TB15R review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.6 (23 votes)
Ibanez: TB15R

Price paid: $ 40

Purchased from: Hermes Music, Mcallen, TX

Sound — 9
My setup is a Ibanez GIO b/w with a DigiTech Death Metal distortion pedal, the sound pretty good cause you can get a lot of different sounds from it(not that is the Line 6 POD but anyway), the only bad thing I have found from this amp is that if you turn the treble, gain and volume knob to 10 you can get some serious feedback, but for me that's ok cause I mostly play metal and heavy rock so it's good for me but maybe bad for you.

Overall Impression — 9
When I saw this amp I thought that it would be a great begginers amp so I decided buying it and I haven't regret it so far, and it has really helped me a lot since I started. And sorry for putting this on the wrong place.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I buyed this amp from a cousin for 40 bucks and he had it for almost 4 years then I have had it for 1 and 6 months maybe so it has lasted a lot so I think this is very durable amp.

Features — 10
This amp is perfect for practicing it has the basic things and it's not that heavy. This amp has only 2 channels Overdrive and Clean, the overdrive channel has a volume knob and a gain knob, the clean channel has only a volume, plus a middle, treble, bass, and reverb knobs. It also has 3 1/4" jacks on it, one for your guitar, one for jamming along with music, and other one for playing silently with headphones so neighbours don't go nuts and go to your house asking you to turn your amop off (thing that has happened to me various times). This amp also has this 8" jam speaker instead of normal 7" or 6" speaker, and the design is a closed back cabinet.

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    Best amp for the price. I got it new for 75Euro. The build-in distortion is pretty crappy but the clean channel will blow you away. I use it with zoom G2 pedal, an Ibanez RGR321EX and it sounds great.
    I've played bass on this thing for a year now. I know, not the smartest idea, but it hasn't blown yet. It just happened to sound way better than my actually bass amp. Now with my new electric guitar it's better than ever. For some reason it cuts out when I use my multi-effects pedal with overdrive, but other than that it's amazing.
    I paid $43.34 after tax for this at a pawn shop. Like a dummy I walked out without realizing that you can't use the Gain knob on the clean channel. Because of that I far more enjoy my nephew's little Epiphone 10 watt sucker that allows Gain to be used on clean channel. The unit is roughly 13" x 13" x 7.5" and weighs approx 15 pounds, and a 5 foot power cord. Pretty nice mock leather cabinet with sturdy rounded corners screwed on. If you're gf is humping this thing across a parking lot at a roadhouse gig her fingers might get sore 'cause there's not much hand room on the sturdy handle, but it's sturdy. This Ibanez TB15R is a 15 watt amp. The 22 watt number on the back is the power input it consumes, and I'm sure some people are out there thinking that 22 watts is the output-- it isn't. And the headphone jack is invaluable and great, I love it. If you're a kid tell your momma that on headphones it's not consuming near as much energy-- it's a white-face lie, but tell her anyway. That being said this sucker sure can kick ass in a roaring way. The Middle and Reverb dials really deliver-- I don't know the audio science about what those two knobs do but hell's bells things really get super crisp and I guess you's call it echoish. Turn those two knobs all the way up and it'll make the rankest player have a Guitar God moment. I'll be looking for another like this that doesn't lock me out of the Gain knob on clean channel; I'm just sick about that issue, and the mofo electronics guru Tech here in the area won't link the clean channel into the Gain pot for less than $130, the shyster mofo! A plus is that it's great with even a cheap Casio keyboard mic plugged in, but it's totally a PA if you do that. And I swear on microphone all the controls apply, so that's a plus for budding Rodger Daltrys and Joan Jetts. No tellin' what a quality mic could pull from this. Believe me I tried to pigtail a guitar and mic to it and the guitar goes cardboard box tone dead, gets canceled out in favor of the mic. And you can't pigtail two guitars out of it either-- just thought I'd throw that in for the little beginner garage bands, it ain't happenin' kids, ya'll gotta get your own rigs, lol. I would in no way have bought this sucker for the Amazon price of $139.95. No way, not for an 8 inch speaker on a unit that cancels the Gain knob out of the clean channel. But that's just me.