the Spider IV and the Vox VT, and (with my preference for heavy blues, and gritty rock) this amp really is the only one that makes my strat sound like a really great strat. I can't say enough about the great models of the Fender amps too. The '57 Deluxe is so amazing a versatile with gorgeous cleans and a really strong character with the overdrive on it. The Bassman tone sounds more like a Bassman than any model I have ever heard. There are so many uses for the Bassman and Fender hit the nail on the head with this model. I was very surprised by the versatility of the Supersonic Amp model. You can get some really gritty blues with it, and some great Hard Rock tones too. The 80's Rock amp (marshall model) sounds great, but I feel that most of the higher gain stuff is still lacking a bit of boldness, although after playing with them and tweaking them a bit you can get some good heavy tones. I personally feel that Metalheads will not choose this amp over the Line 6 stuff. Line 6 seems to be made with tons of usable tones for Metal, and also seems to lack in the quality of its Vintage tones. Fender Mustang III would be the exact opposite. But of course, for me, I believe that these are the best sounds for great Vintage blues and rock. To make it clear, Line 6 and Peavy do not do Vintage tones nearly this well, and their products are not as intuitive to use and edit. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I've had mine for just over a month and no problems yet. It is light and easily transported. Everything feels and seems solid, and I trust Fender Customer Support with any problem. // 9

Overall Impression: When I bought the Mustang III, I sold my Tube Amp. I have been playing for 15 years, and have been more seriously playing for the last 2. I love heavy blues and classic rock. I own several guitars that cover an array of sounds, but now that I have 4 kids and can only practice at night, I needed an amp that has great sound at low volumes too. So I sold the Tube amp and bought the Mustang III. I wanted the most authentic tube like sounds at very low volumes that also sound great played loud with a band or alone in the house. The Mustang III is PERFECT for me. Exactly what I wanted out of the box and I have only been surprised and amazed since I started using it. I have not had one second of buyers remorse. If it were stolen, I'd buy it again. I compared this to every modeling amp out there. The Line 6 stuff, the Peavy Stuff, the Vox stuff etc. Nothing held a candle to the tones I was getting from the Mustang III in store. When you add the FUSE software for deep editing, the Ableton recording suite, the foot pedal etc. I really felt like I got more for my money that I could have expected. // 10

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overall: 9.3
Mustang III Reviewed by: davidrf, on august 23, 2011
3 of 3 people found this review helpful

Price paid: € 280

Purchased from: Musicarte (Italy)

Features: This modeling amp was made in 2011, it is very versatile. I think it only suffers a bit with extreme hi-gain distorsions, for all the other stuff it's just awesome for its price. // 9

Sound: I'm using this amp with an American Special Stratocaster with JB. Jr. humbucking pickup on the bridge. It has 100 presets which you can customize (or create from scratch) directly from the amp or from the Fender Fuse PC software (very useful). Clean sounds are fantastic, so are crunches and distorsions. I think it's very well suited for all music genres except for the heaviest side of the metal. It has both Vintage and modern sounds... Some models are just jaw-dropping ("Two Champs in Stereo" and "60's Sparkle" are my favorites so far). The 12" speaker is sweet and so the headphone output. It's a 100w so it's loud enough to keep up with a band, but it's also very manageable at low volumes (I always play it at home at 2/2, 5 volume). // 9

Reliability & Durability: I never had a problem with this amp, but then again, I bought it only 3 months ago. // 10

Overall Impression: I play rock, classick rock, alternative, a bit of metal (Metallica, nothing heavier). It's a very good match for all this genres. I think if someone stole my amp, I would buy it again. // 9

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overall: 9.8
Mustang III Reviewed by: LedRevolver, on july 12, 2011
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Price paid: C$ 309

