Nano Legacy Freeman B review by Hotone

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  • Features: 8
  • Sound: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 5 (2 votes)
Hotone: Nano Legacy Freeman B

Purchased from: none (tried it at Music China Shanghai Expo 2017)

Features — 8
✪ Sound inspired by a famous boutique UK-style high gain amp head
✪ Extremely compact configuration for portability
✪ High quality tone with Volume and Gain controls
✪ 3 Band EQ controls for shaping your tone
✪ Speaker out can automatically fit cabinets of different impedances (4-16Ω)
✪ FX LOOP for using external effects
✪ Headphone output jack is very convenient for practicing and recording
✪ Aux In jack can let you play with an external music player
✪ 18V DC power supply (Adapter included)
✪ Power Output: 5 Watts
✪ Dimensions: 128mm (W) x 75mm (D) x 59.5mm (H)
✪ Weight: 440 g

Sound — 8
I play classic rock tunes a lot, so a Marshall type of amp is definitely a must-have. Friedman BE 100 definitely fits my style of playing. I tried that Freeman B at Music China Shanghai Expo 2017. I just left every knob at the max. Guitar straight in, no effects all. Just the guitar and the amp, like those old-time heroes cranking their Marshall to the fullest.
Then, it works surprisingly well! A little bit out my expectation. I mean for the price, the size, it is really IMPRESSIVE to get that sound.
Dynamic, touch sensitive, cleans up nice with the volume knob as you would associate with that type of amp and that type of playing style.
I used a strat with a humbucker, and rocked some Van Halen riffs on it. It does felt a little bit "brown". Maybe it doesn't brown like the BE-100 does. But that is a $3000+ piece of gear. It would be unfair that to compare those two, and demand the Hotone one to sound like his big brother. But to mention it, Freeman B does cut through the NOISY environment at the expo, which is pretty amazing.

Reliability & Durability — 9
The metal case feels pretty solid. It looks like it can be taken on the road and it would probably last through your whole tour. The most important thing is that, it is extremely compact. You can surely carry one just in your pocket, no kidding! Imagine the back pain you will avoid after substituting this little head with those heavy amp head in your rig. Grab and go, then rock! That's just the way you roll with these guys, right! It's not like you need backup for this thing, by the way, you totally can, it is not that expensive. But you can totally take this as a backup to your actual rig. Jack it in the can, then it's on the go. Yeah, it is that simple.

Overall Impression — 9
After all, it is a amp worth buying. It would just give you the "Brown" experience for only around 100 bucks! Guys, Guys! That's a good deal! The dynamic and touch-sensitive response, the compact size, the solid casing, the price, the sound. I mean what more can you ask, right? If you are a classic rock fan, a Marshall geek, but sometimes troubled by the inconvenience of a regular sized amp head, for height, the size, the extremely, neighborhood-unfriendly loudness,then this amp is a Definitely Must-Have. Just go check it out! You will be amazed the way i was.

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    Just got the news that Hotone has changed the name of this product to "Freeze B". Could be some copyright issue for those guys. But it doesn't change the fact that it's a great product!