LV300 Twin Review

manufacturer: Laney date: 03/08/2008 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Laney: LV300 Twin
You'll want your playing to be heard. That's why we amplify the sound of this beautiful tube driven preamp with a 120 watt output stage, that can deliver into a 4 ohm load, allowing you to connect up to a 4x12 as well as the two internal Super 65 Drivers.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 9.3
 Reliability & Durability: 9.3
 Features: 9
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overall: 9.3
LV300 Twin Reviewed by: blueandyellow66, on june 13, 2006
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Price paid: $ 503.25

Purchased from:

Features: This amp was made by Laney in 2005, I was looking for a tube amp but couldn't find a cheap one, then I came across the LV300 Twin, and let me tell you it is an amazing valve trannie combo. I play mostly punk/metal/hardcore and it deals with it fine. The instruction manual tells you some usefull settings for clean, blue, rock and metal, but you should really just mess around untill you get the sound you want. This amp has 3 channle's, clean, drive 1 and drive 2, they are all switchible by a foot switch that comes included with the amp. For what I want to do with my playing I don't think it should have any other features, and if I wanted to use effects then I could just plug in my AX10G. This amp is loud witht the gain turned all the way up and the volume to 4 on drive to you can get an amazing metal tone, that is so loud it will blow the socks off you feet. I haven't used this amp for giging yet, but I have used it for band practice and it handle better than better. // 9

Sound: I have a squire showmaster, which isn't I brilliant guitar I know, but it does have a humbucking bridge pickup. With it pluged into this amp I can get suberb sound. Like I said it suits my music style nicely. You can get a few diffrent sounds if you mess around with the EQ settings, I've had a nice '80s punk soound coming out if it. The clean is pritty smooth. You could make the distorion on this so loud but it does still sound nice. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I would depend on this amp with my life, I dont think I would use it without backup, simplely because you can nevver be too sure, and its always better to have a backup. // 9

Overall Impression: My overal impresion of this amp is that it is absoilutly amazing and if it were stolen I would get anoother one. I have been playing for 2 years and I have a korq AX10G effects pedal, I know if you have an effects peddal it sounds the same in every amp, but trust me it sound diffrent in this amp, it seems a lot smoother than any other amp I've played it in. Before I bought this I was going to get the MX120 Twin, but because I found a valve+trannie for only 50 more I decided to get it and I'm ver happy with it. // 10

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overall: 10
LV300 Twin Reviewed by: Switchmunky7, on march 26, 2007
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Purchased from: Paul Bothners Music

Features: This model was released during 2006 as far as I know and was brought in to replace the Tube Fusion models. I play a hybrid of grunge, metal and hard rock music and I found that this amp handled my style perfectly. The amp has three channels: clean (with own EQ), drive 1 and 2 (shared EQ) and reverb which you can set to use on either channels. It comes with an effects loop, no head phone jack, a foot Switch to change between channels and turn on and off your reverb and you can also hook this 120w beast to a 4x12 cab if you wish in order to get more head room. I don't really use the drive channels because I use my own compact pedal rig through the clean channel which works fine for me. This valve hybrid amp is tube enabled so this amp is very versitile in my opinion for most music styles. I use this amp as my practice rig and Live rig and it works well in both environments. // 10

Sound: I use a Brownsville 7-string guitar, not sure what pickups it uses but it works for my grunge metal style by giving me the right amount of that real grunge tone. This amp handles the 7-string very well and gives the guitar a nice balanced tone that I like and it handles high volumes extremely well. I usually do rhythmn work but I also like doing pinch harmonics and Korn style single note riffs and the guitar sounds great throuh this amp. I use a Vintage Tokai flanger which sounds extremely well rounded with this amp and I always use my Boss MT-2 metal zone and it sounds awesome through the amp. I use the amps reverb but very lightly to add a bit more depth to my sound. You can pretty much do any style on this amp from harmonics to rhthmn to screaching leads and the amp sounds brutilly beautiful no matter what you style you play. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I have had the pleasure of owning Laney amps before and they have always been reliable. I don't use this amp with a back up because these amps are built to last in my opinion. This thing is built really solid and could handle the riggers of touring and transporting with a smile on it's face. // 10

