TB100R review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.8 (16 votes)
Ibanez: TB100R

Purchased from: Toms River Music

Sound — 10
This amp is absolutely perfect for my style of playing. The clean channel is great, but just slighty harsh, but nothing that can't be fixed with a little tweaking of the knobs. I like to use a lot of gain with it and it puts out wonderfully. If you can describe this in one words it would be "versatile." You can get any type of sound out of this, like I said anything can be accomplished with a little tweaking. It is not very noisy unless you don't have good string control. The ditortion is absolutely crushing. It can cut through nicely and it's just terrific.

Overall Impression — 10
I saw this thing in the store and that was it. The amp has a nice, brutal look to it, but nice and simple, nothing too fancy, just crushing sound.

Reliability & Durability — 9
This thing is a tank. Very strong. I would use it without a backup. I trust the Ibanez name undoubtedly.

Features — 9
I am pretty sure this amp was made in 2003. This amp is great in my styles of playing, It has the ultimate sound I have always looked for. It has 100-120 watts, 2x12" PowerJam speakers at 8ohms, 2 channels, each with its own gain, reverb, and it has volume control, and both with a bass, mid, treble, and "presence" EQ's. It isn't too heavy. The jacks include an input, effects loop, (which is really great for pedal boards, pedals, etc) and headphone jack (but I won't use it). It has these great reccesed handles on both sides (great for carrying around but I would suggest having two people it is rather heavy for one person). It's got casters (or wheels whatever you want to call them) to use to wheel it around wherever you want. Closed back to help project the sound and protect from dust and unwanted particles. I actually am really fond of the footswitch. It's got a nice design on the front of it with the famous "Ibanez" logo. You can switch the clean/overdrive channels, reverb on/off, mid shift on/off (it's great for switching from heavy rhythm to cutting leads).

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    I have Ibanez Tb50r amp 50w. And that amp is amazing!!! sound is kickass, i am really happy with that amp, i like very like distortion sound it's sound really rock and even can handle metal sound. that amp is great and well build. my amp have 1x12 speaker, my speakers are great, i have vox ad30vt and have a lot of experience with roland cube 30x but this two amps can't stand closer near my ibanez tb50r, i dont like vox and roland this amp sound not so good on stage, ibanez tb series amp have BALLS sound is huge, just like 4x12 cab hah... i always keep bass on max and its work perfect, if you have bass on 50% on that amp sound will not so good, this is the secret of that amp, always keep bass on distortion chanel on max - 100%. Now i am seaching for buy ibanez tb100r with 2x12 i think that will be truly bomb sound! rock on people!
    ive got an ibanez rg370dx and it rocks. im going to look into this amp it looks cool. rock on! =)
    ibanez kix ass, they're good for any type of playing, (except classical and traditional music), they're necks or soo easy 2 play on, the stock pick ups r amazing, my ibanez gax30 which was my first guitar has amazing sound, now i have an epiphone sg and i regret getting, i should've gotten an iceman, which i'm getting in october, and i want 2 get this amp with it, it would sound so mega!!
    Prince Albert
    i found one used at the local guitar shop for $200... as soon as i plugged in i fell in love, i have to have it
    OttovanZanten : erm, 1 question =P what can you control with the footswitch, channel + reverb + ? "boost", "channel", "mid-shift", "reverb"
    or maybe ive got an other model.. foget about what i just wrote...
    the distortion is terrible in my opinion but the clean tone to this amp is amazing. I'm getting like twin reverb-ish cleans out of this thing. idk how...
    My last comment was made in 2009 and i have some updates on this amp, no sense in writing a review. Like my last comment said the distortion was terrible but the cleans were pretty dang good and I found out why. First of all I plugged the amp into a bad power outlet and it instantly fried the amp...had it checked out by a pro, even then it was pronounced dead. I got to thinking about doing something with the speakers so I took the amp out, sawed off the top of the cabinet and I made the combo into a 2x12 speaker cab for my JCM2000 head. The first time I plugged the marshall in to the speakers the clean was great...the overdrive however sounded like the old ibanez amp. So the point I'm getting at is that the actual TB100R amp portion is kickass when paired with good speakers. The speakers in this combo are absolutely horrible so if you stumble across one of these and you're thinking about it keep this in mind.