Roc Pro 1000 review by Fender

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (29 votes)
Fender: Roc Pro 1000

Price paid: £ 50

Purchased from: eBay

Sound — 9
This amp is really loud! and I mean loud! To give you an idea I have the volume on 5 and gain on 5 and if you go within 10 feet you get massive feedback and chest pounding shound! I dare not turn it up anymore I have never tried as it is soo loud but at this volume and gain level you can get a great sounding feedback (if desired). The distortion has a wide range of strength (if that's the word).

Overall Impression — 9
I play bluesy rock, rock, pchycadelic rock, classic rock etc. but I think this amp suits any type of style. The biggest thing is I bought it for 50! I can't believe how much of a bargain it is. It's not old and worn or sounds bad, it is great it's the sort of quality I'd pay 200-300 for. So luckily my dad came acroos this great little bargain! The only thing realisticly that I could wish it to have would be a tube/valve clean channel.

Reliability & Durability — 8
I couldn't really say I've never had any problems with it but then agian I have only had it for a week so it would be unfair to say it's reliable. I havn't seen any signs of it breaking or anything. but as I have to rate it, is the only reason why I did rate it.

Features — 8
It has three channels, clean and two gain's. The gain's are tube/valve driven and the clean is solid state. it has a footswitch and an effects loop. It has and acoustic reverb at the back. Basically this means that the sound is somehow put through a spring. This is an advantage because it's natural and traditional rather than using digital reverb and I think it sounds better.

