JCA50H & JCA24S Half-Stack review by Jet City Amplification

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (3 votes)
Jet City Amplification: JCA50H & JCA24S Half-Stack

Price paid: $ 719

Purchased from: Various/Online

Sound — 9
I have used this face melter with two LTD EC-1000s. One is SD JB/59 equipped, the other active EMG 81/60s.

Both of these guitars should please the rock metal crowd, and sound quite different. With a Bad Monkey used as a boost - this amp ROARS with ball-crushing modern metal mayhem. Without it - it does a slightly more traditional metal tone ala the Coheed songs I enjoy playing. Pinch harmonics fly off both guitars and the most I've cranked the pregain is 6-7. The EQ has to be dimed differently for the EMGs as the 81 is quite trebly, whereas the passives are more evened out. This amp has been able to deliver on all fronts for me, and can really dial in a lot of different levels of crunch, all while having a nice Marshall-esque tone.

The amp is quiet - although there is a constant tube hum when the distortion starts getting dimed out. The clean channel is crisp - but rather dry. With an EHX Holy Grail reverb thrown in, it really spices the amp up. The clean channel is extremely versatile, with it being able to go from extremely clean to AC/DC crunch.

This is going to be a short section for the cabinet, JCA24S: for $219, this thing CANNOT be beat. IT has 2 custom Eminence Legends that are relatively tone neutral. They don't really break up, they just push sound through. I'm very, very happy with this cabinet - I can't see myself selling it, even if I upgrade to a 4x12 or a more expensive 2x12.

TL:DR Does crystally cleans to Brad Paisley to br00tz w/ an OD. Cabinet delivers the goods.

Overall Impression — 8
This amp is built for any variety of rock music. The effects loop is the one downfall, but still manages to deliver. I've been playing for 5 years or so, and this is my first tube amp. I compared it to a lot of Peavey stuff, and for the price point of $719 for a quarter stack - nothing else came close - not even on the used market.

The effects loop is a bit of an annoyance - but it works with Line 6 effects modellers very well. A great plug n play amp, or if you use rack effects. Even with stompboxes run into the amp its quiet w/ a noise gate (every guitarsit should own one anyway). I love this amp, and would be very proud to bring it on stage with me. The distortion channel rocks and deliver a huge range of heavy tones - a great package for a small amount of money.

It beat out the Peavey 6505+, XXX, and Classic 30 in price and sound for me. The sounds were just right, and the price couldn't be beat. Get out there and join the legion of players plugging into Jet City amplifiers!

Reliability & Durability — 10
I haven't gigged it with a backup as I'm bandless. It is solid, all the knobs are tight, the tolex is great looking.

I would gig this amp without a second thought or a backup. It is still under 6 months old, so there isn't a whole lot to be said in this section.

Features — 6
This is my first review - and this amp gets recommended a lot so heres my shot at it:

Made in 2011, Jet City is a new amp company based off of designs by the famous Mike Soldano of Soldano amplifiers fame. I am primarily a hard rock and metal player - think Coheed & Cambria, Metallica, Paramore, and Alexisonfire. This amp does a great job at hitting all of these sounds.

It is a two channel rocker with a one button footswitch, an effects loop, and 4/8/16 ohm outputs. I use this amp as a bedroom practicer and a Jam amp - it easily keeps up with a loud drummer.

The effects loop is notoriously quiet - as its designed for rack style effects, rather than stompboxes. This is only slightly annoying. The two channels are on the same EQ, limiting live sound a little bit. Simplicity was and is the key to Soldano designs, however.

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    Hey man, how do you use your bad monkey with this amp? in front or in the loop?
    This amp ripppsss!!! smokes my dual rectifier for tone and clarity. the best buy of my life!!