Statesman Dual EL84 50W Head review by Hughes & Kettner

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.3 (4 votes)
Hughes & Kettner: Statesman Dual EL84 50W Head

Price paid: A$ 1299

Purchased from: Guitar world Nerang

Sound — 9
I'm playing a Cole Clark Mistress (excellent australian made guitar with coil tappable humbuckers. Every humbucking guitar should have this!) I play a variety of styles from blues, funk, rock, heavy rock and an occasional foray into metal. The clean channel is just beautiful it has a lush sparkly tone that is just sooo pleasing to the ear. Crank the volume to 11 oclock and it starts to break up beautifully. The reverb is perfect, sooo shimmery. Hit the twang button and use the bridge pickup and you've got a really cool blues/funk/country tone. One of the nicest clean channels I've heard. The overdrive channel is no less impressive. Set the gain at 9 oclock and you've got a really nice dirty blues tone, crank it to 12 and you've got some serious zeppelin crunch, 3 and you've got acdc power crunch, hit the boost button at full gain and its roars like a Vintage Marshall (maybe better). The only thing I can say bad about it is you can't really get serious hi gain metal tones out of this amp. Although that is not a flaw because the statesman never pretends to be a metal amp. If you mainly play metal don't buy this amp. It also hisses a bit too much, could be my leads or guitar though.

Overall Impression — 9
Really good amp here, I've been playing for ten years and had a variety of amps. And for the price ($1299) this is one of the best I've played. Would recomend to anyone who plays any style except for super hi gain metal. If stolen I would definately buy a new one. Pros-Looks great, feature packed, amazing clean and overdriven tones, made in Germany. Cons-needs just a bit more gain, hisses a bit too much.

Reliability & Durability — 9
Cant really comment as I've only had it for a week. Seems really well built though, most things built in germany are.

Features — 9
The Hughes And Kettner Statseman Head is a 50w all tube Vintage style head with two independent channels. It is powerd by 2 el34 power tubes. I'm running it through a Hughes And Kettner 2x12 cab with rock eminence speakers specially made for Hughes And Kettner. It features a beautiful sounding spring reverb which can be adjusted via a knob on the back to effect either the clean or overdrive channels (very usefull when you want reverb on clean but not on overdrive!). It features an effects loop which can be set to series or parallel (also very useful). The clean channel has a twang button, which does just that and the overdrive channel features a boost button which gives you that extra bit of gain for when you really want it to scream. Looks wise it is beautiful, with a dark moron vynil lining and gold flecked light brown face its stunning to look at, sooo Vintage and cool.

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    perhaps 9s are a bit too high considering? for example on reliability & impression and sound?? Otherwise, nice review
    The Statesman EL84 combos (40 and 60 watt) have the best cleans of any amp for under $2000. However, I've never really seen them overdriven to any real degree. Judging from your review, I would say the same thing I have been saying about the combos, that jazz, folk, soft rock and blues players should definitely look into them because the cleans are just so transparent. For a combination of the quality of cleans and price, they whip a Deluxe Reverb.