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    To add to the confusion of this great amp, I own one of the Performer 1000 series amps, Made in the great USA and it is almost exactly the same as the Roc Pro 1000. Fantastic Fender Clean, And Unbelievable overdrive and distortion, With two different gain settings. Reverb is adequate, Handles pedals really well and with a little tweaking this amp is one of the best SS/ Hybrids ever. I have a Ceriatone Overtone special and it sounds better (clean, chime, sparkle) but not for the price. This amp IS loud, and even after Having it serviced after 15 years of use by Fender, the Clean Volume Pot still jumps from barely audible to Loud, (it is 100w) I love It and wouldn't even think about getting a new Amp for general use. The effects loop and the mix know are really the Diamond in the rough on this baby. By plugging into the return, and just using the Power Amp, it completely changes the nature of the amp and will blow your mind. I also use a Jetter Red Shift in front to push the overdrive over the top to get that extra sustain. If you want an excellent amp , Made in the US, that you can use for about anything you cant get a better one for the $$$. Still use the original Fender Speaker and use the Cabinet Ext all the time with a Celestion, Loud is not the word...
    I have owned this combo amp for probably about 15 years now I bought used. Cant remember how much I spent, but it was certainly more than 50 bucks cad. It's loud as balls and for practicing I usually have it at the lowest volume possible. The volume is rather finicky as it goes from 0 to 1, to way to loud with the slighest movement of the knob. Thats really my only complaint about the amp and I suppose that could just be a problem with dirty volume knob electronics. I like the sound of the overdrive and the clean is fine as well. Not sure why anyone would complain about this amp. It's been my main practice amp forever now and it's loud enough to jam with.
    OK, to all the naysayers on here, first of all, yes it is a true hybrid amp w/a 12AX7 tube in the preamp section. It gets a glorious saturation w/2 separate gains, one for lead, and the other a little lower volume for rhythm. The distortion can go from bluesy to razor-like shred. The clean channel has a very glassy, almost acoustic-like tone to it. It is 100 watts, and is extremely loud. I've had mine since 1995, and only had it serviced once for a new input jack. The 12AX7 tube is mounted inside the chassis, soldered to the board, so changing it is a challenge. However, mine is still the original tube, and my tech told me it still is at specs and doesn't need to be changed. So there you go. I hope that cleared up some of the misconceptions out there.
    I have owned a fender roc pro 1000 combo for the last 3 years, the guy i bought it off had it for over 10 years and when i opened it up recoently i found a fender corporation stamp saying 1993 on it. The amp is 17 years old and still has the original power valve in it. I have played another one also and it has had the valve changed and the sound is quite different , that is the beauty of these amps. They are very versitile and can get a great rock sound , for a nicer blues tone a fender deville or deluxe whips it good but for over all versitility this amp comes up trumps. Over the 3 years i've owned it i had to have it serviced once, for what i found was a very common problem with them - a spluttering and coughing kind of sound that seems to start in the clean channel and transfer to the others. it sounds like the 2 channels crashing in on each other and the sound is awful. according to the man who fixed it it was a couple of blown transistors. I picked this amp up for 200 euro and it remains the best amp ive ever bought, bitchin sound, quite reliable as long as you dont abuse it too much , great clean up on the distortion channel and great versitility from black sabbath to rory gallagher to dire straits to more or less anything you want with a nice valve sound in the distortion channel. Excellent amp for the money and as loud as you'll ever need, plus it can power a 4x12 cabinet if you want that extra kick , just disconnect its own speaker to get the best results ! Peace
    I have this amp as well..and I do play metal on it, for those who say it can't do metal. You just have to know how to tweak and eq. Actually, the other guys that come in my jam space with huge stacks and distortion pedals and gain boosts etc., have trouble getting close to my sound. They have too much gain and not enough clarity. All I have going is a noise reduction pedal on it, pull back on my guitars volume knob abit, and I get an awesome tight claritive low end metal/rock sound.
    Yes, its a 100 watts head and its loud!! But sounds good. I play Heavy metal. Also, they make theses in USA and Mexico and is printed on the back.I have the one made in Corona California and its printed Made in the USA. The one made in Mexico is printed made in Mexico. This is a very under rated Amp. If I lose this one I will get another one.
    Obviously there are a lot of 'haters' of this amp, who've never had one and can't tell their guitar pic from a solid state amp. With that said, I've owned several SS amps, a few Marshall Valvestate's, a Peavey XXL and still have a Line6 Duoverb, which has to be the best vintage modeling amp of its time. So I have room to talk, especially since I have 9 tube amp mouths to feed and know what tube tone should sound like. I recently bought this amp from GC used and it was in near perfect condition. The only problem was a missing speaker output jack. Easy fix. Since I had the amp open and from my experience with Marshall Valvestates, I knew the PREAMP tube would need to be replaced. Out of the 15 various major brands of 12AX7's I found an OLDER RCA I got off eBay and put that in there. I think it was the very last tube tested. Isn't it always that way. So the gain channel has the tube and the clean has SS. Before tube swapping the tone was pretty much mush meets chain saw. But after going through all those tubes, I found one that tamed the harshness and brought out the notes like a real tube amp that's bias well can do. So haters, don't dis this amp unless you've owned one and have worked on it to get the best tone out of it. By the way, it was made in 1997 and had a stock GrooveTube in it. No wonder people say it sounds like crap. With that tube, it does. But just remember, if it has a tube, you can change it. And I hope you have 10-20 tubes to play with and find your tone. I know I did. And can you believe an older somewhat used tube tamed this beast. I never would've guessed. But now it has mids and crunch for days. And by the way, the manual says it has 69 watts into 8ohms and 94watts into 4ohms.