Purchased from: Axe Music

Features: As far as I've looked into it the Mustang III was released in 2010 by Fender. It was an attempt by the good ol' Stratocaster making company to compete in the solid-state/modeling amplifier category along with such companies as, Line 6, Vox, and Peavy. So how does the feature department of the Mustang compare to the rest of the bench? The Mustang III packs a punch at 100 watts and for the price you'd think that the features wouldn't be up to par as spending another $100 for the Peavey Vypr. But, you're WRONG. Out of the many amps I tried in the shop the Mustang beats them all by FAR in terms of the number of features it has. This thing has emulations of classic amps from the Fender Supersonic to even the Metal 2000 (which is just code name for say a Marshall). I don't want to go in-depth so I would recommend going to the Mustang website to check out the complete features there after reading this review. The Mustang packs all your basic stomp boxes including Overdrive, Fuzz, and compressor. PLUS modulation and delay which includes tap delay, mono delay, chorus, flanger, and anyone up for auto wah? There is an endless abundance of things to tweak including the "Fender Fuse" software included so you can even go deeper and tweak your amp settings and pedal effects on your COMPUTER, including downloading presets of your favorite songs on the Fuse site. If you don't think that's enough features than let me tell you it also comes Jam packed with a chromatic tuner, and a 12 inch celestion speaker. // 10

Sound: I play an Epiphone Les Paul with P-90 pickups, so no matter what amp I play with these babies roar! I play mostly rock, blues, and Gospel and I will save you a whole lot of time, the Mustang delivers the punch I was looking for, in the fact that it sounds like a tube amp even though it's solid state! The clean amp models (such as the Fender Twin, and the Princeton) sound remarkable! It is almost an unreal emulation of the real thing, in fact I tried the Princeton in the shop and this thing sounds the same if not better! Distortion on the other hand might be a bit too shallow for metal heads (although there is two high gain amp models: the American 90's and the Metal 2000) but other than those two amp models, cranking the gain to 10 on any other ones will give you a perfect crunchy tone depending on what amp model you're on. Even if you are on the fence because of that, you can always just add the overdrive effect which adds the extra punch you need. But with that said the distortion sounds wonderful and is perfect for bands like Guns N' Roses, Ozzy, and Hendrix. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I've had this baby for 11 days and it's been running as advertised. I never gig with a backup (except taking the precautionary steps just to be safe, like bringing an extra pick, cable, and a new set of strings) but I wouldn't worry about this thing breaking down. The Mustang looks as if it's made to survive a nuke, it's awfully heavy though but that's expected for a 100 watter like itself! // 9

Overall Impression: You will not find a better bang for your buck, I've been playing for a year and a half and I'm glad I stumbled upon a goldmine such as this, this is way more than I paid for and it simply compliments my playing! So if you're wondering if you should get it or not, turn the TV off, get your keys and Drive to the nearest music store and pick this up NOW! // 10

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overall: 9.3
Mustang III Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 27, 2011
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Price paid: $ 299

Purchased from: Bill's Music, Peabody MA

Features: The effects loop is a definite plus. For distortion (not overdrive) sounds you will need an EQ in the loop to get satisfactory modern metal with the American 90's amp model. The amp is very easy to tweak at the amp itself with the digital display and it looks fantastic. The fuse software on my new MacBook Pro works fantastic. No issues. Great GUI too. Nice selection of effects and amp models. The speaker is a fantastic speaker. I was shocked they put it in this for the price of the amp. Thanks Fender! It has a Celestion G12T-100. Great speaker for all around tones/genres. // 10

Sound: I play heavy metal, modern and classic, mostly. This amp does ok with those tones but the Peavey Vyper is far superior (the hybrid tube 60 Vyper in particular). Line 6 Spider 1V is not even in the ballpark. I bought this for clean tones/vintage tones/Fender amps selection for recording. Haven't tried the USB recording/want to mic it. Fantastic job on the Fender Amp models. Wow! I haven't used a lot of effects yet but the tremolo is the best so far. Using the high gain models sometimes the gate even at max wouldn't gate down fast enough when stopping. The EQ sections are weak and don't respond sensitively enough on the top dials on the amp or in FUSE software. Some of the effects sound rather digital (as they are), I know. I also couldn't get enough treble and presence on some of the higher gain presets so it was nice to have the EQ loop. Hate that blanket over speaker thing and this had some of that on the distortion presets. Now, the Fender amp models sound fantastic and very passable for recording when mic'd. Can't wait to do this. I don't like my tele but I will tele you that it sounds superb with the cleans and overdrive tones on this amp model. I am glad I didn't sell my tele. My strat sounds great too. My humbuckers sound ok and my EMG actives at drop A tuning sound passable enough for home practice. Gonna continue to use my Vyper Tube 60, or use my PODHD desktop for metal tones with my power amp and 4x12 V30 cab. For clean and overdriven tones though this is the way to go. Blues, Country, Pop, Rock and Roll. You can't beat the modeling. For 300 dollars I'm not complaining. Just trying to be informative to other people. Having owned or currently own most of today's modeling tecnologies from various companies. No speaker change necessary for a change. It's tweakable for sure and there is lots to play with effect wise. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I feel I can rely on this amp in my current use for it. Recording. I haven't used this amp long enough to know if it is reliable but I have read some issues with a very fizzy note response on some of these mustang amps. Don't know if it has been resolved but I just read it last week? July, 11. Mine seems ok so. // 9

