Dual 30 RC review by Kustom

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (18 votes)
Kustom: Dual 30 RC

Price paid: $ 185

Purchased from: R&H Music Ohio

Sound — 9
I use Hamer Pickups through this and although they kinda sound a like Gibson's, its the sound I was shooting for. Country Music stars would love this Amp.. This amp is very touchy like someone mentioned before, this Amps Volume pot is wacky. One simple touch and your going deaf! I have never needed to turn more than half way! The Amp is Mainly a Reverb and Chorus Amp. I play Hard Rock Grunge Alternative/Metal, so I just leave the Chorus off. All I know is that when I play clean and then Switch to overdrive/distortion its real shocking because the difference is huge! Its an Amazingly crystal clear Amplifier. But thats probly due to the Celestion speaker sitting inside? I believe this Amp could possibly obtain the level of crunch most metal players are looking for; but to do so means alot of experimenting. Although it would be time consuming, I doubt it would ever let you down once you found the right setup. This is mainly a "rehearsal" Amp.(and trust me its loud enough). I really wouldn't tour any outside gigs with this; mainly because through personal experience, the Amp tends to bog out when the moisture settles in. BUT, other than that its a great studio/rehearsal amp. Awesome for recording. As I have already done with primitive PC equipment.

Overall Impression — 10
I think you get what you pay for. And me being the tone whore I am..well I got what was coming to me.. A really nice clean sounding rehearsal Amp. You could always get something with a lot more crunch or rumble, but for the clarity this celestion based Amp. Pumps out; you won't be let down by a purchase. (That is, if you know the difference between a rehearsal/recording Amp and a Gigging Amp). I do beleive this Amp would handle the abuse; I just wouldn't want it to get humid in the meantime). Now I just need to get me a 4x12 stack..

Reliability & Durability — 9
Reliability:Well like me and the other guy have experienced; it just doesn't act right under moist/humid conditions. Given that it is what it is; and using the amp properly, its probly one of the most clear Amp's you will find for indoor rehearsal/recording. It has a rugged leather shell with a rubber top strap. The front is covered in a lattice style mesh thats off-white (mine is anyhow).

Features — 10
Made in China BUT designed in the USA. It can Switch between Lead and Rhythm, hence the name Dual. The R stands for Reverb and the C stands for Chorus. 8 Dials for sound.(left to right)Gain(for Lead)-Volume(Controls both Lead and Rhythm)-Level(for Rhythm)Low(EQ for both)-Mid(EQ for both)-High(EQ for both)-Reverb(Effects for both if on)-Chorus(Effects for both if on). I mainly use this amp inside, it has plenty of power on a dry day, but when it's humid; it decides to bug out. It has a lot of jacks for accessories. On top:CD/Tape Input for recording.Guitar Input(Naturally)Headphones(quiet time/late night). Jacks on the rear of the Amp:(left to right)External speaker(For adding another speaker; just don't exceed the OHM limit!)Line Output(For adding a Pre-Amp) Effects Send & Return Jacks(For an effects loop using stomp boxes)and a Footswitch(For Pedal selection). Not bad, if you have the extra equipment to utilize them.

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    Well a lot of posts said its good for metal, but the last one says its not... so which is it?
    whats the problem with the moisture? I want to buy this piece but my home is really wet... will be much problem?
    It has an open back so moisture tends to get to the speaker and theres a noticeable difference in sound quality. If your house stays the same all year around then the sound would be the same.
    oh BTW this is analog and digital hybrid amp. and Its discontinued. So if you find one..ya might want ta keep it.