TB100H review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 6 (24 votes)
Ibanez: TB100H

Price paid: $ 600

Purchased from: N/A

Sound — 10
The sound is excellent but I'm bummed its not as loud as I thought. It fits my style perfectly. It's a half stack so it's meant to be loud so the volumes have to be about 5 to reach good tone. You only get bad feed back when the gain and vol. Are too high and that's reasonavle.

Overall Impression — 10
I'm now in a hardcore/screamo band and this amp does wonderd for our sound. I play through a Ibanez S370 in CGCFAD and a Tom Delonge Strat DADGBE and both those guitars go well with the amp for my ideal sound. I just wish it could be a tad bit louder.

Reliability & Durability — 8
I use this amp daily, I think it may have to be mic'ed when I play a show cause it's not as loud as I thought.

Features — 8
This is a solid state half stack by Ibanez, I really like this amp alot because it has the crunch I always wanted. I don't like middle sound so I turn that to about 1 or 2 and it comes with a footswitch and it has boost, channel, midshift and reverb what I figured out is you turn the middle on the overdrive channel way down then stomp on mid shift and its like turning the mid. knob way up. That is a cool feature.

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    yeah sound like a nice amp. id like 2 get 1 of those. its just that im not sure if it loud enough. So if im playin outside or for 200 ppl, is it loud enough???
    its 100 freaking watts of course its loud enoughf :s and if you're playing a gig it will probably get miced(not shure of spelling) anyway
    this amp is loud enough for most medium to large venue gigs, and has great tone at low volumes too. I have the TB100H on top of two cabs with celestion vintage in them, it gets great overdrive and is plenty loud enough to play outside.
    I've got this amp too, and it's great for what I need it for. I'm not actually in a band or anything, but I bought it used, so it's not like I paid a fortune for an something unnecessary. I agree that I don't like the middle channel, so I leave it down at 1 or 2 also. Since I just use it at home, I can barely ever put it up past 2 or 3 on the volume knob cause it's so loud. I haven't ran any effects through it yet either, but I'm hoping that they will sound good also. I would buy one new, and actually Ibanez updated their amps since I bought mine, and since the one in the picture, so I'm sure they've just gotten better.
    I gotta get me one of these, played it the other day, almost sounds like a tube amp! great reviews!
    Well, the amp sounds great, but I think it needs a noise gate between the head and the cabinet, not in the fx loop because it doesn't make any difference in there. Then you can't get a digital guitar processor, you need to get single pedals for every effect
    How is the clean channel on this amp? Does it distort at high volumes? Cause I need a solid clean channel for my band and then some heavy distortion.
    Hey, i've been looking at a head like this one, only it's a TBX 150H, is that a good amp head? metal style \,,/
    Yes, the TBX150H is good for metal. I own a TBX150H and it's amazing. You get a lot of distortion. I have the gain knob at the middle when using my jackson randy rhoads ( Jackson pickups ). When playing in my house, I play with Volume at level 2, and it's still a little bit loud. Last time I played with it in a party, I had the volume at level 5 and it was sooooo loud. Great amp! I heard that the TBX series replased TB series.