KGA10FX review by Kustom

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.7 (18 votes)
Kustom: KGA10FX

Price paid: $ 109.8

Purchased from: Live N' Loud (Local Store)

Sound — 9
I'm running a Blaze Stratocaster copy through this amp, sometimes with my Korg AX10G Multi-Effects processor, and it sounds fantastic. The Clean sound is nice, and very good for Red Hot Chili Pepper songs like Dani California, Californication and Under the Bridge. The distortion suits my hard rock/punk rock style very well, and if I want to play metal material like Metallica, I can get the Distortion I need. At a high volume, the clean channel remains very clean, but louder than you'd expect, which sometimes is bad when you turn the volume up to where you think is good enough, but turns out it is louder than you wanted. The reverb is fine, and when you want lots of reverb or not too much of it, you get what you want. The distortion can be brutal when you set it very high, but can be quite nice and bluesy when you need it, which I like a lot.

Overall Impression — 10
I play hard rock/punk rock, with a little bit of blues, and this is the perfect amp to practice on. I've been playing 10 months, and this has a brilliant sound for me. When I run my AX10G through it, the sound is perfect for what I want, and when on clean if I put on overdrive with my Fab Overdrive, I get some cool leads for songs like Dani California in the chorus. I love all the features it has, because you get the settings exactly what you want when you fiddle with the settings. All in all, if your new to Guitar, get this amp, it is a dream practice amp.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I have owned this amp for nine months, and it hasn't one broken down, or had any problems. I wouldn't reccomend using it at a gig because it is a practice amp, and only 10 watts, although it is loud enough to play at a family meeting. It is a solid amp, and will not smash if you drop it.

Features — 8
This amp is quite versatile, and is good for many styles of music, most notably, rock, blues and metal. The KGA10FX features two channels: lead (distortion) and rhythm (clean). The clean channel has a very clean, powerful sound and is good for blues rhythm, and the distortion channel can go from a nice classic rock/bluesy lead to a heavy hard rock/metal sound, and I like that. If you twiddle around with the gain knob, you can get a nice Distorted sound that isn't too dirty, but not too clean. This amp is designed as a practice amp, but can be loud considering it is a 0 Watt amplifier. The KGA10FX has the normal EQ settings, and has a knob to set the reverb. All in all, as for the features, it has what you'd expect for a practice amp.

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    I actually have this amp its great to practise on it puts out some power for 10 watts - i run my Digitech GNX4 through it and it sounds great 8/10 for practising, - no good for gigs 1/10.
    lol i got this amp free when i bought my first starter asmp and ... well thats all i can say for a starter great got tverything u need .. other than that .. piece of !/?##
    For a beginner, its ok. definitely want to upgrade once you get better(thats wat im doin). clean channel is good, but the distortion reallly sucks unless u get it toned in a certain way. got it for $30, so worth it! lol
    I bought this amp about a month a go for nothing more than to practice on and rock out to different music and this amp does all that and much more, in a small package. A++
    I have this amp and I can't really compare it to anything because this is my only amp, but when i first got it i was really proud. but now that ive got an electro-harmonics metal muff pedal i know that lead channel is awful. ive learnt my lesson, dont get an amp with effects unless a tube amp.
    lol. i hav an encore aswell shame the guitars a piece of crap but at the mo its the only one i have (others being fixed). this is a quality amp depending on what u play. metal heads will be dissapointed
    Are u guys ****ing serious. i once owned this amp and its the biggest piece of shit on earth.
    I've got the amp, clean is decent but distortion at more than a quarter sounds like a bunch of mad flies trying to get out- the hum is aweful.
    i had this amp lmao what a peice of shiat i have a Roland Cube 30 now and it PWNS this amp
    now I relise it sucks, in the manual it sais a crunch setting, but no its just disortion.
    Great amp for clean tone or dirty distotion (great power, little package)
    teleblaster wrote: so why'd you buy it in the first place? tool!
    probably to practice on
    i bought this for 10, haven't tried it out yet(waiting for guitar to be fixed) but i think it'll be worth 10