GH50L review by Laney

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (24 votes)
Laney: GH50L

Price paid: € 700

Purchased from: Guitar Shop

Sound — 9
I'm using a Cort G254 (H-S-S) and a Music Man Wolfgang with pretty high output humbuckers. Even with the Wolfgang it stays pretty clean with the gain on 4! (I always use the High Gain Input btw). A month ago I made an OD pedal myself and I must say it really complements this amp! I use it as a boost and leave it on all the time, when I want clean I just roll back the guitar volume. When I want to go Metal I hit the Drive switch! Some people say you can't go from clean to metal but you can with an OD pedal, and it doesn't need to be expensive! When I crank this baby up when using it for metal it obviously gets noisy but I think when you're on stage and there's like audience talking and clapping their hands (hopefully haha!) it's not a big deal. This amp is not as Low-Endy on lower volumes so using my isolation box fixes that! When you go past 3 or 4 it really starts to open up and you just want to go further! I give it a 9, but that's just my opinion on it. I've never been in a band situation with this so for that you should contact someone who is familiar with that!

Overall Impression — 9
I play Blues, Fusion, Classic rock and metal and this amp so far has done it all. To give some examples: Fusion Death Metal Heavy Metal If this was stolen I would do anything to get it back but if I failed, then I wouldn't know what to do. If I were to join a band I would maybe buy a used one since used GH50L's are pretty cheap. I love the fact that with and OD pedal this amp can just do anything. I love british voiced amps and Laney makes them more affordable! If I could change one thing about it, then I would make it less bright, rolling back treble fixes that so it's not too big of an issue really. There's no real favourite feature because it's a realy straightforward amp, you have the EQ, Resonance switch, volume, Gain and Drive and that's it! I compared it to amps like the Peavey 6505, Orange Rocker and a Marshall JVM combo. I chose this one because it could do anything the others could and it was cheaper. A 9 because I'm happy with it, and I don't think I woul trade it to another amp.

Reliability & Durability — 8
Never had a problem with this amp, always sounded good. I give it an 8 because I've never been in a band situation with it but I'm pretty sure it would last VERY long!

Features — 8
Don't know the year of making, sorry. This amp is extremely versatile. I've seen metalheads, rockers, jazz and fusion people use this amp. Me myself I try to play as many styles as possible including: Classic rock, fusion, metal and blues and believe me, it does it soo well! This is a single channel head with a footswitchable extra gain stage wich basicaly makes it 2 channel with shared EQ settings! I wish it had reverb, but I use my cheap Behringer DD400 so I'm not complaining. For the rest this amp has everything! I'm not in a band, I'm using it at home and it works just fine. A good tip might be to not get the matching 2x12 cabinet, it has Celestion 70/80 speakers in it and I don't mean they are bad, they're just not right for this amp. The amp is very bright and it's not a bad idea to roll back the treble and presence! The 70/80's are bright speakers so you should look for something darker or something to taste! It has plenty of clean headroom, I build an isolation box for the cabinet so I can crank it way up! The power amp distortion is really full and rich on this one, but stays really clean also. Even with gain on 4 it doesn't distort alot! You get a very warm tone and OOMPF if you know what I mean! I give it an 8 because it has all the feautures you really need, but comparing it to todays amps they all have like in build attenuator, noise gate, reverb etc...

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