Super Champ XD review by Fender

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (87 votes)
Fender: Super Champ XD

Sound — 10
I simply use an Indonesian-made Squire Strat with all stock parts and it sounds amazing for what it is when I run it through the Super Champ. I play a whole bunch of genres from Funk to Death Metal and it sounds really good for everything. If you turn up the Gain and set the Voice to "Metal" it is super-heavy and settings like "British" with lower Gain it works well for Classic Rock. The effects can be combined and you can choose the strength of the effects.

Overall Impression — 10
This amp is amazing for every genre of music it sounds really good with just a stock Squire Strat and the only thing I would have liked was if it came with a footswitch instead of ordering it seperately. If it were stolen I would immediately buy another as I love this amp. there is nothing I don't love about it.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I've only had this amp for a little bit of time now so I don't know exactly how reliable it is. As far as I can tell, it would be very reliable and I would probably bring it to a gig with a backup because I don't know exactly how solid this amp really is. It seems like a very solid piece of equipment though.

Features — 10
This amp has 15 Watts of tube power and a 10" speaker. This amp is amazingly versatile, I play along a fair range of genres and this amp works fine for all of them. There are 2 channels which can be switched by a button or a footswitch (sold separately) It only uses the Super Champ Footswitch, it is not compatible with any other. There are "Voices" which make it so versatile. There's anything from "Jazz" to "Metal" to "British". There is also Reverb, Chorus, Tremolo, Vibratone and Delay. I've used this amp just practicing by myself and in the jam room with my band and it is very powerful as it is also a tube amp.

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    I just realised the random Fender I've been using for practise for the last six months is one of these. Huh, really should have written a review of it by now. 'Tis pretty good. Speaker's a bit rubbish though, you need to keep the treble a little higher than usual to compensate.
    lespaul#1 wrote: I'm not looking to buy this, but I've heard it's tube, would it break up?
    In theory yes, but I've only ever managed to get it to do so once. It's naturally a very low-gain amp (like msot Fenders are), so you've got to have it seriously cranked and so on to get it to break up. So far I've only managed it with it's volume at full and using a Micro POG effectively tripling my input. Even then it was only a light break-up.
    yes they probably did edgespear, that's what music engineers do all the time, find funny names for the next fender amp..... dumbass
    nikhil101 wrote: FishStik wrote: On Rock Band (the video game), the second-to last venue for vocals features six of these amps arranged near each other. I was singing my lungs out when I spotted them. I couldn't believe it at first, but that was when I realized that this amp is pretty much the best you can get for $300. nobody cares about rock band fishstik, but yeah the super champ is a decent amp, better than any of the line 6 spider modelling amps by far
    jep, nobody cares,,
    ihavenoname93 wrote: does anyone know whether the power or preamp stage is the tube one? i know this is a hybrid amp
    12AX7 pre-amp tube, two 6V6 in the power amp.
    PussyPunk182 wrote: ihavenoname93 wrote: does anyone know whether the power or preamp stage is the tube one? i know this is a hybrid amp 12AX7 pre-amp tube, two 6V6 in the power amp.
    Actually the pre-amp is totally transistor. The 12AX7 is a buffer/conversion stage from solid state to tube signal levels and it is the phase inverter, which splits the signal into mirror images for the output tubes. The output stage is tube.
    Great Tube amp Amp. Made in China. Loud for a 15 watt rated amp. SS Effects are good has FX level control but I use mostly the reverb. I pair it with a Vox AD30 for a stereo chourus sound (icebox) somtimes and it is awesome. 16 different amp types,Amps are tweed, Blackface, British, Hot Rod, Metal, Jazz, Acoustic and voicing for each 1 range from mellow to balls out. Owned it for 4 months play it daily no problems. Paid 285. US new.
    nick dixon
    I've just bought one of these second hand. Probably one of the best amps for money I've heard. I paid 160 for mine, so really it makes a line 6 look terrible in comparison. The speaker looks a little naff, but it dosent sound too bad. I think its one of those hybrid amps that they've got right. Although the pre amp is solid state / buffered, it certainly sounds very tube like to me, and for the price I paid, and the diminishing return of having a 450 Valve amp, it really does the job for me. If you want a huge improvement on your tone, clean or distorted, check this amp out. I love how when you do bends and such higher up the fretboard, you start to get all sorts of new harmonics coming out of the amp as against a straight sine wave frequency. For practise and recording, I couldn't think of a better little amp. 9 / 10
    Had it for about one month, now. Chose it instead of the Blues Jr. since it emulates the B Jr. with these setting on the SCXD and so many OTHER possibilites: 1. Clean Channel-Channel 1, Treble 7, Bass 10. 2. Channel 2, Voice #5, Gain 4, Treble 7, Bass 10 (gotta make up for that 12" speaker). 3. Channel 2, Voice #10, Gain 2.5 to 4, Treble 9, Bass 10. Others on here have spoken to the versatility, volume and TONE! Why don't you Demo this Amp and see for yourself!
    ihavenoname93 wrote: bignick99 wrote: hi, in you review you mention a slipknot tone, can this amp handle drop tuned hi-gain tones, i play a lot of stuff in drop b with loads of distortion, but will the 10" speaker handle it??? if you want metal distortion, dont even touch a fender