Overall Impression: My overall impression with this amp is a good one, gives you good rounded tone and it sits well with most styles of music and most styles of playing. I have been playing guitar now for 9 years and have played through a few amps and this amp is by far my favourite. If this amp got stolen I would definately go and buy a new one. I like almost everything about the amp and I would say that my favourite feature of this amp is it's nice balanced clean channel. I use stomp boxes so I don't really use the amps on board distortions but my metal zone sounds awesome through this amp and it adds so much clarity that I am drooling as I write this. I don't compare peaches with apples but I would say that this amp ranks up there with the big dogs. This amp has all I need so I wouldn't want anything different or more with this amp. // 10

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overall: 8.3
LV300 Twin Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 08, 2008
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Price paid: $ 512.4

Purchased from: County Music Ltd

Features: Made in 2007. Made in China I think, it's 120 watts, 2x12 Celestion speakers (super drivers). It's got 3 channels, clean, drive 1 and drive 2. Two EQs (the drive channels share one) with V scoop switches (mid cut) for the drive channels and a bright switch for the clean. Separate reverb pots for clean and drive, and a VTS switch that alters the tone cutting out some higher mids and boosting the bass. It's a hybrid (it has a single 12ax7 in the preamp) but don't write it off, it has a pretty nice tone and is extremely easy to use. // 8

Sound: I play through it with a range of guitars as my flatmate has buckets of em, I generally use a Cort KX1Q with EMG HZs tuned to dorp C. Clean is great, the tone isn't as flat as with some solid states and it has a lot of headroom, with the in built reverb it sounds awesome not like a Vox or a Blackface but pretty good compared to most solid states and other hybrids. The drive channels will disappount most gainfreaks, there's plenty of it (gain I mean) but just not enough to make those pinch harmonics squeal like KSE, drive 1 with the V-scoop engaged and the gain dimed will give you most modern rock like the used, 30 Seconds To Mars etc, backing off the gain changing the EQ around will give a nice '70s crunch not as awesome sounding as a proper Laney tube amps but close. Drive 2 with the scoop and the VTS activated will deliver a nice clear high gain but beware the bass especially if you're using high string gauges I have the treble at 9 delivers a convincing lead tone prefect for modern metal with treble backed off a bit you can really get the brut00lz but after trying out some real metal amps (Peavey 6505+) it doesn't have enough gain for my taste but a od pedal should sort it out. Becuase of all the tonal opinions I can be playing some acoustic stuff, then blues, then classic rock, modern rock and trash all in one amps. Mess around with all the buttons and pots and you'll find a mass of great tones at you feet. And it likes pedals too and is plenty loud I keep at 3-4 for band practices and 2-3 for bedroom. I'm only giving it an 8 becuase it doesn't have enough gain for me but the distortion sounds so good, I will seriously consider a Laney VH100R in the future. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I've had it for five months playing it for 3 hours everyday, nothing wrong yet, I still got a one year warranty. when I was bringing it back from the shop where I brought it, it was dropped, kicked, got wet in the rain, accidently body slammed, and I plugged in that it worked fine have yet to gig it but it seems to be built solid. // 9

Overall Impression: I've been playing for 4 years and only recently started to take my tone seriously I've used so many cheap and crappy amps (MGs Spiders, Creates, Peaveys even a BB Blaster) and I had a Marshall DSL401 that died on me. That amp looks to be solid and reliable, and has plenty of versatility. Only wished it has more gain for the style of metal I play but it handles most things very well. Compared to other amps it lacks the gain of the Randall G3 series but has more clarity and warmth, it has better distortion then a valveking and is more reliable than the DSL401. If it were stolen I'll probably save some more and buy a TT series or VH100R but I'll still miss it, of course it doesn't compare to those amps but if you're looking an amp that's reliable, versatitle and a good price, it is the ideal choice. // 8

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