Overall Impression: Would have loved some better high gain options a more responsive gate but I realize this isn't Fender's thing. I wasn't overly impressed with the Super-Sonic model for high gain. The EQ response could use some work. No complaints here, just trying to be honest. If you play single coils, tele, strat, country, blues, jazz, pop, rock and roll, classic rock (humbuckers) then this amp is for you. Metalers, look to Peavey's tube model Vyper's for a more than fair price and Killer tone. // 9

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overall: 9.3
Mustang III Reviewed by: seamil, on august 28, 2012
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Price paid: $ 300

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: I play mostly rock and alternative, but sometimes play some metal. For my music, I need both clean and distorted sounds, as well as delay, chorus, etc. This amp has all of the effects built in, and comes with 100 presets, which you are free to customize to the way you like it. This amp is easily versatile enough for any kind of music, and has more effects and features than you will ever really need to use, which can actually get in the way while you're looking for the sound you do need. The Mustang III comes with a two button foot switch, and is also compatable with a four button foot switch. // 9

Sound: My main guitar is an Epiphone SG with two humbuckers, but occasionally get the chance to play with many other guitars, including a 70's Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. On distorted sounds, you can get a great range of tones, from softer Led Zeppelin to 90's grunge, or even the brutal sounds of newer bands like Disturbed or Korn. The distortion sounds have never fell short of my expectations. The clean sounds also sound very good, but sometimes there is a light hum in the background of the cleans. This is not very noticeable, however, and should not be a problem. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Although this is a dependable amp, I would still suggest bringing a backup to a gig. The only problem I have only had with the amp is at times, the foot switch will not switch the effect/preset when you press the button. However, his could be a problem with the foot switch, not the amplifier. // 9

Overall Impression: Although I play mostly rock and alternative music, this amp has enough effects and pre sets to cover any genre of music. If it were to be stolen, I would definitely buy a new one. For $300, it is definitely a great buy. I have a variety of pedals, but now that I have this amp with all of the effects build in, the wah is the only one I ever need to use. // 9

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overall: 8.8
Mustang III Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 01, 2011
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Price paid: $ 299

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: -It was made in 2010 -It's definitely versitile enough for me. Plus, it takes pedals well over clean. I play mostly experimental stuff at the moment. Mostly post-punk/noise rock/darkwave kinda stuff. Heavily effects driven. I've been in all kinds of bands in the past from rockabilly to metal. -It's a modeling amp, so it has A TON of different "channels" I suppose. It comes with a two button pedal for switching between amp models and presets, which you can also add the four button Switch for added control. It also has an in/out for an effects loop, a 3.5" headphone jack, and a 3.5" auxilliary input for an mp3 player, or what-not. I do wish it had an external speaker out, since it's only a single 12" Celestion speaker, but it's plenty loud for a studio or small gig. // 9

Sound: I play a Laguna LE200, which has a fixed bridge and two humbuckers. I also play a Washburn HB35, which is a hollow body with two humbuckers and a mounted bridge. And lastly, I play a Tele-copy made by a local luthier, which has two single coil pick-ups and the normal saddle bridge. I haven't had this amp for more than a few weeks, so I haven't taken it a lot of places or played out anywhere with it, but for recording in the studio it works perfectly. There is no hum or hiss. It doesn't pick up background noise or buzz from neons like some amps do. It models some really great amps. My favorite being the old Fender Princeton Twin Reverb. A near perfect emulation of the classic Johnny Marr sound. I've cranked it and it easily keeps up with an average volume drummer. I think it could top out with a crazy loud drummer, but for my needs, it works great. The cleans that this thing puts out are very smooth. It really sounds like tubes are in there. It's hard to believe it's all digital. The distortion is chunky enough, depending on your preferences. I wouldn't use it for black or death metal, but for punk or hardcore it would be great. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Like I said, I really don't know about gigging with it, but it seems solid enough. It's definitely a lot lighter than it looks, so I probably wouldn't throw it around too much. I have only had it for around a month so I haven't had any problems yet. I don't think it would hold up great to all the wear and tear from constant gigging. // 7

