CUB10 review by Laney

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 6
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 7.8 Good
  • Users' score: 9.3 (59 votes)
Laney: CUB10

Price paid: $ 249

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Sound — 8
I have ESP LTD MH103QM with all original stuff. This combo is very good together. No noise on any setting. It's mostly clean though when the gain is at 10 and the volume is around 3-4-5 it kinda distorts, and for a better word overdrives. There really is no distortion just good clean growling and screaming, lol.

Overall Impression — 8
I really like this amp. I bought after I heard it on I aspire to play like David. I've been picking it up and putting it down for 30+ years. I have a carbon copy, digital delay, DMarkley Overlord, and a DigiTech RP150Multi-effects. If I lost this I'd probably buy a 15watt Laney Head and Cabinet. I love it's sound, nothing to hate and favorite feature is the red light, lol. I was going to buy used Fender Twin but I heard this amp.

Reliability & Durability — 6
I've only had it since January of 2011. So I don't know. Built like a tank though, solid. I was going to stop after solid but I had to write 166 more characters. So it is a tube amp. When you get ready to play it, turn it on and let warm up. If you bring it in from the cold, let warm to room temp before turning it on. Sorry about that. I hope that is enough characters.

Features — 9
I have no idea when it was built. Probably around 2010-11. Designed and engineered in the UK but made in China. The amp is versatile enough for what I try to play which is blues, prog and classic rock. Though this amp is so clean that you'll need some pedals to get some classic sounds. Amp has Hi and Lo channels. Output for an 8-16 Ohm speaker cab. It has volume, gain, and tone knobs. I use it at home and it is got a lot of power for 10 watts. Amazingly loud! It shake the windows and walls. Two ECC83's(preamp) and two 6V6GT's (power) tubes.

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