Krankenstein review by Krank

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 4
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 7.8 (62 votes)
Krank: Krankenstein

Price paid: $ 1200

Purchased from: Guitar center

Sound — 9
Great sound again mainly for metal. I think it's way better than mesa's. it's really easy to get the sound where you like it too. I use custom SG3 with EMG's and omg it sounds really amazing. it's a little noisy when you got full gain and kranked up past 6. You can make a lot of different sounds with it, never gets boring. The distortion is so brutal there is no need for any distortion pedal at all.

Overall Impression — 6
Looks real nice I can see why dethklok uses them. they are real good with EMG's. it looks really nice if you have the money for the full stack. I like Krank it's a really good brand of amps. I used Krank for about 2 years and I get a lot of comments from ppl at shows. ii play lead guitar in Kings of Destiny. If if got stolen I would definately buy the same one in a hurry. and I still wish it had Dsp.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I haven't had any problem with it. It accedently got knocked off my cab by a buddy of mine(drunk). I had to replace one tubes. so that should tell you. It is a really dependable amp. If it has Krank written on it it's dependable. never failed on me yet, and it never will.

Features — 4
Its pretty nive especialy for metal the clean is ok too. I bout this a couple of moths ago and have played 5 or 6 shows with it. it is an awesome amp over all. The 2 channels work real well. A footswitch is really good with it. I wish it had Dsp Effects but I can make up for that with pedals. And it deffinately has enough power you can break windows easily, car windows. Really awesome. Great overall tube amp

