LX20R Review

manufacturer: Laney date: 04/28/2009 category: Guitar Amplifiers

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Laney: LX20R
The amp (solid state) is veristile enough, you can play anything from hard to soft, from metal to blues. It has a 3 band eq, a distortion setting and a reverb knob too.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 8
 Features: 9
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overall: 8.8
LX20R Reviewed by: oers_magyari, on april 28, 2009
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Price paid: € 84

Purchased from: magazinuldemuzica.ro

Features: I don`t know the year this was made in, it`s not specified. The amp (solid state) is veristile enough, you can play anything from hard to soft, from metal to blues. It has a 3 band eq, a distortion setting and a reverb knob too. It has split channels, but there is no input for a foot Switch, so you would have to do the switching manually:| The amp does have line-in and a headphone out. If you like your sound natural without any fancy stuff, then this little amp will do the job. I use all the features, I play it clean, with a little reverb when on lead guitar, or crunchy when on rithm or backup guitar. Despite the small size of the speaker 8" it has a pretty good sound(quality and volume), in a 3m x 4m room, I pushed the volume up to 4 on the scale, and it was loud. I use this amp at home, and at band rehearsals. I suppose it would be ok to use this Laney at small giggs. // 9

Sound: I play the delta king by oscar schmidt, with two stock humbuckers, and it sounds nice. It ads a unique sound to the instrument.The amp does electrio-accoustic guitars too. I play blues-rock and it suit's my needs. It has a bit of noise to it, but, as I understand all of them do. Put side to side, my bass amp (Fender Rumble 60) this Laney is a bit noisy-er. As my settings go, I like to add a bit more bass on the eq then mids and hights, because the 8" speaker tends to forget the lower tones due to it`s size, with bass at 5 mids and hight at 4, with a little reverb (3) this Laney has a nice, clean sound, and as I said it before, there is something unique about the sound I get from it. When I want something special, I crunch it up (6), and turn the master at 5or6, with the reverb at the same place 3, and it has a bluesy-towards-rock sound. When turned up, it has a pretty good distortion. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This amp is well made, solid piece of work. Thank God, it has not broken down yet, I`m not shure about the electronics, but as I see it, it can survive quite alot(fizical abuse). Having a backup instrument, or gear can save you trouble. If you have the opportunity, you should always have something "back there". // 8

Overall Impression: It fit's my stile just perfect, for bluesy stile, it's just great. The distortion can serve as a helping hand in playing heavyer music, but for that you would need more volume, power, bigger speaker. I`we been playing the guitar for a while (7years) and I can say that this small and cheap amp, surprised me. The cheap things usually are... Well you know. But now, I'm shure, that Laney are top quality, perhaps later I will buy a bigger one. There is one thing I would liked it to have: a line out, for the ease recording. If lost or stolen, I would buy another one. This one was bought just because I wanted to try out Laney, because the stores in my region ran out of Vox amps. I'm not disappointed for choosing to try this-one out. In comparison to Vox, there are some tonal differences, we all know Vox, and the sound quality they have. Laney is no Vox, but in it`s way, Laney is unique to. // 9

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