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manufacturer: Ibanez date: 12/20/2005 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Ibanez: TB100R
100 watt combo guitar amp with reverb, Two footswitchable discrete channels (clean and crunch)w/independent active 3-band EQ and level controls.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
 Reliability & Durability: 8.5
 Features: 9.5
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overall: 9.5
TB100R Reviewed by: Angus Malmsteen, on december 20, 2005
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Purchased from: Toms River Music

Features: I am pretty sure this amp was made in 2003. This amp is great in my styles of playing, It has the ultimate sound I have always looked for. It has 100-120 watts, 2x12" PowerJam speakers at 8ohms, 2 channels, each with its own gain, reverb, and it has volume control, and both with a bass, mid, treble, and "presence" EQ's. It isn't too heavy. The jacks include an input, effects loop, (which is really great for pedal boards, pedals, etc) and headphone jack (but I won't use it). It has these great reccesed handles on both sides (great for carrying around but I would suggest having two people it is rather heavy for one person). It's got casters (or wheels whatever you want to call them) to use to wheel it around wherever you want. Closed back to help project the sound and protect from dust and unwanted particles. I actually am really fond of the footswitch. It's got a nice design on the front of it with the famous "Ibanez" logo. You can switch the clean/overdrive channels, reverb on/off, mid shift on/off (it's great for switching from heavy rhythm to cutting leads). // 9

Sound: This amp is absolutely perfect for my style of playing. The clean channel is great, but just slighty harsh, but nothing that can't be fixed with a little tweaking of the knobs. I like to use a lot of gain with it and it puts out wonderfully. If you can describe this in one words it would be "versatile." You can get any type of sound out of this, like I said anything can be accomplished with a little tweaking. It is not very noisy unless you don't have good string control. The ditortion is absolutely crushing. It can cut through nicely and it's just terrific. // 10

Reliability & Durability: This thing is a tank. Very strong. I would use it without a backup. I trust the Ibanez name undoubtedly. // 9

Overall Impression: I saw this thing in the store and that was it. The amp has a nice, brutal look to it, but nice and simple, nothing too fancy, just crushing sound. // 10

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overall: 9
TB100R Reviewed by: ark, on may 21, 2004
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Price paid: $ 410.01

Features: - 100watts - 2 12inch power jam speakers at 8ohms - 2 channels, each with its own reverb, gain, and volume control, and both with a bass, mid, treble eq, weighs about 33lbs, jacks include an input (duh), effects loop, and headphone jack - Reccesed handles on both sides - Casters for wheeling around - Closed back to help project the sound - Unpluggable power cable - Foot pedal included in a metal chasis for switching clean/overdrive channels, reverb on/off, mid shift on/off(awesome feature for solos), and boost on/off (no controls on boost but does a fine job cutting through with added vol and gain // 10

Sound: This amp is very simple and loud, it does a great job with its distortion...also a reminder that this is a new age amp, it does not try to mimic vintage sounds and does a great job matching new age music. I give it a 5/5 bc its an amp that does everythign you need it to and isnt cluttered with extra options and features that I will never used. The sound is amazingly good for the price. I play a lot of things from plain old rock, to alternative, grunge, punk, blues, jazz. I went out looking for an amp with good clean sounds and didnt want to go for a tube due to its need for maintainence. Price was not too big an issue, about 100Watts was what i was lookign for. THe cleans on this amp is really really good, its a little different from a Fender clean tone but this amps purpose isnt to copy anything, but to invent its own...i liked. Each note is clear and sparkling, access to the 3 band eq does wonders, and the gain option is great for adding a little bit of overdrive when playing louder and harder, the boost feature on clean allows this amp to have a blues style soloing sound. The low end of this amp is insane, the jam speakers are optimized to accomodate lower tunings and bass presence, it does a great job. The overdrive channel is what got me to enjoy this amp, initially i was planning to get a good sounding clean amp and use pedals (boss metal zone MT-2) to get the distortion, but suprisingly enough the drive settings on this amp gave me the sounds that i needed. Its awesome, the price made it harder to resist, 100 watts of good clean and overdrive tones for less then 600 CAD is awesome. At high volumes the tone is still very consistent, the cleans start to break a bit on 8 but its not noticable. I havnt tried it any louder or else my hosue might break down, this amp is LOUD! The reverb option is subtle, even at full its nothign but a small echo in the back, it sounds great on the cleans, but being the only effect on this amp they could have made it a lot more versatile. I give it a 4, bc its affordable for one thing and very simple which is good in some ways and not so great in others...like i said a more versatile reverb would make it a 5, but it lacks versatility. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I've had Ibanez guitars before and ive never had any issues with them. Im very careful with my equipment so I don't see anythign blowing up or breaking anytime soon. The features such as removable power plug is great, it insures that the cable doesnt get frayed or bent out of shape. However, the amp is covered in a material (i dotn know the name of it) that seems it might rip easily, i havnt tried, and I don't want to. The washers also are made of plastic, it hasn't failed me yet but its omethign i keep my eye on. Other then that, it seems very solid, the closed back and the stability of the unit is great, Ill give it a 4. HIgher quality washers would be great. // 8

Overall Impression: Overall this is a great amp, I love it, it does everything I need it to do, the distortion is versatile and thick when I want it to be, the foot pedal has all the features that i need and is durable to stomp on! This amp includes all you need for a straight up new rock sound, with no digital bullshit to get in the way, this thing is a beast and super loud! overall impression has to be a 5, probably the best amp for someone who needs somethign loud, fresh, and simple. // 10

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