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    wow. i cant believe i just sat hear for 10 minutes and read every single comment posted in the hope of finding a decent review before making a 1500 purchase... 1. everyone has opinions... they might not be yours so get over it 2. it sounds like crap... honestly, how does this help a potential buyer? WHY does it sound like crap? mids? highs? come on, elaborate. please waste a second of your life and be DESCRIPTIVE/HELPFUL. 3. dime was a decent, maybe great player but by no means a guitar god to be worshiped and exalted by all. i understand he may be your hero, but seriously grow-up. my hero used to be tom morello before i found gilbert or any of the amazing guitarists that havent found an audience OUTSIDE of fellow guitarists as did dime. 4. i believem the only helpful comment on hear was the one about amon amarth. at least i can get an idea of what tones are possible by comparison. thanks for wasting my life guys. flame away guys. im ready... tear down my opinions like i care what you have to say.
    LOL, Im new here but Ive probably been playing longer than most of you have been alive. I was looking for intelligent reviews on this head...still looking! I actually played on one of these but didnt have enough time to tweak it much. This head is amazing. I think krank haters are inexperienced players who want the "line 6" instant gratification. (I have a line6 spider3 btw) A good tube amp is and should be a complex beast. The EQ in addition to the "SWEEP" function should be painstakingly dialed until YOUR voice is found. I had limited time to mess with this head but still found several distinct & usable sounds. I personally relish the "peel your face off" tones. I will buy this amp because I really just want to simplify my rig. I'm sick of buying tube amps only to have to put some kind of fuzz box in there to smash the front end of the amp. Ive played carvin amps since 89 or so & they are great "classic rock" amps but Im a metal guy & want a metal amp. Peavey has been doing the hi gain thing for a while now along with all the "designer" amps & the tones are getting better & better. The krank stuff is yet another progression in the hi gain arena. Funny, Im a big Dime fan as many of us are. How do we measure who receives the "Guitar God" designation? Is it who has the most fans? Is it who sells the most records? Is it who can play the fastest? I dunno. I came up thru the middle 80s to the middle 90s & it was strictly who could play the fastest "Yngwie" scales who was considered relevant. In 2009, this mentality is laughable. Believe it or not, Dimes knowledge of the instrument was actually quite limited from a music theory standpoint. He was simply playing blues really fast but in such an original & devastating fashion and his rhythms were simply breathtaking. One word to describe Dime has to be "earthy". Down in the dirt earthy. No gods people, only originals. The best part is we are all originals, only human but original. Make no mistake, no one is particularly special. Anyone can learn to play the guitar given enough time. Anyone can learn to shred like Dime or whoever. People need to stop comparing one persons artistry to another persons. It is ART after all & should not be open to competition. Art simply exists, not good or bad, not to be judged but only accepted or rejected by the individual experiencing it. Nothing else needs to be said. Rant over. LOL
    Thurisaz : Lol, the comments from users on this page is hilariously dumb. Thanks for making me laugh my ass off. POSTED: 12/15/2009 - 01:26 am / quote |
    +1, so true
    Lol, the comments from users on this page is hilariously dumb. Thanks for making me laugh my ass off.
    I don't know whats wrong with all you people. but bashing someone then saying how this amp is s*** and all this doesn't help anyone. Why is the other amp better. What could be better on this amp? My mom could make better comments and reviews and she doesn't know a guitar from a bass.
    [quote]chouchen : First o fall Dimebag never used krank he used randall. Krank was made by a guy that quit randall, but the krankenstein is still really awesome and it is over rated but it is worth the money./quote] He did use Kranks when he was in DamagePlan. Why dont you all just grow up. Its an amp for **** sake. You dont like it ??? Find one you do like !!!! Quit bashing people to make yourselves feel big and cool and make yourselves look like you know something. Just shut the **** up !!!
    i like soad
    cokeisbetter wrote: And you spelled clean wrong. That's just inexcusable.
    kleen is how clean is spelt on the amp
    i played this at billy hyde with the krankenstein cab amazing. i nearly cried it sounded so effing good if i had maybe 2000 bucks i would buy this
    ok i personaly dont listen to that much pantera but i still respect dime and to the person who said the dude who killed dime didnt deserve to die anyone who is willing to kill another inocent person deserves death and nothing less
    First o fall Dimebag never used krank he used randall. Krank was made by a guy that quit randall, but the krankenstein is still really awesome and it is over rated but it is worth the money.
    MasterExploder0 wrote: Kleen? Is that short for Kleenex or something?
    dimebagdisciple wrote: holy shit you guys are rediculous this amp almost does have jesus like status for thrash metal it is like the holy grail almost if only it had reverb it would be the holy grail but i do agree no one can play a tube amp at such low volumes and it sound great i have 2 of these and they are amazing at more like 6 and up o and kleen is the way all krank amps spell clean
    except if you look where it says clean on the amp... CLEAN CHANNEL. this is a ludacris debate.
    Kleen? Is that short for Kleenex or something? Dimebag was good but he was nowhere near guitar god (Paul Gilbert ftw)
    To YDPBC... I totally agree, its like 'the view'. And fer gods sake, talk about childish. And about the amp, its not bad, the distortion could be stronger, clean could be sound better, but its kay. A mid ranged marshall is just as affordable though
    I've owned this amp with a Mesa Recto 4x12 since 2005. I agree with everything the reviewers have claimed. I bought this to play Death Metal/Melodic Metal. It has all I need and more. It was a little noisy when turned loud. Nothing a Hush Super C didn't take care of. As with any other high end tube amp. Sidenote - this forum just completely turned retarded with people who have either never tried this amp for any substantial amount of time or basically don't really care about the amp and just want to troll and flame.
    Tyler Durden
    1. over half of you must still be in your teens 2. any review will all 10's is a BS review, with zero credibility 3. opinions are like a$$holes, everyones got one
    Dark Aegis
    All of the bull shit name calling thats go on in here is basically the reason I barely use this site anymore. If you dont like the damn amp just say "hey I disagree" theres no reason to go on and on bashing everyone who has a different opinion. Bunch of high school drama bull shit.
    I tried one out extensively recently, and to be honest, it isn't worth 10s in every category. The distortion is more of a fizz and the midrange is way off. The clean channel ain't great either.
    well i find it funny that everyone complains about him spelling it with a "k" he also spelled it with 2 "e"s no one complained about that but yea it doesnt matter cause thats the way it spelled on the amp but its still interesting