Vibro Champ XD review by Fender

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (35 votes)
Fender: Vibro Champ XD

Price paid: € 310

Purchased from: AAGE.DK

Sound — 10
I play a sg faded, and I play every thing from ac dc rock to beach boys and doors. The amp really suits my and it is easy to keep playing for hours because of the 16 different amp models you can choose from. and that includes everything from clean to heavy metal. The sound is really class a, and you get what you pay for you can get many different sounds out of the amp also with the effects knob with a lot of different effects. you get delay, reverb, vibro tone and some others. the distortion is not so harcore and I don't think it would work for death metal but the solution for that would be a metal pedal. But it really gives a nice tube sound!

Overall Impression — 10
I've been playing for like 3 years and I like to play blues and hard rock. I have never had a better amp than the Vibro Champ XD, the amp I had before was a Fender Frontman 212r which I WAY to loud for home practice. Before I bought the amp I checked the amp out on the net, then I went down to the local store and bought it and when I first tried it out I had to own it. The amp gives a very nice hot sound so you have to own it. and if I lost it I would definetly buy a new one if I ever got the money. My advice is to you: Buy this amp, it gives a good tube sound mixed with some effect and by than you can also save some pedals.

Reliability & Durability — 8
I would never use it for a gig cause it is only 5 watt. but it is like every other Fender amp pretty good quality and solid. If it had more than 5 watt I would use it for gigs. the overall quality of the amp is fantastic and I love the quality. and I would sertenly depend on it for recording because of the good sound.

Features — 10
The Vibro Champ XD is from 2007 I think it's a relativly new model from Fender to revive the old Vibro Champ with some new digital effects. It's it's easy to play everything you want on the amp everything from blues to heavy metal. One of the knobs allows you to choose between 16 different amp models. There is one channel, but there is also a line out. The Amp ist mostly for home practice, but it is also possible to play along with digital drums at band practice I've tried a couple of times. It is a class a Amp with 5 watt, but it is 5 loud watt.

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    the fender is with 2 tubes, preamp (1 x 12AX7), poweramp (1 x 6V6) and the vox has 11 amp models the fender has 16 and the Fender is rated Class A tube amp the vox isnt. and for practice i would go for the vibro champ cause u get a better tube amp the more u turn up the volume. overall the Fender is better quality and better sound, 5 tube watt isnt that low, dont buy 15 for practice u will regret it, if u dont belive me go down to ur local music store and try out the amp and u will find that im right.
    I definetly agree with stigmeister2win on the wattage - 5 watts is way more than enough. Overall, great amp for any kind of practicing.
    Is 5 Watt enought to jam or play in little places? Does the Vibro sounds better than the Super Champ? I'm searching for sound quality - which one?
    tube amps will always sound better the more u turn them up, so if u have a 5 wattage amp u can get a better tube sound if u turn it all the way up, then if u had a superchamp on 15 that u never turned up, i have used my vibro cham a couple of times for band practice and its really good
    yes its enough to jam in little places, they have the same tubes only super champ is louder cause its 15 watt with 2 channels. it depends what u want to use it for
    gera_rock wrote: Is 5 Watt enought to jam or play in little places? Does the Vibro sounds better than the Super Champ? I'm searching for sound quality - which one?
    they're the same,but the super champ has 2 channels and a footswitch