Rev 4x12 Cab Review

manufacturer: Krank date: 03/07/2011 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Krank: Rev 4x12 Cab
I don't know the year, but it is an earlier model. It is 16 ohm mono, they now are 4 ohm or 16 ohm mono, or 8 ohm stereo.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
 Reliability & Durability: 10
 Features: 10
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overall: 9.8
Rev 4x12 Cab Reviewed by: Robbgnarly, on march 07, 2011
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Price paid: $ 999.99

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Features: I don't know the year, but it is an earlier model. It is 16 ohm mono, they now are 4 ohm or 16 ohm mono, or 8 ohm stereo. It is made of solid poplar oak, no crapy plywood here! Front loaded speakers. Removable grill and rear panel. 4 eminence Legend V 12 speakers. A very well made cab indeed, I doubt I'll ever buy another 4x12 cab in my life, maybe a speaker swap later on in it's life, but that's it. // 10

Sound: I have to say that I love this cab. you can tell a big diffrence between a plywood cab and an all wood cab. The Legend V 12 speakers are great very warm, balanced, round sound, nice bass responce with out being boomy, mids are very pronounced, and the highs are rolled off a bit. I have a Bugera 333 that I use and it sounds awesome through it, Huge! I also have a Line 6 SV HD 100 that sounds realy good through it also, way better than the Line 6 SV 4x12 w/ Celestion V30's. At low volumes it is nice but realy shines when you trun your amp up. And sound is very subjective topic any ways, to each his own. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This is the bet made cab I have used or own, and I have used and owned many( Laney TF 4x12, Laney 2x12 vertical, Marshall jcm 900 4x12, Marshall 1960A 4x12, Mesa recto 4x12, Mills Acoustics 4x12, Avatar contemporary 2x12) and although all have been very road worthy, the Krank is by far my favorite. // 10

Overall Impression: I play all types of music, but my personal favorite is Punk and Metal, wich this cab is more geared to. Even though this cab is extremly expensive, it is worth every penny.I wouldn't suggest this to the average player, because you can get a realy nice 2x12 or 4x12 that will sound good for way less $$. But if you are in an actual heavy giging/touring band, I would recomend this in a heart-beat. I would probably buy a Bogner uber cab if this were ever stolen, but thats even more pricey than this Krank. // 10

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