Black Gold 15 review by Kendrick

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 4.5 (2 votes)
Kendrick: Black Gold 15

Sound — 10
I use it with two dissimilar NOS power tubes: a Mullard EL37 and a Siemens EL34, sometimes I'll swap in a old black plate Tung Sol 6550 or a Genelex KT66. This versatility and ability to custom shape my own sound is way cool. I play a 66 tele or a 97 Hendrix Voodoo Strat. I also have a project Strat I designed and had expertly assembled and they all sound great through the BG 15.There's not a bad sound to be had here!

Overall Impression — 10
I really love my Kendrick amp, my guitars are strung only with Kendrick pure nickel strings and I use only the Klotz La Grange cable of which Kendrick is the sole US distributor. I've been playing for decades now but I quit the pro scene in the 90s. I play blues, reggae, melodic pop, and a whole lot of original stuff.I have a 73 Fender Twin that I had Kendrick "blackface" for me and it is a monster now. I put two of those SRO 'coffe can' alnico spkrs in it as I like a lot of headroom and the smooth top those spkrs provide. I usually will run my guitar into Input one of the Vibrato channel and a line out of Input two to the Kendrick, which I have jumpered the two channels on. Talk about tone! I get the oomph and tight low end of the Twin with the singing mids and top of the Black Gold 15. I often jump the BG's two Fane spkrs in series and use the spare ext out to power a Weber alnico 15" in a custom cab.That makes 2-10", 2-12", and one 15" spkr, which moves a lot of air. It may sound like a lot of firepower for my living room but as Gerald Weber, Kendrick's founder and President likes to say "Anything worth doing is worth OVERdoing!" Google 'Kendrick Amplifiers' today!

Reliability & Durability — 10
These amps are simplicity itself even though they use a combo of PTP and PC board wiring. There is little that can go wrong and Kendrick amps are as well known for their jaw-dropping tone and durability as the company is known for world-class customer service.The super clean detailing, perfect assembly, and too-hip design make this amp a real stand-out. It doesn't weigh a ton, either.

Features — 10
The amp was made to order in spring of 2001 and is a dual channel combo amp with separate output transformers, 2x10 Fane ceramic spkrs and an awesome 3 knob onboard reverb in a 100 yr old pine cabinet covered in black Tolex. Came stock with a GT 6V6 and GT EL34 in the power section. The tubes are self-biasing so I can run any combination of power tubes I want to get a truly personalized tone. The preamp section is all 12A*7 and I use a 5751 in the V1 slot. Rated at 15 watts with both Clean and Lead channels operating, it sounds much louder than you'd think and quite capable of medium volume gigs if you run an efficient ext spkr with it. Very feature-rich for it's size and price, ESP when you consider what it would cost to buy a separate outboard reverb tank to get this quality and tonal control of the reverb sounds.

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