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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.1 (48 votes)
Fender: Twin

Sound — 9
I use a MIM Fender Standard Telecaster, and I usually set it to the neck or bridge pick-up, depending what I'm playing (neck pick-up for Zep's "Since I've Been Loving You", and bridge for Kiss's "Strutter")and you can cover every blues to classic to hard rock overdrive with this amp. This amp (and my guitar) are not metal machines, so it does have it's limits. The distortion is not "brutal", it's perfect. You can make this baby ear crushing loud and it won't distort if you want it clean, but when you hit the gain option on the clean channel, oh, the natural distorting is enough to salivate over. I know that this amp can be both silent and noisy, but that depends on your set-up.This amp should get a 10, but I'm giving it a 9 to keep it real and admit that while it's perfect for a guy like me, a metal lover would shoot this amp.

Overall Impression — 10
I play rock & roll my friend, and have been playing for about a half Decade now, and own this, a Tele and a wah. Only thing I wish I had asked was "why on Earth are you letting me rip you off by buying this for only $700?"; it was an awesome deal. If this amp were stolen (it definitely won't get lost), I'll admit, I'd probably keep my options open, because I'd have to spend a lot of money to replace this amp, and I could get an AC30 or even a Sound City head w/ Marshall cabinet for about the same price. I love this amp and it's sound and look, but I hate it's weight (but it's 100 watts). My favorite feature is the gain on the clean channel and the how flexible the foot Switch makes my playing. I compared this with a JCM2000 TSL, a Fender Blues Jr., an old 80s 50 watt Peavey tube combo, a Marshall JTM60, and those Traynor knock offs of the old Fenders. The Fender Twin is a great amp. I hope you'll agree.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I bought this amp used from a career musician Who had been gigging this amp for almost 10 years. I never bothered to ask why he was selling it; I'm guessing he just wanted to try something new, or flashier, but he definitely had a lot of kind things to say about it. The gent had this amp serviced every year he owned it, and recently had the tubes replaced before selling it. Like all amps that have been gigged, there are little knicks on the corners and stuff, but this amp is still doing what it was made to do exceptionally well. If you are responsible, you have nothing to worry about, except replacing tubes and such. You should always service an amp like this on an annual basis.I can always depend on this amp. I will gig this amp without a backup fo'sho.

Features — 10
I own the 1998 model of the Fender Twin (no tremolo, 2 inputs instead of one) and have to say I am truly happy with owning this amp. This amp features 2 channels (3 if you count reverb as an additional channel), and it's such a diverse piece of gear it will blow your mind! It comes with a foot switch that lets you control the gain on the 1st channel, the 2nd channel, and the reverb. The Twin's sound limits are incredible within reason. Of course, by now you've all heard most Fender amps aren't made for metal, and neither is this one. I don't like metal though. I can assure you that with the Twin, you can go from the most silent and sweetest of sounds, to the dirty sounds of hard rock, with stops at every genre in between along the way. The Twin offers the main Fender effects set-up (gain, reverb) and with the rest of the obligatory knobs (treble, mid, bass), you can achieve wonderful sounds. There is a 1/4 Switch on the back that allows you to set it to 25 watts for playing inside a smaller building. Sorry, but it doesn't come with a headphone jack but Who buys a 100 watt tube amp for a headphone jack option! You can also hook the Twin up to a cabinet. I wonder how this amp would sound through a 4x12 Marshall Cabinet packing Celestien Vintage '30s? I want to try this now. I'd say the only thing I could ask for that they haven't given me is a body builder to carry it up and down my stairs, because this thing is heavy! The 1/4 power option earns it a 9 and when you add the rest, this amp easily gets a 10 for features. A pro amp.