    Hey can anyone help me out here , I have this amp and think it's quite good but recently it keeps switching channels . By this I mean when playing on clean or yellow there will be popping and crackling and the red led will flash on and then when I play on the red channel sometimes there will be popping/crackling and the red led will switch off
    picked head up from an 3 decade experienced amp tech in Vegas for 125.00. run a 70 335 through it and they seem to like each other. not my silver faced super but does quite nicely when the big voice is needed. when mated with Mexican strat whole nother identity emerges and this amp dont take a back seat to none. only issue i had was input jack connection was faulty and amp would stutter and sometimes go mute. easy temp fix till i can have it done right when i go back to the desert paradise. im a blues/gospel player and the clean mated to the neck p/u on the 335 gives a lot of variety but is quite warm and smooth when the lady is stroked you can hear her purr. nice piece of equipment. i own from a old gibson 79 stereo amp to a line 6. different sounds for different buildings. been playing for 45 years not a virtuoso but when im in my lane good as anyone. all you young ones take it further than us old dogs did.i appreciate all stayles cause they all take skill. Peace!
    I didnt read all comments posted but to make things clear this amp is more of a jazz classic rock amp.. I own on and play lot of different types of music.. its set at 100watts has 1 pre-amp tub in it.. i belive the correct term is "hybird amp" this is no metal head if the right pedal was thrown in it can but its no peavy soo too play metal you will need a distortion boost... this amp is a few years old i belive it was made in 06-09 it wasnt made for long till they stop maken them for reasons unknown its a mexican fender.. not american you can get on for 225.00 american dollars off the net if not cheaper.. anymore questions you can email me at and one more thing im refering too the fender roc pro 1000 head NOT!! the combo.... hope this helped
    I just bought the Fender Performer 1000, which is identical to the RocPro 1000. I'm not sure where the RocPro was made, but mine is an American Amp and man is it awesome! Fender knows what they're doing when it comes to amps.
    A guitar shop close to my work is selling the head version on this. I tested it out and it sounds fantastic. The tone of was able to get from the gain channel was the closest vintage Iommi tone I've ever gotten from an amp. They cleaned it up and checked all the functions and everything is in working order. For $150 (maybe less if I can barter with the guy) what's to lose...I'm gettin' it.
    Had mine for the past 20 years. I have a custom cabinet with two 12 inch speakers. I play jazz and blues. Clean, sweet, warm tones and enormous power. I've never played with the volume past 3 at a gig. Nice old-fashioned spring style reverb. The tube channel provides me with just a touch of dirt for the blues. I use it with a pedalboard to add some chorusing when needed.
    behringer = shit seriously, crap tone, crap lifespan, build quality is like a drunk italian put it together in 5 mins in his shed. don't get one, ever
    And you've owned one? Yes / no? And you've taken one out of the casing? Yes / no. Probably not. Just love to hate and haters will hate. The tone is mush meets chain saws until you swap the gain tube. Then it's really something. But I'll bet you never did that, did you? The build quality is good. The pots are heavy duty with standoffs into a PC board. But you didn't know that because you never owned one or took it apart, right? How about owning the amp before you trash it? But then, that intelligent thought never occured to you. Go figure.
    timmymaines wrote: I didnt read all comments posted but to make things clear this amp is more of a jazz classic rock amp.. I own on and play lot of different types of music.. its set at 100watts has 1 pre-amp tub in it.. i belive the correct term is "hybird amp" this is no metal head if the right pedal was thrown in it can but its no peavy soo too play metal you will need a distortion boost... this amp is a few years old i belive it was made in 06-09 it wasnt made for long till they stop maken them for reasons unknown its a mexican fender.. not american you can get on for 225.00 american dollars off the net if not cheaper.. anymore questions you can email me at and one more thing im refering too the fender roc pro 1000 head NOT!! the combo.... hope this helped
    sorry these were made in 96 but later stop maken them about 3years after..
    im deciding between the Rocpro 100w combo or... fender Deluxe 900 solid state 90w combo amp (which has more effects, but no tube action)Both used around the same price. Any ideas on which is a better buy?? Also , does anyonce know the original prices of either or both of these amps?? THX
    I've not seen the Deluxe internals but my opinion is that the Roc Pro have a good build to it. Even has a thermal shut off. Nice.
    I realize this is an older thread, but I bought my first RocPro1000 new in 1996, and then got another one a few years later. I play in a blusey, Stones-like band and my main rig is running them stereo, one clean, one overdriven. The big thing about playing these amps is that you have to find that sweet spot between the volume of the amp and the input signal from the guitar. In other words, if you play with the guitar always wide open, this is NOT the amp for you. The tone you are looking for will be so loud that it will be unusable and more than likely you will run off all the other players and sound people. I use two different guitars. One is a tele with a PAF in the neck, the other a Strat loaded with a vintage EMG SA Gilmour setup ... I love the way these amps overdrive in the clean channel, YES, JUST LIKE TUBE AMPS DO. ( I also own a 1983 Fender Concert and it doesn't have anything on the RocPro ) These amps are a diamond in the rough. If you have any idea on electric guitar tone structures, then this is a great buy and a good solid rig. I have played over a few hundred shows with these though the years and they have never let me down. One of the best things is that you really need no effects with these, the dirt channels provide all the gain distortion one could ask for and with the input signal down, all the gritty blues overdrive too. For all those poohpoohing these amps based on some distorted/mis-informed bias ... read the manual. Google "fender rocpro" and get the schematic and see for yourself how these gems do what they do. Plus they don't weigh much are are easy to travel with ... whats not to like? Peace ...
