Mr. Hector review by Laboga

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  • Sound: 4
  • Overall Impression: 4
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Features: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 5 Decent
  • Users' score: 9.1 (14 votes)
Laboga: Mr. Hector

Price paid: € 1349

Sound — 4
I use with this a Washburn WI64DL with stock pickups and a Jackson WRMG with EMG 81/85 pickups. It doesn't suit my music style very well. The sound produced is not as brutal as I need. It is not noisy with the master volume low but when I dime the master it becomes very noisy. The amp is voiced towards the upper-mids. It lacks the low-mids and low-end I need for the music I play. Should there be a presence control, things would be much better. The variety is not outstanding. I can get different sounds by tweaking the mid-switch and the rectifier switch but the general voicing remains the same. The clean channel stays clean for a long time. It doesn't break up easily, maybe because of the 6L6 tubes. The distortion is not very brutal. It is as brutal as a Marshall JCM 900 Dual Reverb High Gain can be. It does not suit my style of music.

Overall Impression — 4
This amp is not suitable for death/thrash/metalcore although that is what lured me in the laboga web site. I have been playing for about 9 years and I currently own a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier and a Vox AC30. It might seem strange but I find the Mesa Boogie more suitable for those styles. If it was stolen/lost I would try to find a better amp for my style, maybe a Hughes & Kettner Warp X, a Diamond Spec-Op or a Peavey 5150. The things I love about it are its looks and its clean channel. The things I hate about it are the voicing of the distortion channel and the lack of a presence control. My favorite feature is the switchable master volumes. I didn't compare the amp to any other because I couldn't actually test it before buying it. I chose this because I wanted something fresh but in the end it isn't what I dreamt of.

Reliability & Durability — 7
I would depend on it. I have never disassembled the amp to see its guts but it seems well built. I would gig without a backup. My amp has never broken down and until now I have never had a preblem with it. I bought it brand new and have it for about two months now.

Features — 5
My amp was made in 2008 I think. I play everything from thrash to swedish death to metalcore music. The amp has 2 channels that can be accessed through the footswitch. It has line effects loop and no headphone jack. I wish it had presence control. The variety of sounds achieved is limited because of that. I never use the bright switches because they don't make any real difference. I use this amp with my band in our basement. The power is more than enough. It has 10 tubes in it, a shared EQ for both channels, a mid switch and a solid state/tube rectifier.

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    I heard a mister hector and an alligator at an entombed gig the last day. they play death metal, don´t they?
    This amp is brutal as f uck, just put a overdrive in the front, and you're good to play whatever in the metal genres. The voicing is very Soldano-esque, which i guess you either love or hate. But you're a retard if you buy a $2000 amp based purely by the advertisements, op : )
    I own a Mr Hector and if someone thinks it is not heavy/brutal enough, it is clearly a user failure. Also seen Behemoth a fewmonths ago and they used a Mesa Dual Recto with the Mr Hector.
    No, you aren't using it properly. And it IS super brutal, but you just need to use it properly. I play Behemoth-like shit and it is ****ing BRUTAL enough. I noticed the Bright switch helps slightly boost the sound. I tried it against a Mesa Road King, and it shits all over it. Tweaking the settings a bit certainly helps. A higher master volume usually helps. I have one of the special editions in Camo. Phil Emmanual had a Mr Hector up against his Hues and Kettners and he said, personally, that they shat all over them.
    Hi guys, I own this amp for some time now, and I must agree with Gangstaunicorn, this amps is brutal as hell! I play death metal, and it totally suits my needs. Sound even in high volume and gain is very clean and readable. Perfect hi-gain amp.
    I owned many amps (Vox, Marshall JVM and JTM, Blackstar's...) and played in bands with others amps (Mesa, Engl, 5150...). This amp is just the best head i have ever played. The clean sound is as good as a blackface (i owned a Deluxe Reverb !) and the Lead sound provides all you'll ever need to play all kind of Metal, from 70's vintage to killer Death Metal. The sound is somewhere between Rectifier, 5150 and Marshall JCM : highly distinctive ! Thrash Metal is achieved at less than 40% gain ! it is very easy to dial in and very responsive and dynamic . Lows are articulated , Highs are like razor Blades in hot butter... i owned one, sold it because i was stupid, then get another four years later... This is the most bad ass amp you can get, with a vintage feel that makes it unique and adorable. I don't know about Metalcore and NU Metal/emo/core, but if you like True Heavy Metal, Thrash and Death Metal this one is perfect... oh... and it's also perfect for Hard rock, blues and Jazz !
    Hello, yeah it looks killer. That's the other thing that lured me - its appearance. However it turned out to be a very expensive purchase just for the looks onstage. I need the sound as well and i can't find it in this one. Take for example Diezel VH4 - it is ugly as hell but it smokes this and many other amps for fun. This amp is rated at 100W but can be switched to 50W. I really wanted to like this one - i mean it. Life's a bitch, you know.
    yeah, i know. i was even more disappointed though when i found out that behemoth don't use them in studio recordings for sure and in live concerts they may use dummy heads due to that endorsement thing
    Maybe its because Behemoth have some heavy distortion like Krank ? or... maybe band uses two or more amps (probably Krank + Laboga)