Overall Impression: As I said before, at the moment I play a lot of post-punk/darkwave/noise rock kinda stuff and it suits my style perfectly. I can really get some great sounds out of it. I use a lot of pedals and layer like crazy, so I guess I wouldn't be the best judge, but I think this puppy's pretty versitile. I've been playing electric bass since about '88 and guitar since about '89-90. I also have an old Marshall Mosfet Lead stack and a Vox VT50, but this is my fave. I would definitely get another if this one dissapeared. Especially at the price. Like I said before, I do wish it had an external out, but I can live without it. I give it an overall 8.75 // 9

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overall: 10
Mustang III Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 12, 2011
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Price paid: $ 319

Features: Okay, this amp is made in china year 2010, this is 100watt solid state modelling amp with a very wide range of Fender special amps simulator, I think this amp really suits the need of a great Fender amp in a reasonable price, and it is 100 watt of power, really great choice. This amp has 12 amp model, 7 are fender's selection and 5 the common amp models, it has a 100 presets and its editable, and comes with a handy footswitch (how it can be handy??.. lol its a footswitch), the amp features an effects loop, LCD panel, tuner, and an aux input comes along with a headphone jack, really fancy amp.. // 10

Sound: I'm using an Ibanez ART-120 with pair of EMG 81-85, and I mostly plays from pop to metal, so this amp really a perfect choice for me, no noise problems, amp parameters and effects are so easy to tweak, the distortion is good, no problem at all, and amazingly this amp really LOUD, even the clean channel at volume level 4 can break a glass (not really). And this amp also has a wide range of effects selection, in studio quality, never doubt to use it for recording.. but not to use it with my multi effects processor, a Line 6 pod HD300, sounds crap if i use the HD amp model sound from the pod with this mustang amp... (so thats my choice, the amp for practising and play at home, and my pod for play at cafe or gigs..) // 10

Reliability & Durability: Well this amp is quite lighter than I thought since the first time I saw the box, but the wood housing with a sturdy leather cover finish, it would never be broken by anything unless you smash it to the moving train.. I would never worry about this amp to be taken to anywhere, is a combo, and quite handy for a hundred watt amp with a good built quality.. // 10

Overall Impression: What would I say about this amp?? YEAH! it is really suits my needs, amazing clean tone, wide range of effects selections, and really awesome distortion sounds, suits great for jazz, blues, rock, punk, to metal and what else? I love this amp and I will never let it stolen.. // 10

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overall: 9.5
Mustang III Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 13, 2012
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Price paid: € 260

Purchased from: Alfasoni

Features: Hi everyone. I recently bought a new Fender Mustang III amp; I was looking for a modelling amp for less than 300 . I first heard about the Vox Valvetronix series, and I actually was quite decided to buy a VT40+ amp but I went to the store and they told me about the Mustang series. I decided to try both amps with my guitar (a Gibson Les Paul Studio). I first tried the Valvetronix. It sounded good, and it had a very useful knob, which enabled me to actually choose the wattage of the amp (from 1W to 60W), what I found a GREAT idea. The amp looked nice but it sounded just good, and I wanted something more. I then tried the Mustang III, and I was literally BLOWN AWAY by its versatility and sparkling-clean sounds. Of course if you wanna play metal this isn't the amp for you, but it suits almost every style from Country to Hard Rock. Let's talk a bit about the amp features. It is an open 100W combo, it isn't very big, it fits perfectly in any room. It comes with 100 presets, what are specific sounds created by the company to emulate pedal effects and famous amp sounds (such as some Fender signature amps); however, you can download new presets from the Fender Fuse community and load them into your amp, so that you have virtually endless possibilities of sound. There's a little screen in the amp that allows you to easily choose various inputs: the amp you want the Mustang to emulate, the stomp effects (overdrive, wah...), modulation, delay and reverb. The amp also has USB and headphones output and a mini jack input so that you can connect your iPod or similar and Jam with play-along tracks. It also has an effects loop. The amp also includes a two-button footswitch, the Fender FUSE software and the Ableton Live Lite software. The only thing I miss is that magic little knob for the wattage setting, which Valvetronix amps do have. // 9