    actually the power amp is SS, meaning you can't get awesome OD but the 2 OD channels are valve driven (12AX7) spring reverb the sound being sent into a transducer, the spring vibrates and heats up and this is picked up, then put into the guitar signal, i dunno if this amp has 12AT7 powered reverb, in fender fashion! Hope that helps I also would have suggested 30w if you want something with awesome power amp drive at low volumes (not that your MOSFET driven power stage will get that ) And to bla556, you are talking out of your ass there, there is no way you can say fender SS cleans sound better than the cleans from the Super reverb, twin reverb, bassman, all the champs, deluxe reverb, vibrolux and countless others. They are all valve driven and have IMMENSE cleans. I don't know where the hell you got the idea that SS is ever better than valve anywhere at all actually. In short, you are hopelessly wrong, go play through a blackface super reverb then tell me SS cleans are better. Hope that clears that up
    I think the guy has never had or heard the legendary Fender cleans of which all other amp cleans are compared to. You don't have to be so hard on the kid. The clean channel is good but you can't beat a tube amp for that sparkle, as you mention.
    I use this amp in my hardcore band Pave The Way and until just recently I used nothing else with it, no stompboxes but recently decided to add an effects processor to my rack. Anyway this amp delivers every time. It's been on tour, it's had the fooswitch jack broken and had to rig it by taping the cord down in a certain spot and all i can say is that this amp is bad a$$! I currently play it with a tweaked Behringer 4x12 and a Randall 4x12 can.. still have the original 4x12 it came with but I like my current setup. I'm used to fender so being twangy and pitchy but those amp is beast! I've had people with rigs 10 time and more expensive come and look at my setup wondering wtf i got going on And until recently I've only had a tuner and a power conditioner in my rack.. this amp is very versatile and really awesome!
    I just bought one that was serviced and had the hot problem fix. I play some big places with a drummer that is real loud. I got by with my Mustang II but this guy on the out door gigs, I really need this power house. I had some fender SS amp like the Ultimate Chorus that was a very loud amp. This thing makes that monster look like a toy'
    i wouldnt mock this amp i had one. repaired it . had some bands come and play on it. they fell in love and bought it.....infact, if anyone has these please offer them to me. thanks the sound on this for metal and rock is pure awesome. beleive it or not yuou can also play blues and jazz on it!....and the sound impresses!
    I'd agree. The clean is really good. About as close to a tube amp you can get. And once I changed the tube in mine (see comments below) it really made the amp rock. Although I don't think you can get metal out of it, you sure can get saturated rock. Maybe a stomp box into the gain channel?
    Hey man. I'm in Herndon va and have one of these in working VG condition. if your interested? send me an email back and i'll take a video of it working for you. Thanks. Matt
    And what's the wattage on tht amp? "Loud" doesn't tell me much... c'mon man, tht's important information Another thing, if it has a "tube/valve-driven gain" and solid-state lead channel, it's probably not "tube/valve-driven", it's probably got tube modeling. If it was tube, Fender would have to be idiots to not make all three channels tube-driven, and they're NOT idiots (especially when it comes to tube amps)
    The manual say 69watts into 8ohms and 94ohms into 4 ohms. The clean channel is SS and the 2 gain channels are 12AX7 driven into a SS power amp.
    Flying Couch
    I could've sworn this thing was entirely solid-state, actually. And the wattage to whoever was asking is 100, I believe. That said, I can attest that, like the review said, these ****ers are LOUD.
    i can give some more information as i own the smaller roc pro 700... 1) this amp has a solid state clean channel which is probably awesome (i only know the rp700 ) 2) it has a tube driven overdrive in both overdrive channels , which is awesome too 3) the wattage is 100, the wattage of the smaller rp700 is 70 4) they are not stupid to put a solid state clean channel in it, because fender solid state clean channels sound better than their tube clean channels
    Fender roc pro is a good all around amp. Great low end and plenty of power. I use it with the clean channel and a couple of different distortion pedals. the distortion channels are too metallic for me, kind of all or nothing. I need a blues crunch. If you turn down the tone knobs all the way you can tame the intense trebally nature of this beast.
    Dont mean to sound stupid saying hi just testing out my profile does any one know if beringer amps are any good?
    Hey, you guys are fun. I just picked up a Roc Pro 1000 Head, and a Fender 4 12" cabinet. The head is 100 watts and the cabinet is rated for three hundred watts. I picked it up used, in good shape, at Guitar Center. I thought that I got a good deal at less than $500.00 out the door. I played it about a half hour in the store, worked fine, no hums, etc. But in the store I couldn't really wring it out.(# 2 on the volume was enough to be too loud in there). I've only had it a couple of days so far, but really like it.I had to set it up out on my front porch to really get into it (I don't have any close neighbors on either side, and the people across the street haven't complained... yet.) I had just kind of wondered what I might find out about it here on the 'net. Thanx all. vep 102
    Hi i just want to let you guys know Yngwie Malmsteen used a Pro Roc 1000 amp for the Concerto suite concert in Japan and also when he gives seminars he uses them they are a very good reliable and powerful amplifier anyway you can pick one up in the UK for under 100 pounds on ebay and they are better than any amp in that price range
    ive got a roc pro 1000 head and 4x12 fender cab as well. i must say i love it. its got great sound and with the right guitar you can find what sound your looking for. i play funk, blues, rock, jazz and i cant complain about it. very loud too... dont know when im gonna need another amp.
    I bought a used Roc Pro 1000 head as a backup but I ended up using it quite a lot. Like many have said, it is really loud, and the clean is incredible....crisp, loud, pure Fender clean. Funny thing is it's a solid state clean section and it sounds like a Fender tube amp. Don't know how they did that but it's awesome! And the drive channel is tube driven and that sounds fantastic....throw in some pedals in the effects loop, give it a touch of reverb and for 200 measly bucks I had a rig that sounded insanely good and could blow a wall down.
    dudeman123, Behringers are pretty good. not really good but not crap
    their tube amps are nearly the exact duplicate of the name brand. Google TheToneKing doing some Bugera reviews and you'll be amazed. Plus Bugera has incorporated auto-bias in the most newest amps. Zero maintenance. Nice.