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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7 (4 votes)
HOT: Bassguy 25W

Price paid: € 940

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Sound — 10
I am using Godin single-cut guitar and my style of music can be probably described as something between blues-rock and progressive rock. This amp has been probably designed for blues players, but even real hard-rock can be played through this amp. It has really bright clean channel and it is perfectly distinctive even in high level of gain. I am feeding it with TS overdrive with gain around the half its way (+ a bit of delay) and that's something what produces tears of happiness in my eyes. What else do I have to say...?

Overall Impression — 10 is all about a sound heaven. If one doesn't want to spend three times more for Fender custom shop amp this is very good choice. I think it is really worth the money. If you look inside the amp you will see what means boutique...actually you can notice it even from outside, really nice work. I also love the option of online customization of the amp in their online custom shop. It is hard to find negatives here because first this is a boutique quality gear and second if you buy this amp you probably choose it with your playing style in mind (blues, country, hard-rock). Only thing what could be better is that maybe it could have even more options for customization directly in the Hot custom shop, but actually one can specify additional customization options via email anyway.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Amps is of very high quality and moreover it is also covered by three years warranty and the custom shop has really great services. So I am not afraid of problems. I have this amp for one month only. But the quality can be seen everywhere inside as well as outside. I perform live rarely but for sure I would depend on it at all.

Features — 9
Hot Bassguy is 25W one channel class AB all tube boutique fully hand-made and hand-wired guitar amp made by point-to-point technology. It has also "hand-written" front (control) panel. It can be fully customized - tubes, tolex, front grid and so on. As a preamp tube serves one 5751. Power amp tubes are one ECC81(12AT7) and two 6V6. In the rectifier GZ34 is present.

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    Vabolo wrote: So, you enjoy having a Hot Bassguy in your house?
    Boom ,headshot ! Seems like a cool amp , but it wouldn't fit my style
    Hi! I am enjoying it a lot however not at home but in the rehearsal room, because it's quite loud amp. Actually, HOT Custom Shop currently introduces two new class-A versions (my Bassguy is class-AB) 15 and 28W. If I will have money and no other plans I would buy 15W for my home playing.
    Made in the Czech Republic; Is good amp. Is better than Marshall for the Rocking and the Rolling. Amp is best for getting you number 1 sexy time after show.
    So even Eastern Europe is jumping on the boutique band wagon? I paid $500 for my Sovtek head new (Made in Russia) in 1996 and it is also hand wired. It's was probably hard-wired because it was cheaper than designing a PC board. Today it's considered boutique and they charge more for it. Sovteks are great amps by the way. Russian engineers are good at being efficient and cheap.