12 Gauge review by Kustom

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (14 votes)
Kustom: 12 Gauge

Price paid: $ 100

Purchased from: The Red Phish

Sound — 8
I use an Ibanez SA Series, with stock passive pickups. I play Hardcore and Death Metal, and it suits them well. It makes some noises, but that is most likely because I have it right next to a lot of electronics. There is a buzz on the lineout, but still probably because of all my electronics. It has very smooth cleans, but they tend to distort when you have the low up too high, when playing at loud volumes. The distortion is amazing, for the price. The distortion falls short of what is expected for death metal, but still quite good.

Overall Impression — 9
For death metal, and most other rock genres, it is a good match. Especially for the budget oriented beginner guitarist. I have been playing guitar two and a half years, and have been playing a year and a half with this amp. It is my only amp, and I won't be getting rid of it any time soon. If it were lost or stolen, I would probably get the comparable 2x12 amp. I love the distortion, it's the best part. A subtle reverb sounds good on the cleans too. When purchasing, I didn't compare it to any other amps, because I couldn't afford any others. But I have compared it to my friends' practice amps, and it blows their's out of the water. I wish it had a footswitch, and another channel. But all in all, more than I expected for $100.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I depend on it, I've had it over a year now and it has never broken yet, and shows no signs of doing it soon. It's built really sturdy. I've actually dropped it from the back of my car, accidentally of course, but it had no effect on the sound, only some scratches on the corner pads.

Features — 8
This amp is a 16 Watt solid state combo with a 12" speaker. It's very good starter amp. It takes effects well. I play a wide variety of music. There are two channels. Lead: Gain and Volume knobs. Clean: Volume knob. The basic three knob EQ (Low, Mid, and High knobs.) There are two effects on it, a decent reverb and a delay that pretty much sounds like a slower reverb. There is a Speaker, Lineout, Headphone, and a CD In jack.

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    Hey! I have this kind of amp, but without the reverb, and I totally agree, with the review you did rock on
    legend shredder
    i have this amp and its my first and its very good for the price i got it for (well my parets) which was somethin like Au$400. but i agree with the reviewer its a good starter amp
    This guitar has some horrible interference with all the Fluorescent lights in my house. I don't know if it's a fault of all amps or just this particular model. And the reverb and delay are usable, not the best.