Trilogy Head review by Hughes & Kettner

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (19 votes)
Hughes & Kettner: Trilogy Head

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Sound — 10
I've played this amp useing a Jackson RR5, Rickenbacker 600 and an Epiphone Les Paul Custom and with each one the amp sounds brutal, it even makes the les paul sound amazing. the clean channel just sounds realy smooth and gentle, when the sparkle switch is pressed it brings up the high end and makes it sound more bright and lively. the crunch channel does just what it says on the tin, gives you a great low end crunch and the boost switch gives it that little but extra gain which is useful for when a chorus kicks in. Both lead and ultra modes are amazing for metal. I have found that the lead channel works well for metal riffs and big shredding solos, but personaly I kick in the ultra button for the big rough riffs as it brings up all the gain I could ever want and also brings up the bottom end giving it good low end, ass shattering, crunch. this amp just sounds great, I wish you all had one.

Overall Impression — 10
I play mainly metal and this amp just leaves me speachless, ever since I saw amon amarth play in england I've been wanting one of these amps. This amp is almost perfection (only real fault is me being picky ha ha). If it was stolen I would hunt down that son of a whore and kill him wildly then his family. I love this amp so much. I could be moving 2 canada soon and this is one of the amps I am definitly taking with me.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I've had no problems with reliability or durability, I've cranked it up loud and it just keeps wanting more, I don't think this thing will ever break as long as I look after it. I would definitly gig without a backup (just so long as I knew the tubes werent about 2 die).

Features — 9
This is my first review so give me some slack. This amp is just amazing. 4 tubes of 100 watt power. It has 3 channels, even though the website says it has four channels it realy only has 3, but each has a Switch which boosts the power ("sparkle" for the clean channel, "boost" for the crunch and "ultra" for the lead). Each of these channels sounds great and the addition of the boost I can get for each makes each channel that little more crisper and brighter. The amp came with a 4 channel selector Switch which changes betweent the clean, crunch, lead and ultra which is a nice touch. I do have a couple of complaints though, for one thing there is no controls to modify the ultra "channel" aside from changing the gain (the EQ stays the same as the lead Channel), I would love to have more control over the tone of this and also I realy wish there was a way to turn on the sparkle and boost modes on the footswitch it came with so I don't have to go to my amp and push the button myself. I use this amp for mainly playing metal and it does this great, it just sounds huge even at low volumes.

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    HEll yeah. Did you try out the WarpX? I couldn't afford one of these things. There's not many second handers goin round either.
    Na never tryed the warpX, just went straight for this beast. I made up a dream rig for myself a while back this was the amp which i had my heart set upon so i saved up like a jew (expression, i have nothing against the jewish comunity). PRS comes next (in 5 years when ive saved enough money).
    what bands do you think this amp can sound like besides amon amarth...though i like them...
    Is this amp amp good for ANY style of music? Like is it REALLY good?! Or does the cleans just pass by and its the gain channel thats gives it the cudos?
    This amp is amazing, it does everything i want it to do. Its very clear and crisp, so some of my friends who are more sloppy at playing find this makes all their mistakes more defined.
    taylorfrey66 wrote: what bands do you think this amp can sound like besides amon amarth...though i like them...
    I'm pretty sure Killswitch Engage use these heads.
    lyonk55 wrote: taylorfrey66 wrote: what bands do you think this amp can sound like besides amon amarth...though i like them... I'm pretty sure Killswitch Engage use these heads.
    Killswitch Engage uses Hughes & Kettner TriAmps.
    NoradZ wrote: alex lifeson from rush used one of these
    he uses Triamps