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manufacturer: Hayden date: 04/05/2010 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Hayden: Mofo
This is an all tube 30watt valve amp head powered by 4x EL84 and 3x 12AX7 that can be switched down to 2watts via the stealth Switch located underneath the amp.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Features: 8
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overall: 8.8
Mofo Reviewed by: rock rocks, on april 05, 2010
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Price paid: £ 385

Purchased from: dolphin music

Features: This is an all tube 30watt valve amp head powered by 4x EL84 and 3x 12AX7 that can be switched down to 2watts via the stealth Switch located underneath the amp. It has two defferent voicings, US and UK. It is a one channel amp although with the added Mofo boost giving it extra distortion and volume it feels like it has two. It has a single jack for the FX loop meaning that a stereo to 2x mono jack should be used when using the FX loop. It has both 1x 8ohm and 1x 16ohm speaker outputs. There is no headphone jack or standby switch. // 8

Sound: I play a wide variety of music from, for example in tone, 'Sweet home Alabama' to 'Enter Sandman' and this amp can do it all. My guitar is an ESP Viper 400 with EMG 81/85's and I have an Orange PPC112 cabinate. There isnt too much difference between the 30watt and 2watt modes in terms of sound apart from it does loose a little umph overall (I said in terms of sound not volume), however, there is a lot more treble in 30watt mode, especially using the US voicing. Now, the voicings, the US side has a little more gain and bass whereas the UK side has more treble and more of that classic British crunch tone. The EQ on this amp is similar to most amps, with gain, mid, bass, treb, pres and master. Just using these 5 you can get anything from cleans to AC/DC sounds, but no more in terms of overdrive. However, once you engage the 'Mofo' boost you can just about creep into the metal relm. The boost function opens up another world of overdrive/distortion possibilities and also adding a little more volume to the mix. I haven't used the FX loop as of yet as I have no pedals to use with it. What I did find quite suprising was that the amp already comes equipped with JJ tubes. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I've only had it for a few days but I don't think that it'll break any time soon. It's biult like a tank and looks very neatly put together. // 9

Overall Impression: Now, for a little comparison. I still have my Orange Tiny Terror, I've had it for nearly 2 years and I was very happy with it when I bought it, but I slowly was loosing interest in the TT as there is only so much you can do with a Tone knob. I couldnt really define my sound all that well and I'd tried different pedals with it but it just didn't take well do pedals I thought (overdrive/distortion pedals anyway). But now I have the Mofo I wish that it would have come out at the same time as the TT. It is so much more versatile in terms of sound and volume, sure the TT can go down to 7watts but thats still too loud for bedroom levels and cranky neighbours whereas the Mofo can go down to just 2watts so I can still crank it up and not annoy other people on my street. Now strangely enough I find that the US voicing on the Mofo sounds a bit like the TT, I always found the TT to be 'dark sounding', that is until you kick in the boost. As I said earlier the US side has a little more gain so I use this when I want, well, more gain and in conjunction with the boost it sounds more than the TT on steroids. Honestly I believe that the Hayden Mofo simply blows the Orange Ting Terror away and that if you can afford to buy one of these amps I'd recommend the Mofo, hands down. // 9

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