Sound: As I said I own a Gibson Les Paul Studio and I do also own a Fender Stratocaster American Standard and a Tanglewood TRSF CE acoustic guitar, and all of them sound great, specially the Strato in the clean presets and the Les Paul in the cranked tones of Marshall amps emulations. I mostly play rock, and it has great sounds for almost any song you wanna play (if you don't find the "perfect" sound for a song, as I said, you can download presets from the FUSE community made by other people that really hit the mark). You'll find perfect Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Jeff Beck and even Pink Floyd sounds. If you're looking for a more Megadeth sound a Line6 amp will be better for you, but if not, this is an amp worth considering. // 10

Reliability & Durability: It is a good amp to go Jam with, it is well made and it won't break. I can't say the same about the footswitch; it doesn't look as solid and resistant as the amp, but if you're just a little careful it won't be a problem. It is a little big (talking in means of wattage) for a regular home, but you can get a nice sound even playing at 20% of its potency. // 9

Overall Impression: Overall, this is a good amp that turns to be GREAT because of its price. You're getting very nice tones and an infinity of possibilities for the same price that 3 good effect pedals, so unless you already own a great amp, go and get it. I have had it for a couple of months and I think I would buy it again. It's easy to use and it has tons of different sounds and possibilities; hours of fun insured! // 10

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overall: 9
Mustang III Reviewed by: adamjae, on march 02, 2012
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Price paid: £ 239

Purchased from: Online Music Store

Features: 100 Watts, 100 Programmable Channels. 1 x 12 Celestion speaker, aux in, usb, tuner, 2 button footswitch, silver grille face and carbon fibre pattern finish. Packed with all the features you would expect from a modern modelling amp plus a bit more. // 9

Sound: I love the sound of this amp, from the classic Fender tones to the rectifier - aping metal 2000. I went to my local guitar shop on tried the Mustang II before I ordered mine just to get an idea of the tones on offer and though they might not sound exactly like the amps they're emulating they come mighty close. I use the brit 80's amp model for the majority of my live set and it really does have the gutsy mid-boosting qualities of a Marshall stack. The built-in effects aren't the greatest but if you hook up to your PC using Fuse you can tweak the sounds to your hearts content and get some great tones. It really does cover all bases and you can get any tone you want out of this amp. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I've had this amp just over a year now and its never let me down. Played over 10 gigs in the past few months and I never worry with this thing behind me. It just works and I love it. // 10

Overall Impression: I play Alternative/Rock/Indie/Blues/Metal/anything I feel like playing really and this amp can do it all. A lot of people might say its no good for heavier styles but they either haven't used one or spent enough time with one. One of the best things about this amp is the built in usb interface both for easy recording and the excellent fuse editing software. The only problem I have with it is the 2 button footswitch which can be a bit vague and will have you glaring at the display to make sure you actually did change the channel. All in all this is a great gigging amp that has a load of other really useful stuff that actually works instead of being gimmicky. Good job fender! // 9

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overall: 10
Mustang III Reviewed by: craigeymac, on march 20, 2012
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Price paid: £ 228

Purchased from: Andertons

Features: This amp has it all. Built in effects, built in tuner, full editing of every preset and tons of great sounds.To get the full features of this amp it is worth installing Fender Fuse. In Fuse you can edit everything from the cab, noise gate, preset name, sag, effects on/off/before/after amp. You can do all of this on the amp itself but it is easier and has a few more options on Fuse itself. For example the noise gate on the amp goes to max but in Fuse you can go better than that and have it set to custom so there is no noise at all. The price of this amp for what you get is amazing! It has everything! // 10

