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manufacturer: Laney date: 12/02/2011 category: Guitar Amplifiers
Laney: TFX1
While the TFX1 maybe the smallest unit in the TFX range there is no doubt it's packed with features. 50 watts RMS with tube emulating circuitry, outputted through its 10" Custom Celestion driver ensures you'll never be short of tone again The TFX 1 is fitted with a single X-Factor DSP package, giving you high quality digital effects in a compact and easy to use format.
 Sound: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
 Reliability & Durability: 10
 Features: 9
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overall: 9.5
TFX1 Reviewed by: D_Emily, on august 25, 2008
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Price paid: € 600

Features: I bought this amp like a year ago, yet i have no idea where or when it is made. It might got another name because I don't find a lot of information about it (I would add picture if I knew how to). It is a 50watt with RMS, celestion equipped (even though it says 120max watt ). It got 2 channels, clean and gain, both with different EQ settings. It got like 20 effects (not really sure howmuch), only 1 can be used at a time, different setting for both clean and gain channel. It comes with a footswitch to Switch from clean to gain, and to toggle effect off/on (2 switches). But if you put amp on in the clean channel, it doesn't seem to work (but there's display on amp so you find out immediatly). // 8

Sound: The EQ settings are really great, there is 'volume', 'bass', 'middle', 'treble', and in gain channel, ofc, 'gain' (There is also some switch for vibe, bright and something else too, I play clean with bright on). You can get a lot of different sounds but ofc it would be impossible to change them during live gig, which is why i use it with a G2.1u, but I never use my gain channel anymore, because I use pedal for different distortions. It doesn't get noisy really, but, I used to use both channels and if you put gain channel really loud (gain, volume and middle) and you have to go to clean for a intro/bridge/whatever people won't hear you. Which is also why I play in clean and use effects from my pedal. It was perfect for me as back-up guitarist, and now it is still really great for me, as lead guitarist (ofc not uber skills, but doing fine), together with the pedal. Btw I play Nirvana, Blink 182 and Angels And Airwaves. Ofcourse It doesn't give same sound as these bands, but this is a perfect match for me together with the G2.1u (and prolly other multi-effect pedals too, since G2.1u is kinda cheap, but its kinda nice). But really, It really DOES give a really sweet sound, I think people don't like me using clean channel only because the gain was quite nice. But I so really prefer clean channel with a pedal. I must of mentioned using a pedal with it a thousand times here, but, don't think any amp is great without some effects. Deffinitly 10 on sound ! // 10

Reliability & Durability: It never refused to give sound. Been using it for 1 year now, I have had some problems with the footswitch as stated before. Also, don't put all EQ settings fully turned on and then plug in amp and put it on, you will get some schreeching sound which is probably not good for your amp. (By accident I did this, I was scared as hell, but it didnt break or anything, so quite durable i think) // 10

Overall Impression: If it had 1 or 2 more channels, I might use it whitout some pedal, but yeah, maybe better this way. If it were stolen, I'd f--ing cry because I don't have enough money for new one haha and I don't wonna lose it. There are 2 upgrades of this amp, TFX2 and TFX3, i think TFX3 got 120 watt with RMS, it's ridiculous high really. I think these amps are meant for big live gigs (I just play for friends really, sometimes there's some free stage somewhere, but not too many people really). I think this is the best of the TFX serie because of the price, and u get high quality for it. I have compared my guitar sound to like 20 other bands, I have to say I prefer my guitar sound. // 10

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overall: 10
TFX1 Reviewed by: unregistered, on december 02, 2011
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Price paid: $ 220

Purchased from: Hungary

Features: My amp is like a new one, I think it was used only in room, and maybe just a few times. I bought it to have an amp with nice sound even on low volume, next to my full tube amp. It has two channels, you can switch chanel on the amp itself or with the footswitch (it came with it). I usually don't use the effects on it, but its good to have that feature, if I'm in a mood to try things out. There is dealy, octaver, rotary chorus, reverb, flanger, multitap (I don't know what the hell is it), chorus+delay and chorus+reverb. There is a tube in the preamp, so it has a nice warm sound. There is a scoop button at the Drive channel, and a bright button at the clean channel. You can set the effect level on both channel, and there's a vibe button - I don't know this stuff either, but when it's on I don't like it's sound. Overall the features are more than enough for me. // 10

Sound: My main guitar is an american stratocaster from 87. I love the driven channel with gain level on 5-6 it is just a little overdrive, but gives a really colorful nice sound. If I wanna use it for hardrock, turn the gain to 7-8 it's enough, level 10 is really distorted. It works well with my Boss bluesdriver. I have an epiphon special 2, the humbuckers souns amazing too. It's not noisy. // 10

Reliability & Durability: These kind of amps are really reliable, and the Tube Works for years! // 10

Overall Impression: Overall, if you see one near to 200$ you should buy it. It's a classic rock amp, the speaker is awesome too. I was thinking about to buy a Roland or some modelling amp, but that one is better for my style. // 10

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