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    Its really ****ing loud. On the 3 and 1/2 nearly destroyed my shed. Turn it up the whole way and it would probably kill someone
    Would this amp make be good for use with effects pedals? In other words, how good is it's clean channel?
    Tele Echoes
    The clean channel is excellent. The sound is amazing. It comes with a foot switch so you can change between the 3 channels and reverb. I also used to use a EH Double Muff and Crybaby with it. This amp is really good and doesn't seem to attract the price of a Twin Reverb. It's awesome for recording. I also own an Orange Rockerverb 50 combo but I enjoy the Twin Amp a lot more (but I still love the Orange).
    Bernardo Gui
    I just bought a 2006 model of this amp yesterday. I took off work today to "REALLY" check this amp out. Paid $575USD yesterday for this amp...WHAT A STEAL! This my friends is a smoking hot amp. Super clean. Heavy as hell. Glorious tones. I'M BLOWN THE FUCK AWAY
    Its really ****ing loud. On the 3 and 1/2 nearly destroyed my shed. Turn it up the whole way and it would probably kill someone
    I have a Fender Pro Tube Twin Amp. It's the 2002-2010 version like the one pictured in the OP from 2008. I get reasonably metal-ish sounds out of it with a Tech 21 DD3X MOD pedal. It's an open back amp, so you're only going to go so far in that direction. Even with that in mind, it sounds far better than an MG series Marshall or other cheap solid state amp. I've replaced all the tubes. I currently have 5 NOS JAN Phillips goodies in there, which made it sound a lot better. The tall bottle TAD 6L6 tubes in the power section helped the sound a bit too. It has a small rattle somewhere, but it doesn't pick up in the mic, so I haven't worried about chasing it down yet. It's very loud. Even in the 25W setting, you get a ton of volume in the clean channel before it starts to overdrive. I can turn the volume way down and overdrive the preamp tubes with a boost pedal, but it's got so much headroom that it takes a lot and makes the volume very touchy. It's a great amp, but it's heavy to lug around.
    I learned on 65 Twin of my dad's & at the time distortion was a freight train coming fast! Twin did one thing.. LOUD ear bleeding 85 watts & H E A V Y~! No great dist pedals back then, so I a got marshall 50. But now with all the great pedals, & awesome clean sound I have discovered a new know start with Killer clean & you are off & running. Plugged a Boogie V-Twin pedal & OMG!!! Boogie sound in spades almost as good as my Boogie Mark 4. One thing never changed..HEAVY~! I read that Gilmour did Comf. numb on a twin cranked w fuzz so loud engineer had to leave the room!
    I own both a '65 Twin Reverb re-issue and a 1997 Twin Amp with the original line up of two inputs and two gain channels. I always wanted a twin amp and finally found this one, super clean like new and for $800. I always have my friend at the store play anything I buy so we can check it out etc. I noticed in the store the Twin Amp sounded deficient somehow, just couldn't put my finger on it, but did not sound as good as my recently bought Twin Reverb. He put new tubes in it, I went home. Long story short, The amp checked out ok mechanically by a reputable repairman who specialized in Fenders, but to me still was absent the power it should have and there was no sparkle. I'm a long time speaker builder and just went that direction almost refusing to believe Fender would use speakers that weren't the best?? I ordered up a new pair of Eminence Commonwealth 12's, and when they arrived started off obviously appearing more substantial in magnet size and general construction. I think I added an additional 25 lbs to the cabinet with this upgrade, and when I turned it on and up the first time, THERE WAS THAT SWEET FENDER SOUND!!!! I was so furious about the original speakers that were in perfect shape that I took them on my next trip to the landfill and pitched them in JUST so another player wouldn't wind up with them and have the same problem. Its a great amp, I've recently put it up for sale because I just need one amp not two, an a buddy called me the other day and said you can get my amp all day on line for about 700, an that the $1100 Im asking may be a little high. Well, my research is finished now and Im sticking to $1100. You cannot find them this equipped for less.
    It's true that Fender amps are not "Metal" amps, on their own. However, plug in a great distortion pedal and these amps are BEASTS, better than a lot of dedicated "metal" amps with cascading ultra high gain pre tubes. Most metal amps can't give a great clean tone to save their lives, and that's where they become an amp for a narrow range of tones. You can kick a Fender into high gain with a great distortion pedal and then also have all that wonderful clean tone, and power tube crunch when you crank it. And that makes it a much more versatile amp. I have a high gain monster head and Egnater Vengeance, and it actually does have a very nice clean channel. But, it's not as harmonic and musical clean as my Fender Hot Rod DLX3. I've got 2 great distortion pedals, a Bogner Ecstacy Red and Wampler Triple Wreck, and a nice light distortion/crunch pedal a Fulltone Fulldrive 2. With these 3 pedals and a nice clean Fender amp I can get any level of distortion for a wide variety of tones. These pedals also work very nicely in my Egnater's clean channel too. But the Fender HR DLX3 just has THAT Fender tone that other amps don't do as well. With the Bogner Red I can dial in crunchy dirty blues tones all the way through 80's high gain Marshall tones. For Metal the Wampler Triple Wreck is amazing. It rips and spits volcanic harmonically rich saturated distortion to make any kind of METAL tones you want. Running these same pedal into the Egnater's clean is also fantastic and a bit tighter, but into the Fender all the tones are a bit "looser" and a bit more alive. Plus, the Fender gives that fantastic warm mid chime to all levels of distortion and it just makes you want to play more. If you want versatility and fantastic tone with just one amp get a Fender and get a couple of great pedals and you're set. Even the small Fender tube amps like the Champ have that great clean Fender tone. The Hot Rod DLX is a great mid level Fender and has a very LOUD 40 watts. If you need more power and a bit warmer tone get a Twin. Less power get a deluxe reverb at 22 watts. With the deluxe reverb and custom deluxe reverb you get 22 watts from 6V6 power tubes, and since they are lower powered you can crank them into power tube distortion that is just glorious! The Twins can do it too but they need to be cranked, but with 85 watts or the 100 and 120 watt Twins you'll be blowing out windows and pissing everyone off to get to power tube saturation. All great fun. Get you one!