Sound: I use a 98 Strat and a Baja Tele through my Mustang and they both sound great. The clean channels are fantastic! Especially the Fender amps. I play rock/blues/hard rock and a bit of metal and this amp does them all well enough for me.The amp models are clear what they are modelled on via the picture in the Fuse software. The amps are: Fender 57 Deluxe, Fender 59 Bassman, Fender 57 Champ, Fender 65 Reverb, Fender 65 Princeton, Fender 65 Twin Reverb, Fender Super-sonic, British 60's (Vox AC30), British 70's (Marshall Plexi), British 80's (Marshall JCM 800), American 90's (Mesa Boogie), Metal 2000 (Maybe a 5150 Head?) 12 Amp models and fully customizable for your own personal sound/taste. Fender Fuse also takes you to the community section where you can download presets other Mustang owners have created and uploaded. For example I typed in Gimmie Shelter and there was a preset for that sound. It downloads in seconds and from there you add it to your preset library and check it out, if its good you can either keep it on your Fuse software or save it to the amp! // 10

Reliability & Durability: I would gig this amp for either covers or originals. For originals I would programme my own sound into the amp and go from there but for covers its great! You can customize the 100 presets for the covers you play and save them to the location you need so if you were playing a 10 song set you could either store the song sounds 1-10 or write the bank number next to the song on the set list so you know exactly what bank to go to for the song you are about to play. // 10

Overall Impression: I have been playing guitar for years and in that time I have owned too many amps to list but the Mustang models the amps I have owned really well. The amp comes with a 2 button foot switch that allows you to go up or down through the presets but I think the 4 button is a must for anyone gigging. Value for money in the Mustang is un-beatable, you will not find another amp that has the features this does. // 10

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overall: 5
Mustang III Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 03, 2012
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Features: The Fender Mustang has all the effects you could need, I play in a punk rock band and to be honest I really didn't need to have all the exa effects but I live the versatility of the mustang, there are 100 presets built in, all can be changed to the users needs and stuff, in short, the mustang has an amazing amount of features, some you'll use but if your like me, you won't use most of them. // 9

Sound: I'm paying the mustang with my Epiphone Les Paul Custom, the amp is amazing at distorted channels but however, my amp had the famous fizz issue, well, my two amps. I first got a Mustang and it worked fine for about a week but then on every note it would fizz so I thought I'd get a replacement which I did, but this amp started fizzing after 5 mins and is one is MUCH worse, I mean unplayable. It's a real let down and I'm not gonna bother getting another one, instead I'll be ordering a Fender Frontman 212R in the next few days, real let down Fender. // 3

Reliability & Durability: Considering both the mustangs I had turned out to have the fizz issue I can hardly call them reliable at all, but to be fair to the Mustang it feels pretty sturdy, I wouldn't have a problem using the amp at a gig without a back up but mine both fizzed. // 4

Overall Impression: This amp could be so so so great, it has so many different effects and sounds, it really does push the boundaries when it comes to the effects and features Fender have put in place but however, I can't and I assume most people can't have an Amp where the clean setting is barely useable it really is a shame and a let down that Fender aren't bothered by the issue at all, and before anyone asks, the firmware update did absolutely nothing for the fizz. All I hope now is that I have more luck with my Fender Frontman 212R. // 4

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overall: 8
Mustang III Reviewed by: dutchmichael, on november 13, 2012
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Features: A 2011 Amp that is very versatile with 100 preset channels and ability to customize using the amp controls, or more in depth using a computer and the USB connection (cable included). The Fender Mustang III has all the features I was looking for including an on board tuner. I am currently using this amp for practice at home, but it packs 100 watts of power, so you could gig with it in a small to medium size venue. // 8

Sound: I recently purchased a Modified Highway One Telecaster with a TV Jones placed in the center with a five way switch. I had been playing this guitar through an iRig attached to my iPhone using Garage Band, and Amplitube Amp models. I could not make up my mind on which amp to purchase. I was swaying toward a Fender Blues Jr. If money was no issue I would have gone with a Fender Twin Reverb, a Vox AC 30, or a Marshall Tube Amp. I made the right choice, with this amp I have all three, plus a Champ, Two Champs In Stereo, Bassman, Deluxe, Marshall Stack, and max out the distortion on any of them. // 8

Reliability & Durability: This amp is brand new, it is light weight, and durable. // 8

Overall Impression: I have been playing guitar for over 35 years, and this is the most versatile amp I have played. I played a Gretch through a Mustang I while I was looking for a new guitar, and I was amazed at the sound that came out of this small amp. If you just plan on practicing at home then buy the Mustang I or II. In a home setting I have not taken this amp over 4 on the master volume. I could blow out the windows, if I wanted.

// 8

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